Here are some interesting names for the Roma that they named themselves

In addition to the generally known name Rom / s, they themselves have given more names to each other to differentiate themselves. Most of them are given according to the trades they have dealt with in the past.

Here are some of them in various countries around the world: Gurbetçi - Iceland, Arlije - Yerli - Oder - Shelter.

Craftsmen for the production of silver in Romania are named as Argintari, while the Aurari gold launderers, and the Limaras in Romania are named as Kostorari.

For manufacturers of copper products, such as dishes, cauldron and the like in different countries, they have different names. Among them are the following: Gabori, Kalderaši, Tamari (Kovaci).

And at the same time common names of Roma who are named among themselves are - Bajaš, Lovari, Sitari, Ursari, Ashkalii, Čivutari, Djambasi, Jeniše, Kale, Manush, Domari, Luli, Kirpač, Lautari, Lingurari and others.

Angela Hamidi from Albania is Miss International Roma Beauty 2019

In the beautiful summer setting of the Hotel Continental in the weekend that has passed, traditionally for the 27th time SP BTR Productions was the organizer of the spectacle for Roma beauty.

In the beautiful and summer atmosphere, besides the beauty, there was a cultural musical illustration with well-known Roma music artists, as well as a special guest from Russia Elena Lazarenko who with his performances thrilled the audience.

In Missing this year, the titles took them: Miss International Roma Beauty was named Angela Hamidi from Albania. The first accompanying woman was Antonella Mukharemovic from Macedonia, second Indira Hamid the same from Macedonia, Miss photogenicity was carried by Ismail Nerhuzza from our country, Miss charming Melanija Toskic from Serbia and Miss Decad was selected Izabela Selimovic from Serbia.

Pivara Skopje, Tikves, Kavadarci, Pharmacies Zegin and the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in R.Neverern Macedonia appeared as supporters of this cultural event.
The program was hosted by Daniel Petrovski.

Romani Design - Forms of Roma tradition expressed in authentic way

The recognizable elements of traditional Romani clothes in combination with modern design and textiles are the main features of the wardrobe and fashion accessories of the Romani Design brand.

They presented their collections in parts of the world, such as the fashion days of Marie Claire in Paris, a fashion show in New Delhi, organized by MFA Hungary, India at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai - India, and others places.

Thus, with its specific cultural expression, they promoted Romani culture as part of the diversity of the cultural wealth of Hungary.

The fashion studio Romani Design was founded in 2009 with the desire to break down the stereotypes towards the Roma and to introduce the audience to the aesthetic roots of the Roma community through the fashionable interpretation of Roma folklore.


The film "Dara from Jasenovac", the world must hear about the truth of Ustasha crimes

At a press conference organized by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the project that can be freely named as one of the most significant in Serbian cinematography was presented by scriptwriter Natasa Drakulic, the director of the Film Center of Serbia Jelena Trivan, the girl who plays the role of Dara - Biljana Cekic, actor Marko Janketic.


As an expert consultant of Antonievich and one of the best connoisseurs of the Holocaust, a role played during the filming of this film and a connoisseur of the victims' casualties in the camps during the Nazi occupation by the government of NDH is also held by Dr. Michael Berenbaum, who also speaks of the beginning of the film "Dara from Jasenovac"


- What gives the strength of the film is the story of one person, a little girl. Through the fate of individuals, you see the terrible crimes and the terrible liquidation structure that affected the lives of those people, the families of national communities.


At the same time, he quoted a poet, saying: "The death of a child and the loss of endless possibilities, because if the child lives, he will become whatever he wants and that every suffering of the child is a tragedy for the future.

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