Bloomberg has seen an internal letter from EU ministers: Macedonia will get a date

The EU is likely to approve the start of formal accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia next month, believing it will stabilize the troubled part of the Balkans, Bloomberg reported today.

"Bearing in mind the progress made in the reforms," ​​the EU ministers' meeting in Luxembourg on 15 October will be resolved to start accession negotiations with the governments in Tirana and Skopje, "reads an internal draft report that was split between them on Friday. the ministers, and so did Bloomberg.

Although this formulation may change, Bloomberg reports, the last such report did not contain a recommendation for start of negotiations.
A similar push to open accession negotiations occurred in June, when countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark opposed launching accession negotiations.

Link: https://www.slobodnaevropa.mk/a/30191078.html?fbclid=IwAR2CI8AyyA5zAf7t_H_iCGvXcpYGrbBBiugGTEPJNg34JYbsGYvPdCco4tA

The government organizes, Samka "conducts" and the Government does not attend any Roma-related event

In the Club of MPs was organized 8th working meeting for social inclusion of Roma in Macedonia. Although the Agenda also included representatives of the Government, the Prime Minister, etc., as well as foreign embassies, NGO representatives, etc.

The event is organized by the government and there are no government officials.
Does this indicate the capacity of the Cabinet of Ministers without Portfolio and Minister Muzaffer Bajram, or more specifically the influence of the Roma representative in government Samka Ibraimovski on his coalition partner?

In the meantime, gentlemen from the EU, Nicolas Bertolini and Martha Garcia Hidalgo, also spoke.
Mr Bertolini has seen how "Roma" heading the "leader" Samba from his own state are, and we will ask that they be appreciated in the EU as well.

One thing is clear that this event reflected Samka's true image and political power in her home state and her place on the state agenda.
There is no integration, no social inclusion of the Roma, but there will be no integration into the European Union with such "Roma leaders"

In all this situation besides the Roma, collateral damage turns out to be Minister Muzaffer Bislim - neither guilty nor obliged. That's his credentials!

Roma integration in Bulgaria

For the 2014-2020 period, Bulgaria will be allocated a total of €7.2 billion in EU funds (current prices), out of which €5.1 billion will come from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

At least 28.7% of this amount will be spent on the ESF, with at least 20% of that going towards promoting social inclusion and combating poverty. The latter amount could also benefit Roma-related measures.

The involvement of Bulgaria’s municipalities and all stakeholders at the local level is seen as crucial in promoting Roma integration. 

The strategy’s main objectives are reducing school dropouts among Roma children, addressing the lack of health insurance coverage, and building new social housing in 4 pilot municipalities.


According to journalist Mladen Maric: Terrorist attacks on Europe are not made by Muslims, but by Israeli intelligence Mossad?

Prominent BiH journalist Mladen Maric posted on his social networks an interesting text about some developments in Europe.

By rigging yet another mass hysteria in Strasbourg, the Israeli Mossad has attempted to disrupt the "Gilet Jaune" movement, which wants to end Zionist control of France and Europe.

The suspect, Chekatt Cherif, was reportedly born in Cherbourg, a city long known for its links to false flag and spy operations operated by Mossad.

Then the name "Cherif" is commonly believed to be Arab but has a long history of being used by both media-savvy members and Mossad agents.

Interestingly, even the numerical analysis repeatedly appears Zionist - Masonic number 33. Chekatt Cherif is abbreviated CC - C is the third letter of the Latin alphabet and gives the number 33. Mossad actor Chekatt Cherif was reportedly born on 04.02.1989. - and if those numbers were added, we would get 33 again!

This "false flag attack is blamed on Arabs" and that trick is used by Mossad and the Israeli-controlled media. Otherwise Mossad's slogan is "By fraud, you will make war"

The call "Allahu Akbar" is the standard sign of a vicious attack by Mossad and his operation when they want to launch false information.

Otherwise, in spite of the large number of engaged actors running around aimlessly shouting and firing "fake bullets", the The "Chekatt Cherif" is actually a fictitious character with fictitious fenders and bombs - and the whole operation is actually so called. PSY-OP, Deceiving the public through acting and fiction!

There are only two photos on the internet of the "slain" Chekatt Cherifa: There is no greater amount of blood in the vicinity, indicating that it is a mess. Zionist actor Chekatt Cherif completed his role. The second photograph shows "puddle of blood" but away from the body at the entrance, which shows it to be a fraud and a misplaced situation.

The position of the head and body has nothing to do with the red color of the pavement, which seems to be deliberately coated. It is also extremely unlikely that many armed special police officers were able to locate the "terrorist" who easily paired each other with "gunshots" and ran away for quite some time.


Pobuter ko Link: https://www.bhdijaspora.net/teroristicke-napade-po-evropi-ne-izvode-muslimani-vec-izraelska-tajna-sluzba-mossad/

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