The population census in Macedonia will be conducted in April 2020. It is planned to engage about 5,000 enumerators in eight languages, using a combined method: field data and data from registries, said the director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, at a briefing with journalists.
The proposal of the State Statistical Office in the draft version of the census law requires that there is no issue for ethnic and religious affiliation to protect the census from politicization, but rather to have a question about the language, that is, the language that is usually spoken in the household, and for the mother tongue.

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On November 14, the European Roma Institute for Art and Culture (ERIAC), a transnational institution of the largest minority in Europe, was promoted to promote closer cooperation between Roma and non-Roma actors in the arts and cultural scene in Macedonia.

"There is no social inclusion without cultural inclusion, although Roma discourses remain focused on housing, health, education and employment, where Roma are still in the framework of Roma issues or Roma problems," said ERIAC Director for Europe , Timae Junghaus.

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On the Facebook profile of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who has been sentenced to serve a two-year prison sentence, it is written that he is in Budapest and requested political asylum from the Hungarian authorities.

"In the last few days I have received countless threats after my life. I am in Budapest now, and I sought political asylum from the Hungarian authorities. I will always remain true to the cause of Macedonia. I will never give up, "Gruevski wrote on Facebook today.
This was announced on the verified Facebook profile of Nikola Gruevski, on which he previously published the contents.

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The Roma ethnic community in Macedonia faces extreme discrimination in court proceedings. This is the conclusion of a research by the Center for Research and Analysis.

According to the survey, 58% of Roma, who were tried for various reasons, did not have a lawyer because they had no money. Most of the Roma who were sued for a crime did not receive translation during the court hearings.

The analysis included a total of 4 courts with 144 litigation. This is the Basic Court Skopje 1, the courts in Stip, Bitola and Kumanovo.

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Due to the inexperienced takeover of the local power for the rush of several Roma homes in Shetar maalo, Plovdiv, the Sheker Maalo, Plovdiv, where they were called and grew up on the political assistant because of the local Roma.

"Illegal cities in the Roma mahala were rounded up to 20 house, and they were made on the basis of a channel that had been covered before a decade, and at the low end of the city, because of the captured activities of the water flow.

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