The moment that changed Alexandra Alexandrovic's life: The teacher calls me to class and I hear myself saying "Yes, I'm Roma"

She rose above everyone and showed them who she was! The fight was hard and painful but it was worth it. But how she fought for her place in society and overcame all prejudices against Roma, said Alexandra Alexandrovic, 28, of Novi Sad.

- Yes, I was discriminated against because of my skin color and because I am Roma. There are different ways of discriminating.

When I was in the third grade of elementary school, the teacher separated the children, the whites from the dark ones. White children were placed in the first benches in front, and dark-skinned children were placed in the last benches, with an empty space between those benches.

Whenever I raised my hand to answer her questions, she ignored me. As if we, the darker children from the last club, didn't exist - Alexandra recalls her childhood.

- I came home crying and told my father what was happening. The next day my father went to school, talked to the teacher and the situation was no longer like that.

But after a few days, the teacher, while checking our homework, asked me, Alexandra, are you a Roma woman? And I replied, "Yes, I am a Roma woman." At that moment there was silence and silence, the children were watching me, as if I had said something terrible and terrible.

- We are all aware that while you are a child, you experience all this intensely, that then many things are traced and the foundations for the further life are laid.

- Otherwise, discrimination and racism still exist. but what I can do is not let it affect my psyche, and not let it fall.

- In parallel with the foundation, I attended a lower music school in "Isidor Bajic" in Novi Sad and my main instrument was the accordion. Then I enrolled in music high school, keyboard instrument, but I also kept the accordion and played in the orchestra.

Then I enrolled at the Academy of Arts. Studio program Ethnomusicology, with the main instrument tambourine and piano. After graduating, I enrolled in a Master's degree in Theater, a drama department at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts. I spent the winter semester in Novi Sad, and the summer in Norway in the city of Bergen through the Erasmus exchange program for many students. I successfully defended my master's thesis and thesis entitled: "Interculturalism in the teaching units of music and mathematics" and I obtained a master's degree in dramatic pedagogy, said Alexandra.



KUD "Shefket Ibraimovic" from Leskovac once the most successful, exists today only on paper

The rich tradition of the Roma from Leskovac was once presented by the well-known KUD “Shefket Ibraimovic”


This cultural artistic association was unofficially established in the 50's of the last century, and functioned as a group of citizens until 1973 when they were officially registered. This association had over 100 members and operated in a number of cultural and artistic sections. They performed throughout the former Yugoslavia and Europe, and won numerous domestic and international accolades at various competitions between the Cultural Art Societies.


Unfortunately, this KUD has not been in operation for more than a decade, because there are no interested young people who will continue the tradition of the rich tradition of Leskovac Roma.


KUD “Shefket Ibraimovic” officially exists only on paper.

In conversation with former members of this KUD, they nostalgically recall their performances and successes.


They expressed hope that however this KUD would come to life within the Roma Cultural Center in Leskovac.


This was also confirmed by the director of the Roma Cultural Center in Leskovac, Srecko Zivkovic, and the spokesman for Leskovac Mayor Aleksandar Stojanovic.


It was also mentioned that the Roma need to preserve their cultural identity, and that they can do so by reactivating the KUD “Shefket Ibraimovic” from Leskovac




How can pop culture help Roma?

Vincent Rodriguez Fernandez is a Roma activist, screenwriter and cartoonist who believes that a large number of Roma references in American pop culture is one of the good directions for young people to take an interest in topics such as Roma history.


Vincent has been lobbying for years to improve the Roma identity and be visible, including comic book heroes in Hollywood adaptations.


And really imagine in the most influential global machinery such as the Marvel Film Universe, at one point he appears as a superhero who speaks to the Gypsies and for whom the whole world knows he is a Roma, just as it is known that Black Panther is from Africa


Whether poverty will be reduced in this way, Roma will be employed in the institutions, I can't say, but it will have an impact on that, says Vincent.

Successful premiere of " First Apples, Then Roses" in Old Bazar at Garavde Muja Festival

As part of the festival activities "Garavde Mujal - Hidden Faces" the Association "Romano Ilo" as a fair audience was offered a premiere of " First Apples, Then Roses", a script comedy by and directed by Daniel Petrovski.
These 40 minute breaks were a real refreshment for the audience who metaphorically presented the picture of the political activity of the Roma in our country. The play was performed at the Children's Theater in the Old Skopje Bazaar
The roles in the play were interpreted by Djemiliana Abdulova, Daniel Petrovski, Sakip Memet, Samson and Ramush Muarem-Cirko

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