More than 40,000 Roma live in Belgrade!

Belgrade Mayor Zoran Radojicic said the city wants to solve problems with Roma, and it will prove that society is serious.


Radojcic during the conference "Decade of Inclusion of Roma, heritage gained experience and the best example, which further mentioned that Roma in Belgrade arrived in the 16th century, and that now there are nearly 40,000 Roma living there and at the same time from the total number of informal settlements in Serbia that count 600, there are about 100 in Belgrade.


At the same time, he added that since 2014, the housing issue for 266 Roma families has been resolved and that the city, in cooperation with the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ), has developed hygienic conditions and solved the problem of drinking water in two neighborhoods.

Unhappy with status and finances, the Roma left the Union of National Minorities in the Republic of Serbia

The Union of Roma in Serbia with an office in Gradishka that represented them in 16 municipalities abandoned membership in the Republican Union of National Minorities


This was announced to the media by Aleksandar Mašić and Ramo salesevic as president and vice president. They pointed out that the board's decision on the board of the Roma Union was adopted at the last session in Prnjavor.


- The Roma are the most numerous in Serbia and, therefore, in the SNM, which is founded with great merit of our initiative.


We are neglected in many fields and we believe that the Union is not fighting enough for the Roma, we are not adequately represented in the governing structures and we are in a subordinate position, Masic is categorical.


They mostly react to the delegation of representatives to the institutions of the RS government and the insufficient financial support to Roma projects.



Policeman Stojan Bogdan from Čakovec, Croatia: I am Roma, but I did not deserve to see me as someone who steals and does not have a culture!

I do not ask for any special rights like Roma, but in the first place like any other citizen of Croatia. And that means I expect that my fundamental civil rights guaranteed to me by the Constitution will not be violated.

Roma policeman in the Medjumurje. Does that sound sensational to you? Perhaps because we are full of prejudices.

Stojan Bogdan is one of the few in the Medjumurje. More precisely in the entire region, only two are police officers! He is a 31-year-old from Čakovec, who has been working for eight years and has recently passed the exam for a senior police officer.

He says for himself that he also encounters prejudices from the wounded, but expects him to see him as every citizen of Croatia, and not someone who associates a person without culture and the like.

He says for himself that he would like to be an example in the positive sense of the younger generation, and that "if he could why not others," and only desire and endurance is needed.



Zagreb received a monument to the victims of the Holocaust

A monument to the victims of the Holocaust in memory of 6 million victims of Nazism and its allies will be set up in the center of Zagreb, the Zagreb municipality decided. Three advisors from the non-parliamentary left were opposing, demanding to erect a monument to the victims of the Ustaša Independent State of Croatia - NDH.

The city government says it has been decided that such a monument should be raised several meters from that monument.

The construction in the center of Zagreb is from a stylized suitcase with sealed signs from the Holocaust, which was voted by Zagreb city councilors on the proposal of Deputy Mayor Milan Bandic, Jelena Pavikic

Academic sculptor Dalibor Stosic and architect Kresimir Rogina is the first prize winner in the public competition.

The monument will be placed on the main square, where exactly the victims with the coffers were taken to the concentration camps through the occupied Europe at that time.

The representatives of the far right Zlatka Hasanbegovic and Bruno Esih were not in the voting, and the proposal was supported by the right-wing and left center advisers.


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