A fairy tale about the king of Roma music

The book "Pitao sam Malog Puz" (book dedicated to Shaban Bajramovic) by sociologist and romologist prof. Dr. Dragoljuba B. Djordjevic from Nis was introduced almost two years ago.

The author attempts to socially define the phenomenon of Shaban Bajramovic in an original way - creating a vocabulary of terms, backed by archaisms and localisms.
We have long agreed that the hero of Nis is vassarlia, cafancheros, naked-tailed, barbutas, lover, gnozluclia, puppetry and filmmaker.

Shaban Bajramovic is also labeled as a good-natured, host, exuberant, aide, Serbian Roma and Patriot, but he was not a pariah, a citation and was never a Roma jigsaw, Djordjevic emphasized.

The author says that the book "Pitao sam malog puza" motivated a dedicated essay by British columnist Garth Cartwright titled "Shaban Bajramovic - A Spender of Life".

Bajramovic's fate was to do something for himself, for us, and for music in general. He was more valued abroad than here.
Shaban had to, as Djordjevic points out, as a child manage to make bread crumbs, and be an amalgamator.

- He was like a soldier desertion, for nothing to go to Goli Otok, with Alija Izetbegovic breaking stones, learning to sing and playing the contrabass, "he was to sing" I'm Captured "and be in 12th place a sacred list in 1965.
To compose 700 songs, perform all over the world except Australia, be on the prestigious "Time" list and be proclaimed king of Roma music "Djordjevic emphasized.

Djambo Agusev makes music for director's new film "Parasit"

Macedonian musician Djambo Agusev has been involved in making music for the film performance of "Okya" by Bong Chun Ho, director and film "Parasit", which this year became the first foreign film to win four Oscars, including Best Picture.


"Parasit" won the Macedonian documentary "Honeymoon" in the category of international film, and received a prestigious statuette for both original script and directing.


In the movie "Okya" one can hear the sounds of Agusev's trumpet, which he wrote on social media at the time: "The feeling of being a part of a movie abroad is a dream come true for any musician.


The film was presented in Cannes - France and the audience was delighted to hear the applause.


It is a pride for me and my orchestra 'Djambo Agusevi', but also for Macedonia that we present at the highest possible level. I hope the state will remember us, at least to thank us for this success.



Marijana Demirev - with classical music for a better life

The Bulgarian town of Sliven is one of the largest Roma ghettos in Europe. There, girls 12 or 13 years old drop out of education, at the same time engaging in the risk of being called a minor.


But Nikola Demirev of Sliven decided to take his daughter Marianna out of such a fate and expand her horizons.


Marianna began attending cello lessons at the school of Georgi Kalajdziev, an artist who once lived in the ghetto.


Today he is a celebrated violinist who teaches classical music to several Roma children. It is all financed by donors from Germany, and the Roma children have already given a concert in front of the audience in the prestigious "Bulgaria" Hall in Sofia.


"In music teaching, our children not only learn to play but also acquire a culture that helps them eliminate the Roma mentality and tradition.


With the music of those children they were released from the difficult fate - the underage marriages.

So far, no institution has succeeded, "says Nikola Demirev, who managed to get his daughter out of the ghetto into normal life because of a disability.


The neighbors used to laugh at the fact that his daughter was learning to play an instrument because they thought music was a strictly men's job. But today they are proud of their young compatriot playing classical music.



Serbian government with new law: Musicians need to have a license and a signed contract with caterers. The penalties are thick

If you make a wedding and hire an orchestra without a license, the boss will pay a fine!


Street artists, musicians and singers will not be able to perform in catering establishments and other festivities, will not be able to perform unless there is a contract for work engagement, is the latest decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


The new law takes effect after August 1, 2020. Otherwise the fines are up to 2,500 euros!


The organizer of the celebration, for example the bridegroom who hired a wedding orchestra. can be fined if he hires an orchestra without a license and local owners may be threatened with closing down the facility.


Employers who fail to comply with the provisions of the law will have to pay penalties of around 70-80 euros if they hire a musician without a license, and if hired without a prior written contract, fines range from 150 to 2,500 euros.

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