Cheers at the premiere of "Heaven - Wheel - Earth" - Silent narration of the turbulent and dramatic history of the Roma

The premiere of the documentary film on the history of the Roma "Heaven-Wheel-Earth" took place on August 31 at the Cinematheque of Macedonia in the open air, in a summer setting and due to the pandemic of Covid 19 with a limited number of visitors (eighty guests). Part of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the Government and Parliament of RN.Macedonia, municipal representatives, cultural and film workers and others were invited.

Prior to the premiere, he was honored with a minute of silence by the prominent Roma ethnologist and researcher prof. Dr. Trajko Petrovski who at the same time with his statements was part of this film project.

After the screening of the film, the producer of this film Zoran Dimov and part of the team that worked on this film, as well as some of the present high guests had their speech. The applause at the end of the film was a sign that the film "touched" the audience.

The impressions of the attendees were mixed, from one extreme to the fact that they learned very interesting hitherto unknown facts about the Roma from their history, tradition, culture and also touched by the tragic and difficult fate through various periods in history.

One of the journalists present wrote in his impression and impressions: "The film is excellent, very 'quietly' tells a turbulent and dramatic story, quite calm to watch, and disturbing with the theme itself, rich in various important and archival materials."

Now it is the turn of "Heaven - Wheel - Earth" to "conquer" the world through various festivals.


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