Living in a sea of trash: Roma fight environmental racism in Romania

Roma communities driven from Romania's booming city of Cluj-Napoca say the authorities treat them like human garbage. Pollution from a nearby landfill is damaging their health, say locals.

Yet for the 1,500 Roma people still living here, Pata Rat is very much alive. And so is the environmental hazard on their doorstep. Two "temporary storage" landfills set up beside the old one in 2015 are still growing steadily, and experts say the old waste was never properly dealt with.

Zsiga, her partner and children now live in a three-room apartment in the city. But she hasn't turned her back on Pata Rat. Her siblings and their families still live there, and she's working at the site to support another 30 families who will move in a second stage of the initiative. "I wish that no one is left in Pata Rat," Zsiga says. "No one deserves to live there." 



Kroacia, Čakovec: Ki romani mahala Parag phajrarel pe sako dive, akan sig mudardi jekh romni thaj tri si phare ratvarde!

O majnevo incidenti taro šastralo phajrariba ki romani mahala Parag ko Megjumurie so agorkergja mudaripaja jekhe romnja thaj trin phare ratvarde palem phravel o pučiba e problemenge ki akaja romani mahala.

"Phajrariba isi paše sako dive. Isi em desave problematično Roma so dživdinen akate a ola si em socialcia.

80% taro terne Roma si bukajrne em na kerel probelmia, numa isi 20% okola so si problemašia em drogirašia.

O Roma vakerena: “Ola daravkeren e javere Romen em avere dizutnen kaj ka tharen lengere khera. Čorena vordona keren atakia ako na deja len love. Isi len  but šastra pobut em taro askeri. Vakeren o dizutne so bešen ko akala thana em bičhavena apel dži ki them te sankcionirinel akale manušen em akala incidentia.

„Taro Roma sapuni” majodoriga šunel pe ki Bugaria

O ERRC akava masek bihavgja lil dži ko presidento e Konsileskoro ko elektronsko mediumia ki Bugaria te informirinel e Konsilo baši kerdi diskriminacia mujal o Roma akhribaja i tema “Taro Roma sapuni” so istemalkerel o portali “Bugarsko flago# , O Konsilo elektronsko mediumenge valjani te vakerel e protaleske em te rodel te chiden odoja notacia  em akaja storia na trubul te ačhol odothe,

O problemi so isi e Romen tari Bugaria čače isi buteder em akana si panda majbare , Odoteh sar dopheriba em i parila “Taro Roma sapuni” tari online platforma soske ako si vhidime numa panda ane but kerdo ki antiromani kampanja.



Romani Americans still struggle with discrimination

In 1939, amid the Great Depression, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt met with Roma leader Steve Kaslov in New York City to discuss how the crisis had affected Romani Americans. In her diary, she wrote: “They are a sad people and a minority group I feel we should try to help.” That was a historic and very rare expression of White House concern for the struggles of Romani Americans.

Today, as a new Democratic administration is about to take over amid another crisis, Romani American activists hope that the issue of discriminations the community has been facing for decades will finally be addressed.

With US Romani advocacy and scholarship still in their early stages of development, calls for anti-discrimination action go unheard by state institutions. Even organisations dedicated to human rights and civil liberties lack awareness about Romani Americans’ struggles and do little to address anti-Roma bias.



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