Romani girl from Poland , Viki Gabor wins Junior Eurovision 2019!

Wiktoria "Viki" Gabor (born 24 June 2007) is a Polish singer. She began her career in 2019, as a finalist on the second season of The Voice Kids Poland, and then later won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song "Superhero".

Gabor was born in Hamburg to a Polish Romani family. After her birth, they returned to Poland, later moving to the United Kingdom, and then settling in Kraków when she was seven. Gabor has an elder sister named Melisa, who is a composer and songwriter.

In late-2018, Gabor competed in the auditions for second season of The Voice Kids Poland. She joined the team of Tomson & Baron, and proceeded to continue to advance through the competition, ultimately reaching the finals and releasing her debut single "Time".

On November 28 at the MOB 10th edition of Roma Fest

For the tenth time in the organization of the Association "Romano Ilo", the Roma Fest is organized for the Roma Fest 10.

It is believed that this year's music festival will be one of the best releases as well as the guests present at the festival, the audience, the ensembles and the fans of Roma music.

That evening they will have performances by: Vlatko Stefanovski, Ernest Ibaimovski, Saso Gigov - Gish, Lence Dimovska, Ibus Ibraimovski, Ali Bajram, Djeljo Destanovski and the Djambo Agusev Orchestra

Roma Music Festival - ROMA FEST 10 edition takes place on November 28, 2019 at National Opera and Ballet (MOB), starting at 18:00. Admission free.

'Songs of the Roma' - Poetry Illustration

'Songs of the Roma' is a book of poems, composed by the Polish Romani poet Papusza, which I illustrated and designed as part of the first classroom project during my course at NID.
The project began with my interest, as a lay person, in the lives of the Romani people of Europe, whose unique but often tragic experiences have shaped their collective identity over the years. With ancestry and traditions that can be traced back to various nomadic tribes in India, the Roma are today caught between their 'Gypsy' past and the many challenging ways forward, and still face daily persecution and struggles.
During the initial research and exploration phase, I came across the poems of the great poet Bronislawa Wajs, more widely known as 'Papusza.' Her voice seemed to be the perfect representation of the Roma, and the simple yet heartfelt songs capture the spirit of her people with clarity and honesty.

International star Manu Chao loves Roma music

French-born Spanish musician Manu Chao is an international music star with a very successful career. Manu Chao does not act as a star at all, and is also known as a fighter against injustice. Mano Chao has repeatedly endorsed or criticized social injustices and problems on social networks.

But maybe few people know that Manu Chao has had performances and concerts in Skopje and Macedonia.

During one of his performances perhaps a decade or more ago at the Playa Vista SC attended by over 10,000 people, and organized by Lithium Records during the playa rehearsal of Playa Vista, the same location was the Roma BTR TV - National. During the breaks Manu Chao blurted out the opportunity and looked at BTR-National's studio, and while watching the TV program more Roma songs were pre-profiled.

He and the team were simply fascinated by Roma music so during their stay in Skopje and visiting more restaurants, he also sought out a place where there was Roma music. He just fell in love with that music, and especially just for that one, there was a lengthy BTR TV interview where he expressed all his impressions of Roma and Roma music speaking in one breath and impressed by what he saw and heard.

Despite being popular on the planet, Manu Chao can be said to be a modest, sincere, and above all, open and normal person.

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