The meaning of Kurban Bayram

Kurban Bayram (ar. عيد الأضحى Eid ul-Adha; tur. Kurban Bayramı) or Hadji - Bairam is an Islamic holiday with a sacrifice, a celebration.
It is celebrated two months and ten days after the end of Ramadan Bayram. Kurban Bayram lasts four days.

Muslims celebrate Bayram in their homes, and at sunrise go to the Mosque of Sabah Prayer, and sunrise to sunrise - Bayram Prayer.
According to Shari'a rules, the victim is slaughtered for returning home.

According to history Ibrahim AS He lived happily until Allah ordered him to sacrifice his son Ishmael. he obeyed but when the Lord saw that Abraham his firstborn son Ishmael is ready. to kill him only because of His command, as a great temptation. he stopped the execution and instead of Ismail. set the ram for sacrifice.

Otherwise, this act is performed during the Hajj in the last month of the hijrah calendar zul-hadlje. Slaughtered meat is divided into thirds, with one third coming from close relatives, one third from the poor, and one third from those most needed. The Kurban slaughters anyone who has material possessions, and if he is unable to do so, it is not a sin.

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