Bulgaria's VMRO-BND Calls Against Adoption of "Roma Integration Concept"

Bulgaria's VMRO-BND party again calls for the adoption of the "Concept for Roma Integration", following another tragedy caused by a Roma community person.


The tragedy happened in the village of Galiche when an 18-year-old resident of that village raped and then killed a resident of the village.


Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has ordered to change the article, which imposes a lesser sentence on a minor.


"It is necessary to act so that a minor who rapes or kills does not hope to guarantee that there will be a punishment," the Bulgarian Parliament said.


Last year, Bulgaria's Defense Minister and leader of the nationalist VMRO-BND party Krasimir Karakachanov detailed a concept for changing the integration policies of the Roma ethnic group, later known as the "Roma Integration Concept".


The document includes the abolition of ghettos, crime prevention measures, regular vaccination of Roma and assistance in finding work. As one of the measures in the field of health, the party also proposed the introduction of birth control: voluntary birth restriction among women from marginalized areas who already have children, including termination of pregnancy at the expense of the state.



Racist proposal by Romanian Mayor Dan Florea

People without a fixed job and a fixed income who have not completed their education must be prohibited by law from giving birth to children.


These proposals were seriously formulated by the mayor of the Romanian city of Targu Mures, Dan Florea. His postings on Facebook caused a flood of comments and negative reactions.


It was clear that Flora's controversial move was aimed at the Roma minority, which nationalists have said have been a demographic threat for years.


Numerous people protested the move by Mayor Florea last Friday in Targu Mures, following a call by the Roma organization Aresel Platform. They demanded the resignation of Florea, whose proposals they described as racist and militant.


Co-founder and president of the League of Civil Rights Organization Pro Europe, Samaranda Enache, who took part in a protest against the mayor last Friday, described Florea's statements as "aggressive" and "a violation of human rights guaranteed in Romania's constitution".


It also recalled his attempt to name a street in Targu Mures in 2004 after Hitler's military-fascist dictator and ally John Antonescu. The Antonescus regime is responsible for the killing of over 380,000 Jews and over 11,000 Roma. The renaming of the street was halted after protests and legal proceedings.



Little resident of Novi Sad, Natalie Writes Emotional Composition About Her Friendship With Roma girl Semina and Wins First Prize

Eight-year-old Natalie Mirimanov of Novi Sad won first place in the Vojvodina Institute of Public Health's literature competition on "Good for yourself, good for others". She wrote about the friendship between her and a Roma woman who was under daily violence.


Here is her text from the award-winning post:

Semina is a slightly larger girl, with a slightly darker complexion, and had dark hair like a nightgown, slightly lighter brown eyebrows and often torn shoes.

Semina was a Roma woman who was often ridiculed: Nikola, Lav, Aleksej, Srdjan, Dusan, Anastasia and Nera.

It happened on the little and big vacation while the teacher was not here.


They all spoke the same words and repeated them often. And she says, "You're a dirty trash can"

Dusan once pushed her towards the radiator. Then for the first time I saw her crying. No one told Dusan that he was wrong, no one except me.


“Dusan it wasn't nice at all to do it! Why did she push it on the radiator? "

Dusan just said, "Because he deserved it, he's a Gypsy."

I was always told, "Don't take Semina's snack, because her snack is waste" whenever I wanted to share the snack with her.


When I asked Semina, "Hey what do you want me to buy for your birthday?" Nera pulled me up and said, "Don't buy anything for her birthday she will ruin it"

Semina and I felt very uncomfortable.


None of the people I listed wanted to date Semina because she was a Roma.

When you are Roma, it means to them that you sit on a bench, begging, it means to them that they are dirty but not me. Now I feel very sorry for Semina, because she left for Germany, and we may never see each other again.

My message is that we must never laugh at Roma because they are equal to us.


* In relation to the original text written by Natalie, only the names of the children have been changed.

Healthy Environment Project to change habits of Sredorek, Bavci and Baraki residents

Eco-actions and eco-patrols are implemented in the three Roma settlements: Sredorek, Bavci and Baraki in the Municipality of Kumanovo, in order to raise the awareness of the population to maintain a clean environment and improve living conditions.


These activities are part of the "Clean Environment - Healthy Environment" project of the Roma Community Center DROM - Kumanovo, implemented within the framework of the European Union (EU) ReLOaD Regional Program for Local Democracy in the Western Balkans, and is implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


The project should help to change the habits of the citizens and raise awareness of maintaining a clean environment.


Four people are already patrolling the field, who are obliged to pay attention to environmental pollutants.

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