Hitler's alleged older brother Otto, was actually younger than Hitler and died just a few days after his birth. This fact now raises many questions, and the most important question is how all of this affected Hitler's psyche.

It is believed that Hitler was the fourth our of the total of six children, but the information from Braunau am inn, the birth town of Hitler which was born on the 20th of April in 1889 say that he was actually the third child - says the historian Florian Kotanko for the newspaper "Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten".

The insight of the archive of documents say that all of the information are rewritten from one to another source and are always wrong.

-Otto Hitler, the brother of Adolf was born three years later in 17th of June 1892.
Died six days after from hydrocephalus or brain swelling - says Kotanko.

The conclusions of the many Hitler biographies for the mental development of Adolf, which was allegedly the favorite of his mother Clara, as the only survived child after the death of the 4 children, is not viable - mentioned the historian.

"How did the three year old Adolf Hitler reacted to the birth and the death of his brother?„ Kotanko asked himself, because he considers that it is very important for the further impact upon Hitler and his psyche.

"Did he consciously experience his sickness? And did it influence his later relations with the people with handicap? „, questions Kotanko.

Link: http://www.blic.rs/riznica/misterija-hitlerovog-brata-kako-je-porodicna-tajna-uticala-na-psihu-vode-nacisticke/jsqctzy

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