Killed and injured after a massive brawl in the center of Kyustendil

A 35-year-old man was killed in a mass brawl this morning in Kyustendil, a BGNET correspondent reported.

The incident happened in the morning in a club located in the municipality of Kyustendil. Mass brawl began between young people, Roma and visitors to the club. The victim died of a knife bite.

Five people were injured and transferred to the local hospital. The center of Kyustendil is blocked by the police. Criminals inspect the location.
The interior ministry has announced that emergency police actions have been taken to identify and retain the participants in the incident.

Cardinal Alojzo Stepinac was silent about the crimes of the Ustashi over the Roma, Serbs and Jews

Cardinal Alojzo Stepinac knew about the terrible crimes during the Second World War where the NDH's leaders made Serbs and Jews on the Roma, and there is such evidence in documents found in the archives of Vojvodina.

Stepinac for the genocide committed on innocent people in Jasenovac and Nova Gradiska with a detailed letter was reported by one witness to those terrible crimes that was signed as a "Catholic Christian and then as a Croat"

This is also shown by the original documents of the German secret service. where this letter was officially recorded in its archive on February 8, 1942.

- The whole crime is not just about the killings. The elderly, the women, the children were treated very badly, and then killed. Roma, Serbs and others were chained to logs, and the flames of fire covered innocent bare chests. They were alive in their homes and churches. They were washed with boiling water, their skin was peeled, and then they were sprinkled with sand and salt on the wounds - it is stated in that letter.


Nis: Celebrated the anniversary of the escape from the Red Cross Camp

The Red Cross camp in Nis was formed by the Germans in September 1941. A large number of Roma, Jews and others were imprisoned in the camp.

From that camp there were 30,000 people, of whom 10,000 were shot in the Bubanj stream, and many were interned in Austria, Germany, Poland and Norway where they were forced into forced labor.

Torture, shooting, cold, famine for Roma, Serbs and Jews was the main target of torture.

Then on February 12, 1942 a group of 147 campers attacked the guards to try to escape from the camp. They succeeded 105 while 42 were killed. It was actually the first organized escape from a camp in the then occupied Europe.

Then the terror in that camp, which served as the darkest experiments of the human mind, intensified, and that terror lasted until September 14, 1944, when the city of Nis was liberated.


Le point: 72% of Italians support Mateo Salvini

Matteo Salvini no longer has an inhibiting brake. He continues his rhetoric and plan for the resettlement of Italian Roma, with this indirectly on 600,000 migrants from the peninsula. This rhetoric angered Pierre Moscovici and Roberto Saviano's "J'accuse", who, without warning to the Jewish community, are still fresh from the Holocaust and that the Italian Jews touch it.

A survey by the Ixe Institute reveals that 72% of Transalpine support the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the interior minister. As expected, with him is the whole right. 100% of Fratelli d'Italia's voters, 96% of those in the League, 91% of those of Forza Italia and 78% of those of the 5-Star Movement are in his favor. But the left is that the head of the League makes a surprising progress.

46% of the Democratic Party's voters and 21% of those of Freedom and Equality, who are close to the left, share their immigration line. The leftist parties know this, and after the poor success of the demonstrations organized by them on June 10, they put the project on the anti-Litanian Republican front in the field in anticipation of better times.


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