"In the spiritual temple" is the title of the first solo exhibition of the Macedonian painter Erol Sulejmanovski, which will be held from November 9, 2018 to November 19, 2018 in Skopje.

Sulejmanovski is a graduate engineer in occupational health and safety at work, in painting he is in love with his youngest days, and he dedicated 30 years of his life to his paintings.

Through his works that will be exhibited, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see the artist's specific approach to sublimation from traditional to modern, through virtual magical visualization.

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On September 24, at the National Theater in Kumanovo, starting at 19:00 hours, the "Birds" Theater will perform the play "E Dromencar".

The play is actually intended for the phenomenon - Discrimination against Roma children.

The director Orhan Jasharevski, in his vision of a specific theater language, will present this form of discrimination. The plays are interpreted by Bajram Severdjan - Dr Kolio, Theodora Sormenikovska, Angela Pesic, Ramush Muarem-Tsirko, Emil Alievski, Ismail Juseinov, Sertan Durmishev, Ferdi Ali and Typhoon Ayrushov.

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I majpurani literatura taro Indusia si baro khedipa gilja, ritualia thaj filozovsko tekstia. Veda so panda nane saste hramosarde klasično sanskrit numa e purane indisko čhib.
I klasično sanskrit literatura startujnela e duj bare epsko aktencar i "Mahabharata" (Paramis taro baro mariba e Bhart), historia e familiarno konfliktonge thaj aver, so si sar i "Gili e Nibelunzia". O dujto kotor e Indiake si " Ramajana" (Paramis e Ramaske).

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The Roma tradition is very important. Roma tradition is very important. Very often they differ from other nations, and sometimes between themselves, such as the dialects, beliefs, professions.

The Roma life is similar to the one in the time of the Old Testament. Respecting (not always willingly), the word of the older and that is the last word. They rarely leave their elderly parents, and they rarely put them in nursing homes.

The women wives listen to their husbands, the children listen to their parents, the sons have more privileges then the daughters in the house.

In recent times it's not a trend but a few decades ago the parents were the initiators for the future spouse of their children. The virginity was the most important thing.

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After the invitation of the organizers of the Kosice Film Festival, "Zlatni Prosjak - Golden Beggar", Zoran Dimov was announced as the screenwriter of the latest documentary film of the SP BTR Production for this year at the 24th edition of the program.

The official program of this festival is from the 6th to the 9th of June, when the winners will be announced in several categories of the festival.

Several workshops will be held within the festival, where more eminent lecturers from several fields will appear as teachers.

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