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Kurto Dudush and Ismail Demir struck a deal - a court reprimand

Kurto Dudush, the mayor of the municipality of Shuto Orizari today, from Judge Djoko Ristov of the Criminal Court, "earned" a court reprimand on the private lawsuit filed by prosecutor Demir Ismail.

He was charged with inflicting bodily harm. Ismail stated in the lawsuit that last year a Roma ball held at Alexander Palace was hit by Dudush.

Ishmael thought the reason for the attack was that his organization donated food and clothing to residents of the municipality, but Dudush disliked it and tried to stop it.

Today the whole process began and ended in almost twenty minutes. Before the main trial, the defendant and the plaintiff, together with their lawyers, agreed that the defendant should admit the offense and thus complete the trial.

Defendant Shuto Orizari Mayor in his defense before the trial chamber said the event had taken place in an impasse.

- I officially apologize to him. If I could turn back time, this would not have happened - said defendant Dudush briefly and clearly.

Miki Vujic, Dudus' lawyer, said he was glad that such an event was resolved in a civilized and culturally appropriate manner.

The damaged Ismail again stated that he would file a civil suit for damages against Dudush and donate the money he received to orphans.

After the two parties in the expedited procedure gave their opinion on the lawsuit, Judge Ristov had nothing left but to issue a court reprimand to the defendant.


After the Suto Orizari Tragedy - Will the Fire Rescue Institutions in Suto Orizari React Now?

After the great tragedy in тоuto Orizari where two children were killed at the age of 3 and 1 and a half years old and engulfed in four more houses, now the institutions and the state seem to be "awakening"


In addition to the fire trucks, there were police on site and three ambulances were on the scene.

-Intervention was initially with two vehicles from the sub-center Bit Pazar, and after that we sent two more vehicles from Avtokomanda.


Residents of Suto Orizari complain that fires are quite common and a major problem in their municipality. They say it has taken years to set up a fire brigade there, but the institutions seem to be deaf to their demands.


- It is time no matter who comes to power to set up a fire brigade to prevent such unpleasant events. If we have the time, the way and the energy to organize bales, organize various events, we can and must establish a local fire fighting unit, say the revolted Shuto Orizari citizens


Following the tragedy were the technical prime minister Oliver Spasovski and the technical minister for labor and social affairs Rachela Mizrahi, the mayor of the municipality of Kurto Dudush and others.

What is the reason that the polyclinic in the settlement of Suto Orizari this weekend did not have night shifts?

This weekend in the Shuto Orizari neighborhood the polyclinic did not function during night shifts. This information was immediately posted on social networks, but without explanation.

There was a photo that said the exams would be done at the Cair Polyclinic, and so on.
What the reasons for not working at the polio clinic in Suto Orizari is unclear.

According to the latest information already on Sunday 17/11/2019 the night shifts continued and worked at full capacity.

But what was the reason for not working for the weekend so far has no information and is waiting for the Ministry of Health to release a statement on the reasons.

It takes a lot of money to completely clean the dump in Shutka, says Zaev

Although the illegal landfill in Suto Orizari has begun to be cleaned, work is lagging behind as the landfill is being refilled in parallel with the clean-up. Trash ignition continues.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says that full cleaning requires more funds than planned.

Procedures for the cleaning of illegal landfills should be led by municipalities whose territories include landfills, but they have no funds. The prime minister said the funds worth 200 million denars, which were earmarked for the clean-up of state-owned landfills, have already been spent. Therefore, he said additional funding was needed.

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