Macedonia and Serbia mostly to solve Roma problems

As a manager of the Roma Initiative at FOI Berlin Neda Korunovska, thanks to the good contacts and cooperation with the Roma NGO sector, they take a good knowledge of this topic and the inclusion of the Roma.

At the regional meeting on Roma integration: Civil Society Regional Workshop last month in Berlin, she highlighted several moments for implementation of projects in the Roma Decade, and noted that higher education was one of the most important elements for Roma inclusion.

Because of the comparison introduced by the European Commission and the guidelines and reports are read, it will be seen where the best results are and which are the region's most vulnerable.
I think that Macedonia is a leader in the region in all areas - education, health and legalization has been done quite a lot.

So if it is necessary to generalize, I would point out that Macedonia and Serbia are on one level, then Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo come with other problems, because there is a problem there and politics, and finally, as in the third basket, Montenegro and Albania.

Link: https://www.portal-udar.net/en/neda-korunovska-makedonija-i-srbija-su-najvise-ucinile-na-rjesavanju-problema-roma/

Kate Marie Byrnes assumed the post of US Ambassador to Skopje

Byrnes is a diplomat for 26 years. As ambassador to the country she is appointed deputy head of the US mission to Athens.

Previously, he was a permanent representative of the OSCE Mission to the OSCE in Vienna.

During a Senate hearing, Byrnes said the work of the embassy would focus on three areas: it will promote stability through strong institutions, work to strengthen security through partnership, and work to foster prosperity through positive influence. Her predecessor, Jess Bailey, left office in February this year.

Do the Roma have their own representative in the European Parliament?

At the 2019 election for the 9th convocation of the European Parliament by 751 representatives of the European Parliament, three (3) MPs declare themselves as members of the Roma minority. Two MPs, Lívia Járóka from Hungary and Romeo Franz from Germany were re-elected to the positions of deputies while Peter Pollák from Slovakia is a new member.
But what do we know about these MPs and where are they on the political spectrum?

Lívia Járóka is a representative from Hungary, a member of the Fidesz Democratic Christian Party in the European Opposition Group (EPP). Fidesz party, publicly known as the party of Victor Orban, controversial political leader of Hungary. In February this year, over twelve parties within the European Opposition (EPP) have called for the Fidesz party to suspend because of the extremely anti-European sentiment and initiative.

Romeo Franz is from Germany in the Green Party, and is in a coalition with the Green Party. According to the same source, Representative Franz often participates in the vote in parliament and is stronger than the ideology of the EU Green Party, rather than its state party. The EU Green Party is left-wing, and is interested in minority issues and is strongly European-oriented.

Representative Franz advocates a fairer and more humane treatment of Roma and refugees across Europe. In all likelihood, he is a true pan-EU parliamentarian who fights for the rights of Roma, as well as all other minorities. Also, Representative Franz believes that the biggest problem affecting all the other problems of Roma is the anti-Roma racist stance that most Europeans have about Roma.

Peter Pollák is a newly elected deputy for the European Parliament from the Slovak National Party which is ideologically conservative and is considered the right center. In the European Parliament, they are part of the European Opposition (EPP). As a new member Peter Pollák is the biggest unknown, and from previous interviews we can see that the most important education of children, especially children from the poor, including the Roma community.

Peter Pollák believes that more money will not necessarily solve the problems of the Roma minority, but better guidance of the existing resources can make a difference. Pollak's representative grew up in poverty in the Roma community and knew the problems of the Roma community firsthand.

Unlike representatives of Franz and Járóka, it seems that the Pollák representative will be closest to what the "real representative of Roma" should be in the European Parliament.

The question that will remain open in the next period is whether Roma as the largest European minority of its exclusive representative (s)?

Link: https://phralipen.hr/2019/06/07/kolumna-roma-zastupnici-u-novom-sazivu-europskog-parlamenta/

Are the incompetent rulers in our country?

Some said that when incompetent people would have their own country, it is definitely instead of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to be called the Incompetent Republic of Macedonia

So beautiful a piece of land, with a beautiful nature, with huge resources, incredible opportunities, and putting it to live so incompetent people is simply incredible.

Is this a reflection of the fact that everything that was capable, educated, intelligently, wisely left Macedonia and does not live here, leaving them in an incompetent space and time even more to destroy and expel those who are little capable and smart who remained .

For 27 years we have incompetent politicians, incompetent ministers, incompetent managers, incompetent executives,

If we try to remember how many prime ministers, ministers, mayors, directors, politicians, businessmen, managers who have been in managerial positions in Macedonia through these 27 years, we will see that it is a huge number of people, and if we remember how many of them had results and we remember them well, the number would be one-digit.

But because you are a functionary and, while being elected by the party, then you are allowed everything, to have no results, not to go to work, to boycott the work, to keep accounts, to walk around the world at a public expense, to make losses and to have insufficient working. Therefore, the same characters will be returned all the time to functions, today is a minister, tomorrow mayor, tomorrow director of a public enterprise and so all the time round.

It's just unbelievable how so incompetent people manage to continuously occupy all the places and managerial functions in all spheres of Macedonia, how they manage to hold on to them and rule how to get the best results.
Finally, we should conclude that in resolving the name dispute, instead of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, it should have been - The Republic of Macedonia was incapable.


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