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I stood at Zoran Dimov - "I am honest and open, not a coward who hides behind some blogs without the blogger's name!"

Some time ago, more precisely with the post on July 13 this year appeared on the social networks a text titled "What hurt the Roma" politicians "," experts "and" activists "? . As the blog titled "About the Roma Affairs" writes, the blog was intended to comment on the daily developments of the Roma community in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Strange and interesting! This inspired plagiarist blogger or a group of bloggers by Krste Petkov Misirkov (along with the overtly renamed titled "On Macedonian Matters"), found it appropriate to use this text to act "upliftingly" for all those "others" who are not in line with his or her concept of action.
Several people were appointed who "did not grow up" to give their opinion, attitude, etc.

Personally, as Zoran Dimov, I would not like to speak in someone else's name, but what is symptomatic is that in that context I was mentioned and even "labeled" normally - in a negative connotation and compared with metaphors I am a man who I quote "One of these is the notorious" Prime "of the Roma, and that is Zoran Dimov, who has done everything he could in the past to lose the TV and the factory today and nothing and nothing. But let's not forget, Miss of Roma beauty is always organized because that's the most important thing. "

Fellow blogger / s, I'll tell you one. I am Zoran Dimov publicly and with a name and surname before you. I am honest and open, not a coward who is behind some blogs without the name of the blogger or bloggers! "
But one thing is symptomatic. What is this exclusive right to publicly denounce me as a man, and as a family man and businessman, and an activist, without any evidence, fact, document, for everything "above?
Are you aware that in this way you are looking for the trouble of your neck and that there are also facts and evidence that you are initiating and making a serious offense that can easily come to court as well for such disqualifications, offend blackmails, insults and slander .

Today it is not at all difficult to find the author or the orderer of this offensive and uncovered text, for which you can have severe consequences.

If I had been the one I described in the above text on your part, so far in my over 28 years of activity, I would "go to a mess" any criminal charges or a punitive decision. The state is neither blind nor passive in order to take action if it is established in all these decades backwards if there was such a thing!

Are you doing the smartest of the others, or how I take this your writing is just, insulting, damaging and discrediting my personality, where you address the first person singular - with labeling and qualifications.

I will repeat this once again - you will face a judicial solution, because you are attacking lumpy, and cowardly hiding behind blogs or possibly ordered texts without facts and evidence.

And finally, to order one of you to take over the FB status: "If now I have nothing and I'm poor, I'll only eat bread and salt."
"But the poor minds therefore - eat shit!"

I promise - we will soon face justice! - In court!

"Someone new children" from young Roma activists, to self-promotion in future leaders!

After the current developments regarding the possible candidacy proposed by the Romani bloc in the President Pendarovski's Cabinet, a front was immediately opened for making various discussions, comments and initiated polls, to "measure" the pulse who is the one who can take it function.

And see a miracle, in the "foreground" somehow appeared on the surface names that until yesterday "were sworn non-partisan and non-political colored young intellectuals working to raise the Roma issue at a higher level.

Names that filtered as a proposal were generally known names from the Roma NGO sector, which in some way promoted themselves as a "corrector" of the current and "worn out" Roma leaders, without any ambition to take their seats.
But suddenly, as if they felt the "climate" was time and that "now or never" is the moment to settle in those places.

And even more interesting about these positions are "beaten" by yesterday's and still current "non-governmental" potentials, which deftly hid behind the frontier called - non-governmental institutions, associations, associations, etc. And they are all from the same bloc that, during the campaigns for the President of the state, were imposed as neutral observers.

The names that are now profiled are actually well-known "Some new nails" from Romalitico, Roma Versitas fused in Avaja!

A clear sign that politics is, however, a much more secure, secure and comtotic status than Roma activism.
Until yesterday, the rhetoric "Neutral and in name only for Roma progress and goodness" was replaced with the same formulation, but without it "neutral" and with political notes "In the name only for the Roma progress and goodness"

And when we are in the nomination, one question - What is the work that does not have one child with exceptional capacity among these names - after my neutral and objective opinion - Denis Selman? What's this kid's praise?

RDS analysis - Applying the refund of 15% of VAT, is the execution of the shadow economy

Starting from July 1, the government project started - a 15% VAT return on the natural person.

All citizens have the right to return, and according to the calculation that the maximum 15% VAT refund for one quarter family is maximum 30.000 denars - 500 euros.

The main role is played by fiscal accounts that are the main key in implementing this project.

They are then sent to the PRO via a downloaded application "My VAT" from Android phones in a scanned form.

The purpose of the project is to give citizens a part of the money, but also to be inspectors, not to buy without fiscal.

This means that those "petty" traders who do not have the opportunity to register their businesses, and everyday depend on the resale of improvised or rented stalls, can easily get out of work, because it is normal that some of the citizens will be in the interest to buy there where they will give them fiscal.

It comes to the conclusion that those petty traders can very easily stay without work, income, turnover and livelihoods!

But the experts calculated that this amount of VAT refunds of 15% would get the richest who have more money to spend.
Will that mean that those with a "drop of pockets" if they give up scanning and send fiscal taxes for VAT refunds of 15%, then a more favorable option of bargaining without a fiscal one.

Otherwise, the older people often know about the functioning of the system, state citizens, and commitments to one another, they can comment on the style: "We know that they are fighting a state with a state, only in our country fighting a state with their citizens"

Otherwise, the entire project will cost the budget about 50m euros, but the expectations are that the collection of VAT will increase. The money will be repaid every three months.

RDS Analysis (10th part) After the adopted social welfare law - Only 525 euros are needed for basic living expenses!

The long-awaited package of laws on social security and poverty eradication was adopted in the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.
It also states that as of June 2019, social financial assistance for a five or more family members will amount to about 200 euros. Normally, in order to use those services, there will be rules that encourage the reduction of unemployment in order not to rely on the family for that monetary social assistance.

But what does statistics say about the basic needs of a family in our country.
According to her, most of the money or almost 74% end up for food and housing.
According to the latest data published by SSM, in order to settle basic living needs in the fourth month of the year, 525 euros were needed, the economics magazines wrote.

It would have come about that about a month for food and bills, it takes about 400 euros. Of them about 226 euros for food and utilities, housekeeping and maintenance around
170 euros. This means that in the total expenditures on a monthly basis, the biggest share are those for basic needs - food and electricity, water and other utility bills.

Here's how much money and what you spend, that is, you have to spend to meet basic living needs:
Nutrition and drinks 230 euros, Housing 170 euros, Hygiene 35 euros, Transportation 35 euros, Clothing and footwear 30 euros, Culture 15 euros, Health maintenance 10 euros, Total: 525 euros

With the fact that now according to the adopted package of laws that the maximum amount of social financial assistance for a five-member family will be around 200 euros, it is clear that that family will have to try to find some employment of at least two in that family to follow the economic gallop in the state, and with maximum and rational housekeeping management needs to come out at the end of the month.

The amount of the occasional income in a household dictates the quality of life. Statistics show that those who work or receive a pension do not mean that they are outside of the survival zone.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, only 9% of all employees are poor, of all unemployed - 38.7%, of pensioners - 7.7%, and of the other inactive 32.1% are poor!

Therefore, the message is next, we should not "rely" too much on social, because the standard of living is different from the social scale. For a more reliable standard - the stick is self-work!

RDS analysis continues ...

 The position of the text is a personal position of the RDS and is outside the editorial policy of the Roma Times Web Portal

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