Samka Ibraimovski - PCER owes about 12 thousand euros, and the account is blocked, how does it work?

As before, now BTR TV Nation as a legal entity and its owner, claim that due to unpaid funds for paid political program and campaign in 2011 when there were early parliamentary elections where as leader of PCER Samka Ibraimovski became a member of the Parliament. Macedonia, although almost 9 years have passed, has not yet paid the funds owed to BTR National TV.


Officially, due to those funds, an enforcement procedure was initiated, after which the PCER account was blocked.

According to the claims of the owner of TV BTR-Nacional, the PCER Party is blocked due to the debt to the media in the amount of 288,864 denars. Due to the delay, the interest calculated on this debt is 302,832 denars.


Also, for notary and lawyer's expenses, the debt is 13,963 denars and the calculated interest in the amount of 14,590 denars.

As court costs, it was recalled that PCER owes 14,044 denars and interest in the amount of 13,204 denars.


At the same time, PCER is indebted to Application 8,284 and interest of 7,239 denars. The total debt is 663,022 denars, but at the same time it is necessary to enter the interest in the amount of 63,000 denars and legal costs in the amount of 6,136 denars. Then it turns out that PCER is indebted over 730 thousand denars or about 12,000 euros.


Then the question arises if the PCER account is blocked, how does the party work? How are the funds that belong to the parties and are financed by the state paid off? BTR TV will continue to inform the public through legal instruments what steps will be taken in the future to find out the whole truth about the functioning of PCER.

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