New mandate for Zoran Dimov as President of IRU (2024 - 2028)

At the 12th Congress of the IRU, which was held on April 4 and 5 in Skopje, Republic of S.Macedonia, the current President Zoran Dimov was elected as the President of the IRU again with a four-year term by the IRU delegates and members.

The following have been elected as IRU Vice Presidents: Stefano Kuzicov (Sweden), Attila Stojka (Hungary), Punita Singh (India, Asia), Elisa Costa (Brazil, America), and Vice Presidents for Australia and the Russian Federation Artur Kvik will also be appointed soon.

President of the IRU Parliament: Admir Ismanovski (Denmark), Secretary General: Ramush Muarem, Treasurer: Veli Husein (Croatia), Marja Eronen: Advisor to the IRU Cabinet

Gheorghe Raducanu (Romania) - IRU Special Advisor on Political Strategy

High Commissioner: Karina Daminovska (Denmark), Daniela Zamanova (Slovakia) - Deputy High Commissioner, Commissioners: Sumi Yusuke - language and culture, Lucica Tudor (Romania) for religion, Petar Šchuka (Czech Republic) - economy Richard Langstrom - Finland, deputy Commissioner for Economy Sebihan Demirovski (Macedonia) Social Affairs Andris Tertates - Latvia Deputy Commissioner for Social Affairs Kemal Vural Tarlan (Turkey) Commissioner for Human Rights Zuhal Gezichir (Turkey) Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights. IRU women and program implementation: Milka Pompova - Slovakia, Maria Elena Andrich - Chile, Tula Akerlund - Finland, Meleci Renja - Albania, Marja Erone - Finland, Daniela Zemanova - Slovakia

Honorary IRU Presidents: Tore Jarl Bielenberg - Norway and Rishi Verandra - India

An IRU Board will be formed (which members will be appointed at the next IRU Parliament) and an IRU obdusman will be appointed.

Declaration of the 12th IRU Congress

The International Romani Union – IRU's 12th Congress demands that in all countries the Roma people must be included as actors and planners - in addition to our international influence work - at all levels nationally, regionally and locally. We are no longer content to be the targets of measures, and we can no longer be considered only as problem cases. We are no longer satisfied with the crumbs of well-being.

We, the Roma of the world, are active, equal, communal, enterprising and positive citizens. We want to be involved in developing society and influencing our own affairs. We want to cooperate with all partners and actors who sincerely improve the conditions of the Roma: We extend our open hands for cooperation.

In each country, a National Roma Policy and a concrete measureable Roma action program must be drawn up, in cooperation with Roma organizations and Roma, added with a comprehensive annual monitoring and reporting system: The Roma themselves and own Roma organizations give feedback on the national and regional and local level, about the impact on their own lives.

In the preparation of monitoring indicators, cooperation must be done with Eurostat and FRA, also taking into account the EU's strategic program for equality, inclusion and participation of Roma in different areas of life. The cross-cutting objectives of the National Roma Policy are equality, inclusion and participation, as well as the elimination of discrimination by tackling antigypsyism.

National Roma political programs and concrete action programs must promote the education, employment, housing and health of the Roma, and strengthen the social, linguistic and cultural rights of the Roma, according to uniform indicators that can be measured. One possibility to improve the employment of Roma is to set national minority quotas for the recruitment of public positions and give tax breaks to employers who hire Roma for permanent employment.

We believe in a world where Roma are respected and included in all aspects of society. We are focused and actively working to create sustainable change and improvement in societies for the integration, peace, well-being and equality of Roma in the world. Our mission is to achieve economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) for Roma, included the rights to adequate food, to adequate housing, to education, to work, to social security, to health, to take part in cultural life, and also to get clean water and sanitation.

IRU is also concerned and reacts to any violation of human rights with an emphasis on the Roma and the Roma community and directs a reaction to all countries with an emphasis on Norway and its government as well as some other Scandinavian countries due to illegal and illegal registration in special police or judicial registers intended only for Roma and the Roma community regardless of age and gender. It is a fundamental violation of basic human rights and its integrity, and is against all laws in their countries that are against discrimination.

We are proud of our own and valuable Romani culture. It is our duty to preserve Romanipen, our internal and external Romani culture. Internal Romanipen consists of Romani values (respect for elderly, solidarity, and Roma purity), attitudes, and the inner feeling of being Roma. External Romanipen includes not only the Romani language but also the observance of Romani customs in three different contexts: the family, the immediate family, and the wider social environment. Family values are very important to us. Young Roma people are our future and carriers of our mission for better life of Roma.

April 5, 2024 in Skopje

The 12th Congress of the International Romani Union – IRU

Everything is ready for the 12th IRU Congress, which will be held on April 4 and 5 in Skopje

For the regular 12th IRU Congress, everything is ready. Yesterday and today the delegates and guests of IRU who will be part of this Congress arrived through the international airport in Skopje. The number of IRU members and guests present is expected to be around 100 from over 55 countries around the world. The main activities related to the Congress will be on April 4 and 5, with the organization of several panel discussions and the participation of a large number of panelists. Also on the last day of the Congress will be the election of the new leadership of the IRU, such as the President and other positions in the IRU.

