Landfill wild settlements - in hell of Skopje

One of the thorny social and environmental problems that have been bothering Skopje for decades is the improvised dwellings in the city - Vardariste, near Kaleto, Keramidnica.
Only in Vardariste, from which constantly burns and smokes, live around 400 Roma. Throughout Macedonia in Macedonia there are such Roma improvised settlements, writes "O2 Initiative".

In terms of pollution, the problem is massive. From the aspect of socialism is terrible. Some of these people are so-called. phantoms, people without documents, part came from Kosovo. In 2011, 441 "phantoms" were determined in the country, and only 30-50 such cases are solved annually.

Children who do not go to school are the first exposed to terrible pollution from improvised dwellings, from the burning of tires and other waste in winter for heating, from the business of ignition of cables to reach the copper, which is sold in black (1kg for 200 up to 300 denars).

Others collect plastic bottles and cartons sold in the purchase centers for waste (for 1kg of plastic bottles, they receive 13 denars, about 220 denars for one big bag of plastic bottles).

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