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Dear all,

The Network for Systemic and Permanent Solutions, the organizations which are part of the network (HDZR Mesecina, Gostivar, InSoc, Skopje, Association for Protection of the Rights of the Roma – APRR, Stip, Roma Business Information Center – RBICM, Skopje, ROZM – Daja, Kumanovo, Romsko Jato, Bitola, KHAM, Delcevo, Umbrella, Skopje)

Fully condemn the event of the brutal and physical abuse of Mr. Igor Vckov in Strumica, and every brutal and illegal behavior towards anyone and in any place in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.

We call upon the institutions, in order to have justice and peace, in order to reduce the misinformation, in order to decrease the damage towards the Roma community, to solve and disclose the case of the physical abuse of Mr. Igor Vckov.

The Network for Systemic and Permanent Solutions and the above mentioned organizations, are denying themselves from the statements, insults, unfounded accusations and speeches of Mr. Gege Demirovski which were published on social media on 19.03.2021.

The freedom of speech is a Constitutional Right of every citizen of North Macedonia, but according to our experience in the work, we express suspicion that, in the past, Mr. Igor Vckov declared himself a member of the Roma community, but the Network for Systemic and Permanent Solutions, once again emphasizes that they condemns the brutality.

In communication with our associates in Strumica, we express doubts about the veracity of the statement of Mr. Igor Vckov, that the police and the provision of senior political officials are aimed at hatred and harassment of the Roma community.

We urge Mr. Gege Demirovski that in the future, to speak in his personal name, and in the names of those who gave him the order to speak, and in no way to speak in the name of all of the members of the Roma community, due to the fact that this ordeal from him is offensive and damages the Roma community.

On the other hand, we call on Mr. Gege Demirovski, if he truly fights for the good of the Roma community to whom he himself refers to, to not abuse the Roma community, for their personal and political interests and bargaining.

If the intentions of Mr. Gege Demirovski are truly sincere and directed towards the improvement of the life, freedom and rule of life, to return in the Republic of North Macedonia and to work with the political and civil NGO organizations

If the intentions of Mr. Gege Demirovski are sincere and aim to improve the life, freedom and rule of law, we ask him to return to the Republic of North Macedonia and to work with other political and civil society organizations to work for those to whom he fights for from abroad.

The Network for Systemic and Permanent Solutions continues to work in the direction of the rule of law, equality in front of the law and participates in the efforts to improve the life of the Roma community in the Republic of North Macedonia, yet we remain aware that this road was never easy nor simple.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +389 (0) 2 2656-901


Kind regards,

In the name of the organizations in the Network for Systemic and Permanent Solutions.





FB status of Jovana Janaevska: My name is Idriz

My surname is insignificant, inaudible, insignificant, lost somewhere between the importance of identity and the insignificance of my personal existence. I have never listened to it, nor have I ever practiced writing my surname.

Who cares about the name my mother or surname loved, the only thing my father could give me?

Kids like me are shadows in educational institutions, in the health system we may be a problem. On all other papers we are only part of a figure, of a statistic, of a whole integer called a vulnerable category. And here there is an eternal and just as long-lasting struggle for our inclusion, for our inclusion in society.

And we are so present, before your eyes, under your feet, in your hands.


I've never belonged to anyone. I haven't had a family like the families on the big billboards in Skopje, the ones where everyone is happy at a shared holiday table. From birth I belong on the street. To my soul, it belongs to me. No one through her passed me by holding me by hand, telling me to look left, then right. No one explained to me the meaning of the dashboard colors.

I learned on my own.

That red light is for fighting, and green for withdrawal.


All quarters are mine. All the corners in which I hide from thugs, all the bridges under which I keep your alms in my pockets, all the intersections on which I play you, hitting the tarabob with the last force, hunger and cold.

But we Roma are crying in laughter.

Our grief is not like yours.

Our sadness is strong, fighting, musical. Our sadness is art.

Our sadness is only ours.

I have many friends. Most of them are dogs with whom I share day and bread, night and street. They never leave me. Sometimes we run away from the rain together, sometimes we eat junk in the park.


