MLSP: Cash compensation for termination of employment, in accordance with the work experience, through the Employment Agency

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy informs that the citizens with the termination of employment have the right to monetary compensation in the amount of 50% of the average monthly net salary of the employee for the last 24 months. An unemployed person who has been employed for at least 9 months continuously, or 12 months with a break in the last 18 months, has the right to monetary compensation before the termination of employment.


The fee is paid according to the years of work experience. For example, a cash benefit is paid for 1 month if the person has at least 9 months of uninterrupted insurance experience or 12 months with a break in the last 18 months. If the person has an internship of 10 to 12.5 years, the compensation is paid for 6 months, and if he has more than 25 years of experience - 12 months.


The amount of the monthly monetary compensation during unemployment is determined based on the calculated and paid salaries of the employer and is 50% of the average monthly net salary of the employee for the last 24 months for a person entitled to monetary compensation up to 12 months. The cash benefit may not exceed 80% of the average monthly net salary per employee in the Republic published for the last month.


Citizens who lost their jobs apply to the Employment Center in the place of residence, within 30 days from the date of termination of employment.



Detailed information can be found on the website of the Employment Agency:

The citizens' association "Davet" from Skopje, active in distributing humanitarian aid to the most endangered Roma

The citizens' association "Davet" from Skopje, starting with the situation with the coronavirus in the country, is taking an active part by distributing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable socially vulnerable category of people.


They organized the action in such a way that the most endangered families were given coupons, where they then picked up the humanitarian packages. In its several-day actions, Dave gave 200 packages in several municipalities and settlements such as: Suto Orizari, Topaana, Zlokukjani, Gjorce Petrov, Cair, Butel, Gazi Baba, Topaansko Pole - John Kennedy, as well as the cities of Tetovo and Kavadarci.


1.5 tons of potatoes and 3.5 tons of flour were also distributed here. What is mentioned by the association Davet wants to inform the public that 90% of the aid is among the Roma community, and donors are except for one donation in the amount of about 250 euros from one Roma, other donors are of other nationalities.


They say they will continue their mission.

The hotels were filled with quarantines, no one thought of giving a room for the homeless

Khan opened the doors, but not for the film elite, but for the homeless, who have nowhere to hide from the coronavirus. In London, hotels are offering a place to sleep to the homeless in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In Macedonia, too, there is a trend of opening bars, but not for the homeless.


Last winter, in cold weather, several bars opened their doors to stray animals. Should the credit for such generosity of caterers be sought in the strong lobby of animal welfare associations? Who knows, but who can lobby for homeless people?


And while some of the homeless in Skopje are housed in several group homes, there are those who are not beneficiaries of the Red Cross services and are automatically left on the street.


They do not want accommodation, say the authorities, okay, but they will certainly not refuse accommodation in a warm room, at least in case of emergency, of course, if offered.


Inspired by the idea of ​​English hotels, I will link the text to the idea of ​​Macedonian hotels, which opened their doors, but not to the homeless, but to returnees from abroad, who may have contracted coronavirus, and now sow fear throughout Skopje. The homeless did not remember again.


No hotel or hostel has so far shown empathy for people who have to spend the night in an epidemic and police hour on the street.


The hotels of the Ministry of Interior and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia are empty throughout the country, and during this period the student dormitories are also empty, which could be a temporary solution for accommodating the homeless person in case of emergency and police hours.


It is important to mention that in case of emergency, the Government has the opportunity to adopt an ordinance for the care of every category of citizens of the country.

FOSM donates $ 100,000 to the most endangered Roma families

The Foundation Open Society-Macedonia (FOSM) provided a $ 100,000 donation for urgent humanitarian intervention for disadvantaged Roma families most socially and economically most affected by the health crisis.


- It is extremely important in these moments to provide adequate support to the most vulnerable groups of citizens by increasing the ability to maintain regular hygiene and disinfection, but also by providing food support during the isolation period.


To that end, the Foundation, in cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, has provided humanitarian packages of food and hygiene products that are sufficient for one month to serve the needs of a family of four to six members, the Foundation said.


The activity will cover about 10,000 citizens from the Roma community, ie about two thousand families living in Skopje's Suto Orizari, Tetovo, Gostivar, Bitola, Prilep, Kumanovo, Delcevo, Vinica, Pehchevo and the village Crnik.


The distribution of humanitarian packages will start tomorrow and end on April 10 this year at the latest.


- For the smooth running of the activity, the Red Cross will cooperate with six CSOs active and recognized in the Roma communities - Romano Chachipe, IRIZ - Skopje, Sonce - Tetovo, PET Station. - Prilep, NRC - Kumanovo, NGO KHAM - Delcevo, HOPS - Skopje and the Center for Street Children - Suto Orizari and who helped identify the needs of the most affected Roma families and help distribute humanitarian aid packages.

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