'Sky, Wheel, Land' continues to 'roll' this time around Romania and Bulgaria

SP BTR works and shoots a documentary on Roma history, tradition, culture, language and identity!

The package titled "Sky, Wheel, Land", after the completed Russian stage, was now in Romania and Bulgaria.
Interviews and interviews were conducted with experts in all segments of the Roma issue in these countries.

Romania's renowned and recognized Roma language expert and connoisseur of Roma history, culture and tradition Professor Georghe Sarau, Delia Grigore, Adrian Berbec, Sorin Sandu and others have been recorded.

In Bulgaria there were also interviews with Roma activists who have their own associations. Among them was well-known Roma activists George Bakov.

Previously, Trajko Petrovski, MA, was also filmed in Skopje. A trip to Sweden is planned for December and a remake of that documentary.

We live in a world where funerals are more important than the deceased and weddings are more important than love

"We live in a world where funerals are more important than the deceased, where weddings are more important than love, and appearance is more important than memory. We live in a society where packaging is valued, and the content is despised. "

We are addicted to buying. Materialism feeds us, that desire to have, to buy, to gather. Newer model, faster, more expensive.

Funerals are more important than the deceased. In a desperate attempt to leave a good image behind, we will stop our tears, stifle our emotions. It is more important what kind of lunch will be served, what kind of flowers to set.

A dignified farewell to the deceased has become a thoughtful noun, and something so sad as the funeral has turned into an arena for competition and show.

Not to mention weddings. Everything is more important than understanding, trust and compromise. They replaced expensive hairstyles, make-up, buns, wedding cake, appetizers and invitations. As if they are necessary for a good and successful marriage.

Wedding as an event is more important than love. There can be no love - there must be a wedding!

And finally, we'll look at each other like long-forgotten old friends, turn off our phones and start behaving like humans, not robots.

The first clip from the documentary "Sky, Wheel, Land" has started. The first destination is Russia

As it was announced SP BTR Production started filming its latest documentary on the origin, history, tradition, culture and identity of the Roma nation "Sky, Wheel, Land".

The first flap and destination is Russia. On the way to the far side of the BTR Production team for Moscow, the Skopje team is made up of Zoran Dimov - producer Erhan Demir as cameraman Bajram Severdjan as an actor - narrator, and in Moscow they will be accompanied by Nadezhda Demeter, a Roma expert history, then Anatoly Butakov a fellow from Russia, and more prominent Russian Roma.

It is planned that in addition to interviews and talks, the Roma Festival, held in Moscow, will also feature a number of populated Roma settlements and Russian Roma.

Filming will take place there until the end of October, followed by talks with prominent Roma historians, including Dr Rajko Djuric, Trajko Petrovski MA, linguist Ljuan Koka, journalist Dragoljub Ackovic and others.

In early November, he will leave for Romania immediately.

Famous Roma - Pablo Picasso

One of the most famous painters, sculptors, painters and graphic artists of the 20th century, the founder of Cubism, the Spanish Pablo Picasso was a Roma.

In his career he has created more than 6,000 paintings, sculptures and drawings worth millions, married twice and had many lovers.

He had four children, and his last daughter Paloma got him when he was 68 years old

Otherwise Pablo Picasso, formally Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga, October 25, 1881.

His works include "Miss Avignon", "Guernica" and the great wall painting at the UNESCO Palace in Paris.

Picasso dies at his villa, in the small town of Mouzen, on the French Riviera on April 8, 1973.

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