The government of R.N. Macedonia reduces budget for Roma by 34% with budget rebalance

During the session held on May 15, 2020, the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia adopted an ordinance amending the budget for 2020 in order to respond to the needs of the new crisis with the Covid virus. With the new rebalance of the Budget, the funds intended for Support of the Decade and the strategy for Roma have been reduced by 34%, ie from 73 million denars (1.2 million euros) to 48 million denars (about 800,000 euros) (basic budget)

Within the budget users from the priority areas of the Roma Strategy 2014-2020, the following changes have been made:

Ministry of Transport and Communications - From the total planned budget of 650.000 euros with a rebalance of the budget it is reduced by 50%, the new budget is 325.000 euros)

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy - from about 130.000 euros), is reduced by 26% and it amounts to 100.000 euros)

Ministry of Education and Science - From the total planned budget of 350.000 euros) with the supplementary budget it has been reduced by 15% and it amounts to about 300.000 euros

With the Kovid19 virus causing serious economic and health consequences for everyone, especially the Roma community, the reduction of the Budget for Supporting the Implementation and Strategy of the Roma further threatens the position and contributes to the expansion of poverty among the Roma community.

The cut in the Budget for Supporting the Implementation of the Roma Strategy is contrary to the recommendations of the European Commission, where the 2019 Progress Report notes that “much remains to be done to implement the strategy aimed at greater integration of the Roma community. “

Trial in Idrizovo soon: The largest courtroom in the country built in the prison

With the support of the European Union within the IPA action program "Support to the Justice Sector", the largest courtroom in the country was built within the "Idrizovo" Prison. This whole part of the prison covers an area of ​​1000 m2 and has a capacity for a total of about 120 people.

Having in mind the seriousness of the serious crimes and security reasons, this courtroom with a capacity of about 120 people, will allow the trials of the detained persons for these cases to take place in the penitentiary "Idrizovo".

The purpose of building this complex with a courtroom in the Idrizovo prison is to try detainees as well as convicts for serious crimes against which other criminal proceedings are being conducted, and whose transport to the courts is a security risk.

This will significantly reduce the risk of escaping detainees and convicts during transport to the courts. Additionally, with the use of this courtroom, significant funds will be saved for the transport of detainees and convicts in the courts, and at the same time the prison service and the police participating in the conduct of these persons will be relieved.

Reaction from the President of NPR Mr. Gege Demirovski.

I openly ask the institutions of the state, are we Roma, as proven loyal citizens of this state, equal and equal to others? And we are of flesh and blood!


Should we live like everyone else in the country, or should we feed ourselves and our children (Macedonia's future) in bins and fertilizers?


All markets in the City of Skopje are open and operating under normal conditions, and the market in Shutter is closed (arbitrary methodology still in the fog), only 30 minutes after a (non) expert makes a decision.


The emerging pandemic crisis is news to the whole world, not only Macedonia, but don't experiment with innocent citizens right away - justice will come to you.


I call on the authorities in the country as well as President Pendarovski to finally be the father of all citizens and not just individuals, because tomorrow is also a day…


Best regards!

President of the Roma People's Party

Gege Demirovski

Will there be Roma candidates in the first 10 places on the list in this election?

Although there is great interest in staffing the parties to seek the confidence of the citizens, the parties are announcing that data for next week.


The largest party headquarters are holding the latest consultations on selecting the most suitable candidates for MPs in the six constituencies for the April 12th election.


What is interesting about the Roma political scene is the list of Roma candidates that will be found during the elections no matter which political camp they belong to.

According to unofficial headquarters information, not all Roma candidates are in positions to guarantee entry into the future legislature.


Amdi Bajram from SRM, Samka Ibraimovski from PCER, Asan Ferat from SDSM, Fata Osmanovska from SDSM, Erdjan Demir from VMRO-DPMNE, Edrjan Selimi from ROM, Ljatifa Shikovska from SDSM, Aksel Ahmedovski PDPR. Orhan Jasharevski DPR, Merdjan Demirali SDSM Kumanovo, Gege Demirovski from his new NDP party and maybe some other candidates.


Not all of these candidates in their coalition partner have a high position on those lists, but most are in the latter part of the list between the 10th and 20th places on that list.


This indirectly reflects the fact that it will be a huge field job if one of the Roma candidates wants to make it to the seat that will guarantee a parliamentary mandate.


This will require heavy Sisyphus efforts to animate the Roma public and turn out en masse so that it can directly affect the progression of voters.

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