England: Czech emigré of Romani origin establishes boxing team for children from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Ladislav Žiga, a Romani man born in Prague's Žižkov quarter, has dedicated himself to boxing since childhood. In Prague he was trained by the legendary Stanislav Tišer, also from the Romani community, who dedicated himself above all to helping children who were spending time on the street.

Today the 30-year-old Žiga lives in Gloucester, England. He decided to follow in his trainer's footsteps and build a boxing team for children there.

Today Žiga teaches the sport to 25 children from the Czech and Slovak community. He shares not just his experience from sports with them, but also his lessons from life.
"We box and I supervise their school performance. This endeavor is about integrating them into normal life and thereby suppressing crime," he told, the website of the Czech Government's Hate Free Cultureproject.

Žiga grew up in Žižkov, a neighborhood of Prague known for its Romani community and working-class history. His older brother, Vladimír, brought him to boxing at a very early age.


Sylvester Stallone thanks Tyson Fury for bringing back Rocky memories by dressing as Apollo Creed in Las Vegas

Sylvester Stallone thanked Tyson Fury for bringing back Rocky memories by dressing as Apollo Creed in Las Vegas last weekend.
Fury, 30, brilliantly dressed as Apollo Creed for his win over Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas.

The Brit is looking to crack America and made a good start by coming out in the Rocky character's Stars and Stripes shorts, dressing gown and top hat.
Fury told fans to expect a special entrance and certainly delivered - before winning by a resounding second-round KO.

In true Rocky style, he entered the ring to James Brown's 'Living in America', with dancers performing in the background.

Creator and star of the Rocky series and avid boxing fan Stallone praised the Gypsy King on social media for his eccentric ring walk.

Stallone said: “Thank you to the amazing Real life champion, Tyson Fury!
"It’s so incredibly gratifying to see these moments live on. “ Yo, it ain’t over til it’s over!“ sorry I meant 1985, still, it’s amazing!"

Fury in two rounds "resolved" Schwartz and made a real show!

Former world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, once again proved to be one of the best boxers of today, and is the biggest showman among boxers.


Furie needed only two runes to "solve" Schwartz, and then made a show for fans in Las Vegas.


Fury entered the ring dressed in the American flag and James Braun's song in the style of Apollo Cryde of the Rocky series, and after the victory he sang a song from Aerosmith.


Otherwise, Tyson Fury earned $ 12.5 million more, while Tom Schwarz guaranteed about one million.

Romani MMA fighter from Czech Republic declared champion in international mixed martial arts contest

The athletic arena in Kladno, Czech Republic held its 16th "Fight Night" last weekend. During the gala show, fighters competed in boxing or K1 martial arts.

The show was the first time that fighters in Kladno have competed in a Mixed Martial Arts cage.

The evening culminated with an international heavyweight contest between Alexandr Cverna of the Czech Republic and Dalibor Milutonovič of Serbia.

Cverna, who is of Romani origin, won during the first half of the first round. He has competed three times and won twice.

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