European Commission condemns police brutality against Roma

The European Commission is aware of and condemns the police brutality against people of Roma origin in Bitola last week, MIA correspondent from Brussels reported.
"We strongly condemn any unjustified use of force, we note that the authorities have condemned the incident and have taken steps to open an investigation to bring those responsible to justice," said Enlargement Commissioner Anna Pisonero.
The European Commission has not commented on the investigation or the court proceedings, but emphasizes that its position on police brutality and excessive use of force is a "very clear condemnation".

No more passports for Macedonians who have left the country ?!

Macedonian citizens who are abroad and whose passport has expired will not be able to get a passport soon. Although they have been asking for teams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a long time to come to their countries to take their data and take photos, this is not possible yet.
The reason is clear and that is the coronary crisis and strict travel protocols. On top of that, there are a lot of requests, from New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, but mostly from Germany. But the MFA has only one moving machine and it is impossible to get anywhere.
The plan that was made for this year has been changed and now another one is made for 2021. They do not know when they will reach all the countries.
Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Macedonian citizens to come to their country and get a passport here, which even if the necessary documents to come home have expired, they will receive at the nearest consulate or embassy.

'I want justice for me and my unborn child' - shocking video emerges of arrest of pregnant Gypsy mother

Shocking videos of two Gypsy and Traveller women being arrested during a police raid on an unauthorised camp in Essex have been sent to the Travellers’ Times.
In the videos the two women are surrounded by police and handcuffed as screaming children run around distraught at what they are seeing.
The women have asked us not to publish the videos because they are so traumatic and instead only the TT can only publish use stills with identities concealed.
“The police pressure pointed me until I was in a seizure,” Whitney – one of the women arrested - told the Travellers’ Times. “I am seven months pregnant," said Whitney who is a Romany Gypsy. The police then hand cuffed me while I was having a seizure and carried me across a field.”


Ministry of Interior to take measures against a certain Zoran Hristovski from Bitola for insults directed at Roma via FB

On the social network FB, from his profile, a certain Zoran Hristovski from Bitola, literally with his comments calls for a lynching and revenge against the Roma.
At no point in his comments did he show any remorse or respect, but on the contrary he returned to all the remarks with vulgarities and extremely irritating conclusions and opinions.
He did not care at all about the profile of his interlocutor, but simply in each of his comments he expressed his impatience with the Roma community both in Bitola and in the country.
That is why an appeal is sent to the Ministry of Interior to look at the threats made by this man ... Also a question to the Minister Oliver Spasovski and other state institutions, can we count on the fact that the safety of the Roma from Bitola and beyond will be guaranteed? I sincerely hope that the case will not turn into incitement to personal revenge where innocent citizens would suffer! Because man is definitely seeking revenge, not justice!

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