13 years later, the Court decides to pay compensation to Roma who were rejected and not served in a restaurant

The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic has ruled to indemnify four Roma who for almost thirteen years have unsuccessfully sought compensation for discrimination. They filed discrimination lawsuits after staff refused to serve them in a restaurant in a village near Vranov in Topcu in November 2005 because of their ethnic origin.

The Constitutional Court found several errors in the proceedings of the general courts, which led to unnecessary delays in the proceedings and awarded each Roma a compensation of EUR 1,000 and costs.

The anti-discrimination action was taken by the victim in March 2006. This was one of the first actions against ethnic discrimination to be brought by the Slovak courts after the adoption of the 2004 Anti-Discrimination Act.

“That day we returned by car from a business trip from Presov and stopped there. The staff simply told us that they did not serve the Gypsies, ”one of the damaged Roma remembers.

Poverty: Surviving a month for a 4-member family requires almost 532 euros

In Macedonia, a total of 531.8 euros were required to meet basic obligations and needs in July. Still, most of the family budget is spent on food and bills, which together account for 73.45% of the consumer basket.

Nutrition and drinks 225 euros
Housing 173 euros
Hygiene 37 Euro
Shipping 36 euros
Clothing and footwear 33 euros
Culture 16 euros
Maintenance of health 12 euros
Total: 532 euros

According to the latest reports, the average net wage paid in the country was 411 euros, which means that in a family with only one employee who earns the national average monthly salary, another 120 euros will be missing.

Boki racked up Kamcev to repay the debt to Karleusa

According to the Serbian magazine Kurir, Boki 13 repeatedly lent more money to his friend Jelena Karleusa, and therefore racked up businessman Kamchev with 1.5m euros to repay the debt.
According to Kurir, Boki used his familiarity with senior government and judiciary officials to secure freedom for Kamchev accused of "Empire" affair

"Karleusa and Boki 13 have known each other for many years and so he often borrowed money from her. And after his business collapsed, he decided to make the move to repay the debt to Karleusa and start a new business.

How the war contrasted life in the Roma settlement of Jasenje beside Teocak

Divided between two Bosnian entities between the municipalities of Teocak and Ugnevik is the village of Jasenje, once a wealthy Roma village.

In 1992, life was normal, people were educated, worked, made friends, and today the number of 400 people now drops to 20.

- The local community of Jasenje was one of the few in former Yugoslavia where the majority of the population was Roma.

People were hard working in agriculture, some of them in thermal power plants. There was also a primary school in the village where instruction was in the Roma language.

The village of Jasenje had its own local community, home of culture, reading shops and the like, and today it is just a wreck.

The millions of damages in the village caused the Roma to return to Jasenje, which many today do not even think about.

Even today, due to the excavation of the Mezgraj coal mine, there have been landslides that have endangered the entire village.



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