A significant number of high-ranking European and other officials will be part of the IRU Congress, while some will be involved via ZOOM or by already sending their video messages to all the guests present. Some of the guests will be our national officials, as well as part of the diplomatic corps in our country.

Within the framework of the 12th IRU Congress, a cultural program will be organized, and at the same time, on April 4, the closing ceremony of the 22nd Film Festival "Golden Wheel 2024" and the announcement of the best films will take place in the MKC.

Raducanu Gheorghe has been selected as a special consultant - advisor, for political systems of the IRU

Within the congress activities of the IRU which were held in Skopje, North Macedonia and in the election of the new presidency and leadership of the IRU, in the presence of over 60 delegates of the IRU from 50 countries in the world, Mr. Raducanu Gheorghe from Romania, as a consultant -  advisor for political systems in the International Roma Union - IRU.

He will lead this position in the following years, and his choice was due to the fact that Raducanu was recognized as an excellent Roma leader who has been fighting for the rights of the Roma from Romania and for the rights of the Roma at the international level for many years.

He is an excellent connoisseur of political activities, because in fact he is the founder of one of the strongest and most respected Roma political parties in Romania, Asociatia Patrida Romilor "Pro Europa".

Mr. Raducanu Gheorghe is actually the founder of this party, which was founded 34 years ago on April 3, 1990.

This means that Raducanu as an active and top politician has been present for more than 3 decades and his experience and actions are enormous, therefore his experience, his skill and doctrine of political action together with the IRU can contribute to the greater dignity of the Roma nation at the level of international political character.

Mr. Raducanu has shown and proven this many times as a top politician.

"IRU Forever" is the motto that will guide the 12th Congress of IRU

On the eve of the celebration of International Roma Day on April 8, the preparations and finalization of the activities of the IRU are underway, which is organizing its 12th Congress and will be held from April 3 to 6 in Skopje, with more panel discussions and cultural programs.

According to the announcements, about 60 IRU delegates from over 50 countries and over 30 other high-ranking guests, Roma MPs and officials from many European countries, are expected.

Otherwise, all panel discussions will be debated, but the biggest target will be focused on the young new progressive force of the IRU. The idea is that IRU with new young intellectual Roma will be the future of the Roma movement in the world. That is why the IRU slogan for the 12th Congress is "IRU forever".

The Preamble of the Statute of the IRU expresses the common goals and ideas of the Roma Nation, whose representatives actually represent it, and that is why the International Roma Union - IRU was formed. As representatives of the Roma people, they make efforts to protect the Roma population and future generations from all the negative phenomena that the Roma people faced in the past, in the present and in the future, in all forms of discrimination, hate speech, segregation, intolerance, violence, genocide, and we are also deeply confident in respecting fundamental human rights, equality between all sexes, creating a favorable climate for respect for rights, respect for the basic democratic principles of freedom, and the standard of living, as well as the elimination of all irregularities, in cooperation with international institutions that are in charge of it. The mission as well as the goal are the following commitments:

To expand the horizons for the preservation of Roma culture, tradition, customs and language

Respect for basic human rights and freedoms, and respect for all obligations that come with signing all international agreements

To maintain peace and stability in the world

Developing friendly relations between peoples based on respect, and equal rights between peoples

Cooperation to solve problems from an economic, social, cultural and human aspect regarding the Roma

To strengthen support for equal rights, fundamental freedoms, regardless of color, race, sex, language and religion


The 12th IRU Congress has started in Skopje, North Macedonia

As it was announced today, the 12th IRU Conference started in Skopje, North Macedonia, the main panel discussions and the election of the IRU Presidency are happening today (April 4) and tomorrow, April 5. But the activities started yesterday, where the IRU delegates were received in the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia by MP Ljatifa Šikovska and had an excellent debate in the parliament.

Today, at the start of the IRU Congress, MEP Livia Jaroca gave her introductory greetings via video call, and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also sent his congratulations in writing.

Danela Arsovska, the mayor of the city of Skopje, as well as the delegate from Norway Tore Jarl Bielenberg, who is also one of the participants of the First Roma Congress in 1971 in London, also had their welcoming speeches. He and Verandra Rishi from India were declared honorary IRUs. presidents.

Within the framework of the IRU Congress, panel discussions were also held on the following topics: Topic: "Young Roma and global policies in the EU" Moderator: Nadir Redzepi, "Roma Investment Fund" - Roma Business Forum Moderator: Mr. Natasha Amdiu, The Future of the Roma community in Europe and the world. About the rights of marginalized communities in crisis regions. Moderator: Stefano Kužicov, Vice President of IRU, Fight against structural discrimination, anti-Gypsyism and respect for human rights and the rights of Roma women Moderator: Mr. Admir Ismanovski and on April 5, a panel discussion on culture, language, tradition and religion will be held at Roma Moderator: Sumi Yusuke, delegate of IRU, Japan and Tribune "The role of Roma media and productions in the creation of film projects with Roma themes". Also on April 5 is the election of the new IRU leadership with a mandate of four years.


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