Here are some interesting names for the Roma that they named themselves

In addition to the generally known name Rom / s, they themselves have given more names to each other to differentiate themselves. Most of them are given according to the trades they have dealt with in the past.

Here are some of them in various countries around the world: Gurbetçi - Iceland, Arlije - Yerli - Oder - Shelter.

Craftsmen for the production of silver in Romania are named as Argintari, while the Aurari gold launderers, and the Limaras in Romania are named as Kostorari.

For manufacturers of copper products, such as dishes, cauldron and the like in different countries, they have different names. Among them are the following: Gabori, Kalderaši, Tamari (Kovaci).

And at the same time common names of Roma who are named among themselves are - Bajaš, Lovari, Sitari, Ursari, Ashkalii, Čivutari, Djambasi, Jeniše, Kale, Manush, Domari, Luli, Kirpač, Lautari, Lingurari and others.

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