How can pop culture help Roma?

Vincent Rodriguez Fernandez is a Roma activist, screenwriter and cartoonist who believes that a large number of Roma references in American pop culture is one of the good directions for young people to take an interest in topics such as Roma history.


Vincent has been lobbying for years to improve the Roma identity and be visible, including comic book heroes in Hollywood adaptations.


And really imagine in the most influential global machinery such as the Marvel Film Universe, at one point he appears as a superhero who speaks to the Gypsies and for whom the whole world knows he is a Roma, just as it is known that Black Panther is from Africa


Whether poverty will be reduced in this way, Roma will be employed in the institutions, I can't say, but it will have an impact on that, says Vincent.

Successful premiere of " First Apples, Then Roses" in Old Bazar at Garavde Muja Festival

As part of the festival activities "Garavde Mujal - Hidden Faces" the Association "Romano Ilo" as a fair audience was offered a premiere of " First Apples, Then Roses", a script comedy by and directed by Daniel Petrovski.
These 40 minute breaks were a real refreshment for the audience who metaphorically presented the picture of the political activity of the Roma in our country. The play was performed at the Children's Theater in the Old Skopje Bazaar
The roles in the play were interpreted by Djemiliana Abdulova, Daniel Petrovski, Sakip Memet, Samson and Ramush Muarem-Cirko

From November 15 to 17, Roma Theater Festival "Garavde Muja"

As part of its activities, the Association "Romano Ilo" from Skopje, in the field of cultural events and affirmation of Roma culture, will organize the event "Roma Garavde Muja" from November 15 to 17 in Skopje.

Roma theaters from Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and the host Republic of Northern Macedonia will take part in the festival.

In addition to the theater performances, as a special guest, the world famous director of the theater "Pralipe" Mr. Rahim Burhan is also announced.

November 5th World day in the Romani language

The Romani language (originally: rromani chib) is the mother tongue of the Roma. It is part of the Indo-language group, more precisely classified either in the central Indo-language or in the northwestern Indo-language. It is also often classified as its own language branch due to the large number of related linguistic variants.

According to ISO standards, the language is grouped into macro languages ​​and consists of seven sub-languages ​​or large dialects. The largest dialect is the Vlach-Khrom with about 1.5 million speakers, followed by the Balkans, the Carpathians, the Synchrom, the Welsh, the Kal-Finnish and the Baltic.

Roma alphabet
The Roma alphabet is a term that encompasses several Latin alphabets used for writing the Roma language and its dialects. The Roma language was not a written language until the 20th century, although the first written document in Roma dates from 1542.
Depending on where the language is spoken, so does the Roma alphabet, and standardized Roma spelling is now in place.

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