Actor Danco Chevrevski, a close associate and one of the directors of the Roma Film Festival “Golden Wheel” has died

Macedonian theater and film actor and producer Dancho Chevrevski died yesterday in Skopje at the age of 69.

Chevrevski was born on May 17, 1951 in Skopje. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje at the Department of Dramatic Actors. and specialized at UCLA in Los Angeles.

He is one of the founders of the private film production company TIRANGL, and worked as a professor at the FDA in Skopje and was dean of the Faculty.

He starred in several Yugoslav and Macedonian films, including "The Longest Road", "Red Horse", "Hi-Fi", "Trieste via Skopje", "Tattooing", "Jeep Magic", "Punk is not dead", "This is not an American movie "," Children of the Sun "…

He has won several awards during his prolific career, and last year at the 14th edition of the Asterfest International Film Festival, he was awarded the Aster Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Film. Dancho Chevrevski was also a close associate and several editors and director of the only Roma Film Festival "Golden Wheel" which is organized every year by TV BTR - National and later SP BTR. He made a great contribution to the affirmation of this film festival, and with his huge engagement he gave great quality to the festival contents and programs. That is why SP BTR expresses its respect and condolences to the Chevrevski family.

Romani actors should refuse to perpetuate stereotypes in Czech television programs

I want to make one thing clear from the outset: I am not writing this commentary to criticize Zdeněk Godla or any other Romani actors in the Czech Republic. What I want to discuss is how gadje [non-Romani] directors or screenwriters, in tandem with Romani actors, promote all the (long outdated!) clichés about Romani people that we see here on TV in the Czech Republic.
Imagine, for example, that you're watching a recent public service announcement. We hear Romani csardas music and we see a Romani man walk into a building and up to reception desk, behind which sits what appears to be some kind of hipster nurse.
A Romani man is standing in a hole in the ground in a tracksuit (Adidas, more, of course!). A gadjo man asks him: "Patrik, do you know how to dig?" and the Romani man answers "You're kidding, right? You're asking a black guy if he knows how to dig, right? I was born with a pickaxe in my hand!" and as if that isn't enough, he launches into an intellectual outpouring explaining that "whatever Patrik fucked into the ground with a pickaxe, he didn't fuck into a woman."


According to viewers, "Heaven Wheel Earth" irritates the viewer's sad emotions

The premiere of the documentary "Heaven, Wheel, Earth" is behind us, but the reactions of those who were part of the premiere on August 31 still do not subside.
According to the reactions, as they say, the film conveys the dramatic history of the Roma in a very calm way and in a calm tone, without this usual sadness, which occurs when watching a documentary about people who have suffered. Completely dignified and without attempt to further irritate the sad emotions of the viewer. From a spectator position, an unloading film.
At the same time, according to the other part, the viewer says that the documentary "Heaven, Wheel, Earth" visually presented the scientific explanation of the origin of the Roma. From the aspect of video production, they say that the story was successfully assembled through interesting visual effects as well as materials that were presented for the first time. They recommend the film to the general public in order to get acquainted with the history.

Cheers at the premiere of "Heaven - Wheel - Earth" - Silent narration of the turbulent and dramatic history of the Roma

The premiere of the documentary film on the history of the Roma "Heaven-Wheel-Earth" took place on August 31 at the Cinematheque of Macedonia in the open air, in a summer setting and due to the pandemic of Covid 19 with a limited number of visitors (eighty guests). Part of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the Government and Parliament of RN.Macedonia, municipal representatives, cultural and film workers and others were invited.

Prior to the premiere, he was honored with a minute of silence by the prominent Roma ethnologist and researcher prof. Dr. Trajko Petrovski who at the same time with his statements was part of this film project.

After the screening of the film, the producer of this film Zoran Dimov and part of the team that worked on this film, as well as some of the present high guests had their speech. The applause at the end of the film was a sign that the film "touched" the audience.

The impressions of the attendees were mixed, from one extreme to the fact that they learned very interesting hitherto unknown facts about the Roma from their history, tradition, culture and also touched by the tragic and difficult fate through various periods in history.

One of the journalists present wrote in his impression and impressions: "The film is excellent, very 'quietly' tells a turbulent and dramatic story, quite calm to watch, and disturbing with the theme itself, rich in various important and archival materials."

Now it is the turn of "Heaven - Wheel - Earth" to "conquer" the world through various festivals.


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