Your love is two-fold. Your love has double standards. You don't love, you lie. You claim you love children, support children's embassies and children's rights associations, and trample on Roma children standing in the way of the bus. You don't sit next to us, you don't touch the metal brackets that touch our hands. Cry over the story of the girl with the matchboxes, and ignore the Roma girls whose frozen handbags pull you to the coat. You get to see the fat guys in the square wearing a Santa Claus costume, who caress your kid and shoot my friends.


I would apologize for any errors that are more alien and systemic than mine.

We children are wrong, aren't we?

But I feel your indulgence for us is tight.

How many times have you been kicked out of the bus for not having a ticket?

Why not also exclude children who drive with their own mother, who also doesn't pay for the ride?

How many times have I been beaten when I secretly wanted to get into your bar, sell palm trees or wet scarves and warm up briefly in mid-December?

Do you even beat kids when they try to sell you something for little coins at organized happening?

And why do children in the world fall asleep at ten o'clock, and I wake you up until two in the middle of the night, to suppress hunger that doesn't allow me to fall asleep?


Sometimes I want to know what you expect from us.

Do you want us to be invisible?

Do you want to behave properly and properly?

Did you give us a chance?

Have you not learned what safety means, what warmth means, what attention means, and what kindness?

Apart from living with the fear of your view that belittles and scares, I couldn't learn much.


My name is Idriz.

My soul is Roma. I give her a smile.

On these bones I wear seals of foreign soles.

Jacket is not mine.

In my eyes I carry cunning, scolded and reproached. You call it street, I call it survival.

In my breasts I carry a heart that feels just like yours, just like every other gem that will ask you for the rest of the scorpion or ten denars tomorrow.

My name is Idriz,

my surname is irrelevant.

Dedicated to the child who was beaten by three adult men in downtown Skopje.

Dedicated to the kid who was beaten in the bus twenty-two by an old woman.

Dedicated to all children whose rights do not exist in order to be violated


Link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/%D1%98%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B0-%D1%98%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0/%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%B5%D1%82%D0%BE-%D0%BC%D0%B8-%D0%B5-%D0%B8%D0%B4%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B7/3169039629792009/


RDS: We Are Ready to Run in Every Roma Constituency for MP!

The euphoria of "Parliamentary Elections 2020" in our country, apparently, does not pass even the Roma political bloc. Mathematical calculations and calculations do not pass either the current Roma political leaders or the newly created Roma political protagonists.


Also here are the so-called. Roma civil sector, which until yesterday "declared itself as an NGO sector, which is slowly" metastasized "into political waters.

The only response to the whole situation is the Roma Democratic Union - RDS, which has so far declared itself a national movement, but is already thinking deeply about its political engagement.


Knowing the structure and capacities of the current tried and tested Roma political "rulers" as well as potential candidates who want to enter the "political waters", the RTS is currently devising a strategy and plan for eventual entry into the pre-election race following these parliamentary elections. all logic can happen on April 12 this year.

The RDS emphasizes that it is well aware of the structure of the problems and at the same time resolving them, the Roma community in the country will easily recognize the sincere intentions and commitments of the RDS movement.


That is why they are ready to cast their lists on all constituencies in the country, and according to the amplitude of supporters, Roma representatives from the RTS can easily be removed from the next legislative assembly.


But one thing is for sure yet they have not stated their determination that a political option from the Macedonian bloc, would make possible cooperation, or more popularly - coalition.


As they say from the RDS, they are very much in favor of this step, because they are confident in their capacities, and also in the profile of the candidates themselves that they will offer in this parliamentary election.

As they say in the near future, we will know all the further steps that the RDS will take, which for the sake of truth is sure and fast approaching precisely that period.

Mahatma Gandhi revealed in the 20th century: These 7 things will not destroy us!

 Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most fascinating figures of the 20th century. His non-violent approach to discrimination in South Africa and India, along with learning from which that approach originated, made him one of the greatest and most important examples of humanity.


The darkest chapters in the history of the Nobel Prize include, of course, the fact that the Committee did not decide to award Gandhi. Otherwise he died on January 30, 1948.


Read what 7 things he identified as most dangerous to mankind:


  1. Wealth without work and work;
  2. Pleasure without conscience;
  3. Knowledge without character;
  4. Religion without sacrifice;
  5. Policy without principles;
  6. Science without humanity;
  7. Work without ethics.
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