Luna Djogani was born on March 8, 1996 in Trelleborg, Sweden. She is from the marriage of Gagi and Anabela Gjogani.

Soon after his birth, the family moved to Serbia. He is educated and graduated from the Faculty of Management and Tourism.

Her mother Anabela mentioned that Luna was born with an anomaly of the bladder, and nearly two years passed by in hospitals.

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Recently, through the social networks the informations that the legendary singer Muharem Serbezovski had died bursted like a bomb. He reportedly died at one of the Skopje clinics.

According to the false information he reportedly suffered a stroke. Muharem Serbezovski himself and his son Durmish reacted to all this and through the social networks informs them that the whole story is false. In his short video address, he informs all his close relatives, friends, colleagues and fans, that everything is fine with him and that he is completely healthy and alive.

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Ronald David "Ronnie" Wood is a famous British guitarist and bassist, which from 1975 is a member of the world famous Rock band Rolling Stones.
He was born on the 1st of June in 1947 in London.

He began his music career in 1964, changing many Rock bands along the way. In the mean time he became a famous musician and that's why his long friend and member of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards in 1975 invited him to join their group.

Also, Ronnie is very talented in arts and painting of caricatures.

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Hasan Dudic and Ivan Gavrilovic recorded a duet song titled "Hey I'm gay" - "Hej, ja sam gej", dedicated to members of homosexual orientation in order to fight for their rights.
The idea for this project was born six years ago about this quite accidentally, during a gay parade in Belgrade.

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Akava proekti tano korkorefinansirime proekti e kompanijakoro Anton Soft, poškar vakerdo e Elvis Hajdareskoro, koj vi akhale tano šerutno koordinatori thaj programeri e proekteskoro. Poškar vakerdo, o Anton Soft tani kompanija koja kerda peske resarin akale beršeske te lansirinel romane proektija, a akava proekti tano jekh taro o proektija tari odoja lista.

O proekti realizirinela pe ki sorabotka e Elja Islam taro Niš, R. Srbija. Elja tano strastveno kolekcioneri e romane muzikakoro. Ov raspolaganjela bare diskografijaja baši sa o romane peačija. Ov isi le sa o albumija sa e peačengere kola so ikaldelen taro samoto lengere početocija ki lengiri kariera.

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