Merkel urges Balkans to live and work in Germany: Missing millions of workers, new law to be adopted

Germany will pass a law early next year that should ease the import of skilled workers out of the EU, Chancellor Angela Merkel said, and warned of the "desperate" need of the economy for workers.

The Law on the Employment of Qualified Labor will enter into force on March 1, 2020, and is intended to pave the way for workers outside the EU to come and stay in Germany.

According to recent estimates, there are currently 1.3 million unfilled jobs. The economically strongest member of the EU employs more than 2 million citizens from other EU countries.

To meet the needs of the economy, the government has adopted three strategies. The first relates to full utilization of the capacity of the domestic market, the second relates to increased imports of EU experts and the third relates to the deployment of skilled labor outside the Union.

An extraordinary meeting will be held Monday, where government, union and employer representatives should agree on how the new law will attract as many experts as possible from non-EU countries.

The situation of the Roma in the Western Balkans is characterized by antiziganism

The following data on the situation of the Roma give an insight into the ineffectiveness of politics in recent years - at national and EU level - and demonstrate the need for a radical change in course.

It deliberately chose data on younger Roma, as they would have benefited most from the investments made in recent years, as much has been invested in education. In Albania 78% were Albanian, 86% for Kosovo, 78% for Kosovo, 82% for Montenegro, 74% for North Macedonia and 73% for Roma (18-24) in Serbia, neither in education nor in vocational training.

For the majority population, the rate is between 33 percent and 59 percent in all Western Balkan countries; In the EU the average rate was 14.3 percent and in Germany 8.6 percent. Compulsory education is only between 31% (Montenegro) and 69% (North Macedonia) of 18-21 year-old Roma, compared with 93% to 96% of the majority population in all Western Balkan countries.

In the last ten years, more than 200,000 Roma from the Western Balkans - one fifth of the entire Roma population - have applied for asylum across the EU, including more than 100,000 in Germany. There are also tens of thousands more who regularly engage in (informal) activity in Western Europe.

Link: https://peacelab.blog/2019/12/roma-in-den-westbalkanstaaten-es-braucht-einen-radikalen-politikwechsel?fbclid=IwAR0xOZ3i15MGtU7I7Tf_f4dKRTTqIPxM2y1A2WsEOkX3WzowDfo41yArOA0

Roma Democratic Union: “It is time for the current Roma political leaders!

This 2019 is about to go, and it just hasn't started in 2020! And immediately the thought of "What to Expect in 2020?" Is immediately put to the question: "What to expect in the New Year?"

As for the "recapitulator" and the question - What the past decade's leaders of the Roma political bloc have done, the answer for their people is simple - Almost NOTHING!

If we elaborate and look back over the entire period of their "political rule" to those "sole Roma political rulers" and summarize their contribution so far we will get the following:

"The Roma in the Republic of Macedonia in these 27 - 28 years have reached the bottom of life - or in other words civilized survival

"Roma continue to be discriminated against, humiliated, enslaved, invisible, legally economically abused, and excluded from most social trends in the country."

"Roma despite legal obligations to join them in society, they are still on the sidelines, and only 'dead letter on paper'

All these achievements are thanks only to the Lord "Eternal Leaders of the Roma Political Bloc". Why?

Because by signing their own coalitions for pie crumbs, they are actually signing to: Deny Roma hatreds, concealment of incidents, lack of infrastructure, desire for personal and illegal profits, abuse of integration and official position and a small million - personal privileges "

In fact, and therefore, it is politely required of you to immediately review your leadership functions (which you were not able to do so) on your own, and on our behalf, established parties.

If you have the virtue to admit that your past activities are truly ZERO, then leave room for the progressive political progressive new Roma political blood. By doing so, you will leave room for the return of pride to the true Roma and their vision. Free the space and at the same time the Roma from your political captivity, so that the freedom and vision of progressive Roma can be expressed!

The new and advanced Roma forces are well aware that Roma life in Macedonia is still politically manipulated and controlled.

The young Roma community is quite limited when it comes to their presence and involvement in political activities.

When it comes to political inclusion we do not refer to partisan employment, but to addressing and advocating for the issues and problems that Roma face.

It is necessary to change the way of presenting and addressing the problems that Roma face, rather than calling them "Roma problems" and to categorize a group in order to avoid certain responsibility (state - citizens), point out and accept that these are political and socio-economic problems affecting the Roma community as a result of years of stigmatization and discrimination of the same group.

Let the new Roma political vision do it, without your help - without the help of a shabby veteran Roma political establishment.

Gentlemen, old Roma political leaders, it's time for your political FYRONT!

The new composition of the European Commission has been adopted

The European Parliament in Strasbourg has adopted a new European Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen and 26 new commissioners.

With 461 votes in favor, 157 against and 89 abstentions, the new European Commission confirmed.
On the eve of the vote, newly elected Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented his cabinet and program to parliamentarians.

"We need to show our friends in the Western Balkans that we share the same continent, the same history, the same culture, and we will share the same fate. Our doors remain open, "John der Leyen said in his opening speech presenting the program of the European Commission's new convocation.


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