"In the middle of the night, a close friend of Jelena came to my house. I knew him from the TV and I knew that he worked with Jelena. He begged me to help him to bring back Jelena, because he wasn't satisfied by their relation, he couldn't approach her as much as he wanted, she did not want him anywhere near her all the time. That is why he told me that he wants her to get sick, to get crazy and to not have any single hit song. 

All of this happened when Jelena had the greatest hit Insomnia, after her concert at the Arena...He asked me to never record another hit single ever again and her career and life to go downhill. He also wanted her psychic and physical health to be very poor. I made a very bad decision and did that, and that is why now I redeem myself and ask her to seek help.

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Known singer Marija Serifovic from Serbia for the holiday Valentine's Day got an interesting and unusual gift.

Organizatroite from NBC's "Scene" in one location unannounced January intercepted Marija Serifovic and the cameras and gave a gift Popivoda Valentine's Day. Otherwise Mary is a secret love, and the reaction time of receiving the gift was more than sympathetic and sincere.

Here's how it looked during the granting of this gift.

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At the first day of the month of April with lots of smiles we celebrate the International day of the joke, the fun and the lies. No one surely knows where, why and when set this beginning of this holiday. One of the most popular theories for the origin of the Day of the joke includes the French calendar reforms in the XVI century.

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Many people want to be the center of attention in a fun way. And that is why in some situations they bind to certain things where they note the Roma people as a tested recipe.

Here are some interesting beliefs, with a note that this is done by the Roma. As an example we'll take the ritual for directing of love energy which was made by Roma fortune tellers.

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O nevo ministeri dela plo prvo intervju

- I prethodno Vlada angja amen dži ki provalija. Me dav lafi kaj amen ka dža poangle olendar jek pro!


Manuš pištolea ačhavel jekhe manuše ko odelo em mašna

- Dema sa o pare so isi tut!

- Ama....me sium političari ..prateniko ..ko Sobranie!

- Epa tegani dema ME pare !


Pelo jek manuš ki ulica, avel uzi leste jekh terno manuš inače prateniko ko Parlamenti em vazdingja ole. O manuš pučela le:

- Ov sasto, sar šaj te odužinav man tuke?

- Nae problemi, ko sledno izboria mangav mange te glasine pak!

- Ama me te peljum ki bul, naznačinel deka peljum ko šero!


Pučel  jekh Makedonsko ministeri jekhe švajcarsko ministere:

- Sar šaj te ovel tumen Ministerstvo bašo moreplovstvo, a nae tumen more? - A o švajcarsko ministeri pučel e pe makedonsko kolega:

- A sar šaj tumende te ovel tumen Ministerstvo bašo finansie, koga nae tumen pare?

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