Serbia: Implementation and first incentives started within the project: "Every Roma has a home"

34 residential buildings were built in the settlements Bački Gračac, Bački Brestovac, Bogoevo, Lalik and Karavukovo, and at the same time there are schools, kindergartens, ambulances and other services.

The site was selected according to the wishes of every household after a series of presentations and consultations conducted by the House Center,

In addition to that center, he also developed architectural solutions and technical documentation for those needs, building permits and expert supervision during the construction of the facilities.

The facilities themselves are equipped with electrical installation, plumbing and sewerage as well as basic furniture and household appliances.

In the new settlement near Bogoevo since 1965, 34 households with 107 inhabitants live in inadequate conditions, of which 40 are minors. Moving into new buildings is of great importance for all inhabitants and most for children themselves who for decades have not had adequate conditions for education and active social life.

The project "Every Roma has a home" is financed by the EU, financed by the Government of Serbia and the municipality of Odzaci.


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