Unofficial: Woman found in black bag, resident of Shuto Orizari at about 30

Traces of violence were spotted on a female corpse found yesterday in Skopje's Gorno Orizari.
Some media reports say the woman (the girl) found in a black plastic bag was killed, put in the bag, and thrown to the side of the road.
According to unofficial sources, the investigation involved violent deaths and injuries to her body.

The body of the deceased girl from the place where she was dumped has been handed over to the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Criminology in Skopje on order of the public prosecutor. Once the autopsy is done, it will be known exactly what she died and whether the perpetrator who killed her left traces that the authorities can bring to her.

Otherwise unofficially it is a resident of Shuto Orizari and is about thirty years old.

The Ministry of Interior informed that the case was reported to the police by an employee of the Skopje Public Utility Hygiene Company while traveling to the village of Gorno Orizari, Skopje.

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