Czech school claims it's "random" that white children are segregated from Romani children in separate first-grade class

At the U Stadionu Primary School in Most, Czech Republic, white-skinned children have reportedly begun first grade in class "1.A" while children related to Romani people have begun first grade in classes "1.B" and "1.C" - news server reports that the principal asserts the distribution is "random", but parents of Romani children, are convinced the opposite is the case. "My sister's son is the same age as my daughter, and he has been assigned to 1.A," the mother of a child not in the 1.A class told
"When they showed us their photos of the first day of school, my little girl was in tears," she told "The children in 1.A had a mascot in the classroom and their parents were all there with them to photograph them."
"Then I noticed something else," the mother said. "All the children in the class were white."
"Those children [in 1.A] all have light skin," the mother said. "In the other classes, all the children are Romani."


Dr. Rajko Djuric appointed full professor at the Department of Romology at the UN Faculty in Belgrade

According to the information he gave exclusively for the Roma Times portal, the famous Roma intellectual with the title of Doctor of Romology and world renowned expert and connoisseur of Roma culture, history and tradition Dr. Rajko Djuric mentioned that from now on he will be a full professor at the Department UN Faculty in Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Rajko Djuric was born on October 3, 1947 in the meat of Malo Orasje, Serbia. He studied philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade from 1967 to 1972. In 1986 he received his PhD in Sociology on the topic of Roma Culture in SFRY. He has written over 600 articles and books. Rajko Djuric was also the President of the IRU and the Secretary General of the Roma International PEN Center.

Otherwise, the appointment of this type of professor is the first in the world.

Jubilee of five years from "Saip Yusuf" High School in Shuto Orizari Municipality

From Tuesday 28.01 to Thursday 30.01.2020 SUGS "Saip Jusuf" - Skopje celebrates the patron's holiday and 5 years of its existence.


That program ended on January 30 with the solemn academy organized at Salon 1919 which began at 7 pm.


Otherwise the educational activity in the school takes place in a school building with 12 classrooms and 6 classrooms with cabinets, 3 offices, 1 teacher's office, 1 library, 8 auxiliary rooms, 1 gym, 16 toilets and 3 basements for practical classes. .


The school educates students who can choose between 3 and 4 years of vocational education, with the following directions:

-Economic-legal and trade profession - Profile: Economic Technician

-Construction-surveying profession - Profile: Civil Engineer

- Health Care - Profile: Nurse

-Personal Services - Profile: Hairdresser

- Catering and tourism profession - Profile: Waiter

Shock to science! They have proved that God exists!

In the way that science is best known and acknowledged, with physical evidence and DNA, confirmation has been found that God exists.

In the DNA record, there is a message of existence that can be decoded in ancient Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ. This is a shock to scientists.

While researching the existence and functions of DNA transcripts and sequences in the human genome known as "junk DNA" (so called because of the lack of known functions in that part of DNA), scientists at the Wyoming Institute of Technology (ODP) came to know which the scientific world is utterly shocked by: linguistic experts have identified information in the form of an ancient Aramaic language containing a message "with the first rays of the morning, God created everything on earth and in heaven."

A code system was found and identified using symbols, independent strings of 28 values. Such strings, for comparison, are a system based on the structure of the composition of words in the languages ​​spoken by humans. Thereafter, the Bob Jones University team patiently began comparing these strings with those of all known languages ​​spoken in the world now, or back in history.

And, another shock. A language has been found that fits perfectly with the character of the set up breaks, the holes in the DNA sequences given to them for research. Old Aramaic! The language spoken by Jesus and most of his apostles.


FaLang translation system by Faboba



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