The Roma tradition is very important. Roma tradition is very important. Very often they differ from other nations, and sometimes between themselves, such as the dialects, beliefs, professions.

The Roma life is similar to the one in the time of the Old Testament. Respecting (not always willingly), the word of the older and that is the last word. They rarely leave their elderly parents, and they rarely put them in nursing homes.

The women wives listen to their husbands, the children listen to their parents, the sons have more privileges then the daughters in the house.

In recent times it's not a trend but a few decades ago the parents were the initiators for the future spouse of their children. The virginity was the most important thing.

The education wasn't always a top topic in the Roma families. The generation difference in a house is somewhere between 20 years old, and very often there are three different generations in one family. Their relations with other nations,

The Roma have an „invisible„ fear from the other people, and that is dragged for years. Most of them live in separated places from the other nations. They often follow the problems and perceptions from the other nations.

The children are repulsive towards the Roma children, mostly because of their skin color. No knowing the language where they live in.

Different attention from the teachers. No interest from the country towards the Roma problems. Life conditions (infrastructure and so on)

Under-arranged personal documents. Frequent migration.

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