On 04. 09.2018 in the local community in the settlement Lisice a public event was held marking the beginning of the collection of plastics from the households in the settlement Lisice, by the informal waste collectors.

At the event, the Association "Go Green" and "Roma Business Information Center", together with the City of Skopje and the Municipality of Aerodrom, awarded "HTZ" equipment, jumbo bags and visible identification of informal collectors who will collect plastic in the settlement Lisice. Identity cards are a way through which they are recognized by citizens as the official "collectors" of plastic in the settlement Lisice.

"The inclusion of informal waste collectors in an organized and formal waste collection system from households encourages primary selection in households, and at the same time allows social and economic inclusion of this vulnerable category of citizens.

These are key processes that need to improve waste management in the City of Skopje and develop healthy citizens' habits and awareness of the proper waste management, "said Antonio Jovanovski, executive director of the Association of Go Green.

During the summer, agreements were signed for cooperation with over 300 households in the settlement Lisice, and two packages were distributed for the selection of plastics in the homes. Select "hard" and "PET" plastics.

Hard plastic refers to packaging waste from yogurt, shampoo, detergent, cans and the like, and "PET" packaging refers to plastic bottles for water, juice, beer, oil and vinegar, that is, all packagings and packaging that have the symbol, recycling triangle.

Collecting plastic from homes will take place every Tuesday. "Tuesday is the day when the hosts will have to deliver their plastics to informal waste collectors who will see through the house in the house with visible identification and will carry out the collection.

We hope that informal collectors will be accepted positively and with confidence from the hosts because it will be crucialfor the action to be successful "

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