Improving the conditions of Roma as a prerequisite for joining the EU. No facades, quasi-changes and empty promises.

The conditions in which we live are a good indicator of what country we are in. If we want to live in societies that are compatible with European and world standards, we need to take measures and initiatives that would improve our living conditions.

A precondition for European integration is the improvement of the conditions of minorities, which are incorporated within the Copenhagen criteria. What does respect and improve the rights of minorities, especially Roma, as the most vulnerable ethnic group in Macedonia.

This will no longer be the subject of individual choice, because they like it or not, the government will have to show indicators that meet the above requirement.

Of course there may be facades, seven changes and empty promises, but as long as the non-governmental sector together with Roma activists (excluding pepsi intellectuals) are persistent and united, I think we will have results. Results that were promised, but not realized.


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