Ahmed Ademovic, born in 1873 in Leskovac, which was under the Ottoman Empire at that time. It was five years after the Serbian-Turkish War and the Berlin Congress got the status of a citizen of the Kingdom of Serbia.
He was also part of the army of the First Serbian Army, as a trumpeter and with his heroism made a turn in the famous Kumanovo battle on October 24, 1912.

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You never know what your life will bring. Sometimes you can get up, but sometimes you can fall very low in a short time.

When I was small, both my mother and my father worked. We did not live then as almost all other Roma. We did not have much, but we had a normal life. Most importantly we had, we still have roofs on our heads today.

But, like in every home, that time, the same happened to us. Both my mother and my father were out of work. We lived only from the money of my grandfather, who made wooden barrels in the basement at home, and then sold them. But he sadly died, and our Golgota started.

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Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski and German Ambassador Thomas Gerberich signed today a joint declaration between the Macedonian Ministry of Interior and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for facilitating the procedures for mutual replacement of the driving licenses of the citizens from the Republic of Macedonia and the Federal Republic Republic of Germany.

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Three times more social assistance, as a guaranteed minimum income, for most of the families in social risk, retraining and further qualification of job-seekers in order to be able to return to the labor market and get out of poverty, as well as ease access to child allowance , envisages the reform of the social system that should start to apply from January 1 next year.

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Five generations of Roma students who have passed or still are part of the programs of the Roma Education Fund (REF) and Romaversitas, will gather at a generational meeting in Bitola. From 19th to 21st 2018, in the hotel "Molika", they will debate on the topic "The Potential of the Roma in the Republic of Macedonia".

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