Serbian media trail: "Shaban Shaulic is vampire"

Folk star Shaban Shaulic, who died on February 17 in a car accident in Germany, was buried without any religious ceremony on 22 February, his friends commented no matter the city authorities who decided to bury him in Belgrade, Shaulic's desire was and always said he wanted to rest beside the tomb of his mother, Ilduce, buried under Muslim customs.

The death was swift and unexpected, and Shaban probably did not tell his wife and her children's desire. They made a decision not to call the funeral, nor the priest. They organized a civil burial with three accordionists and the song "Do not Cry Soul".

Otherwise, it has not been 40 days since his death, according to the religious beliefs of the soul to find his peace, and in the family of the famous singer and neighborhood panic has prevailed. In the family house of the singer at night they see him see Shaban as he walks, lights up, and lights off, then sits on the dining room in the dark where he often rests and watches the Danube.

Some media have already reported that "Shaban has been sweeping", transmitting the statements of neighbors who are panic seeking help from priests and healers.

-We are all in shock, we talk about it for days. None of the singer's family is coming into the house for 10 days. Or they can not or are trying to solve this problem with oggies and poppers, told the Belgrade-based media neighbor of the late singer.

A video from the Sombor funeral made chaos on social networks

Customs that are observed during funerals vary from country to country, but the one observed in the Sombor can be categorized as one of the most unusual.

The PB posted a video of the burial of a certain Kata, which was sent to its eternal home with trumpets, songs, games and jumping around the ark.

The reactions were divided, and the orchestra was engaged that was engaged for this burial.

"They did not call and we came, among the Hungarian Roma, this is a custom. We came here and we finished our work and that was it "

A discussion and controversy about the FB event took place immediately, whether it was a custom or a wish of the deceased himself.

- We think that it has nothing to do with the nation whether it's Roma or a Serb, most likely it was the last wish of the deceased to be sent with music, and everyone can leave a wish or an amnesty, and it is not necessary to insult on a national basis. say part of FB comments.

Other comments were with humor such as: - When I die and send me this way to me. Music music. Just do not sit on the coffin so that the atmosphere does not get me down, so I will get up.


Hodža taro Saraevo vakerela: E Jelenake kergjum magie te nasvaljovel thaj te delingjovel

 “Rakajte alo ki mande jekh kolega tari Jelena ko kalo džipi. Pendžarav le tari televizia. soske kerel buti e Jelenaja. Pučlja ma dali šaj te kerav e Jelenake nešto soske sine kontra i Jelena thaj namangel le sine te ovel uzi late non -stop.

Odoleske ov vakergja kaj mangel te kerav te nasvaljovel , te delingjovel thaj ma te kerel ni jekh hgiti pobuter. Akava sa ulo kana iJ elena sine la o majbaro hiti - Insomnia, palo olakoro koncerti an i Arena.

Ov manglja pali Insomnia te na kerel pobuteder hitia a olakiri kariera te džal majtele.

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Saste thabili i čhavorikani gradinka 8-to Aprili an o Šuto Orizari

Javinate paše ko 01:00 o časo pali i jekvaš i rakj bare jaga saste thargje i čhavorikani gradinka "8-to Aprili" an i komuna Šuto Orizari. Tari teritorijalno mujal jagakiri jekhin vakerena kaj resle 25 minutia palo odova , numa but phareste resle dži ko than.

Upreder 100 čhavore tari akaja gradinka našavgje pire igračke, bešljarina, measle thaj than vbaši edukacia. 130 čhave ko Diveseskoro centari  e čhavenge ko droma so sine akomiodirime ko akava objekti, našavgje piro "kher".

Aso o informacie tari Mujaljagakiri brigada ola resle akharin paše ko 00:55 o časo baši akaja bari jag, palo so aktiviringje pire ekipe thaj vordona.

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6-to Romano Čhavorikanoo muzikakoro festivali 
„Čhavorikano Suno 2022“ – SP BTR

6-ти Ромски Детски музички фестивал
„Детски Сон 2022„ – СП БТР

6th Romani Children's Music Festival
"Children's Dream 2022" - SP BTR

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