Zaev: We are going to fast snap elections

Organizing snap parliamentary elections is the decision of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after the failure to start accession negotiations with the EU. The prime minister insists he will continue on the European path.

Early elections whose date will depend on agreement between the leading parties are offered by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after the outcome of the EU summit in Brussels.

"We have no time to lose. My suggestion is to organize snap elections as soon as possible. Elections in which you, the citizens, will make a decision and confirmation of the way the country should go.

That will be my proposal for tomorrow's leadership meeting, "Zaev said at a government press conference today. He admitted that he was also considering resigning.

"All the options were in my head, I felt anger and frustration, but I said I had no right to stop fighting".

Hahn: The responsibility for this failure lies not with Northern Macedonia, but with the EU

Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn says responsibility for the decision not to assign a date for negotiations to Northern Macedonia and Albania lies not with the two countries but with the European Union.

"And just to be clear: the responsibility for this failure is not on Northern Macedonia and Albania that hoped for the right to a positive decision.

They delivered! The EU is responsible for failing to deliver due to internal problems.

This is damaging to the Union's credibility not only in the Western Balkans region, but beyond, "Hahn wrote on Twitter.

Public Call from the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for a Roma External Associate

The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, while consistently making efforts to provide equal opportunities to all citizens for their inclusion in the policy-making processes important for the development of our country, announces this call for expression of interest for engaging a person - External Affairs Officer in the field of multiculturalism, policies, strategies and programs for Roma inclusion in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

To apply for a public call you need to submit a letter of interest explaining your motive as well as your CV.
Persons should meet the following criteria:
- to be citizens of the Republic of Northern Macedonia;
- be of age;
- by a final court verdict they have not been sentenced with a ban on performing their profession, activity or duty;
- have completed at least Higher Education VII / 1 degree or studies with 240 ECTS in social sciences;
- have experience in the work of the legislative, executive or judicial branches;
- to have at least 5 years of experience in working and cooperating with non-governmental organizations from the country and abroad in the field of multiculturalism, policies, strategies and programs for Roma inclusion in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Euro-Atlantic integration.
- be proficient in one of the three most commonly used languages ​​of the European Union (English, French, German). Knowledge of other languages ​​will also be an advantage;
- meet the requirements for obtaining a safety certificate.
Expressions of interest with the documentation should be submitted in writing to the archive of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, at Aco Karamanov Street 33A, Skopje, labeled "Public Call for Expression of Interest for hiring an External Associate" ", Within 5 (five) business days from the date of announcement of this call until 18.10.2019.

Kosovo's parliamentary elections. one place for the Roma. MP Albert Kinnoly became the United Roma Party of Kosovo

In the last Kosovo parliamentary elections, 120 seats were won by the Roma in the Kosovo Parliament as well.

Albert Kinoli of Prizren from the OPC was seated there.

Minorities were provided with 20 seats, of which 10 seats were taken by Serbs and the remaining ten were allocated to other communities.

Besides one seat for Roma, there are two mandates for Ashkali and two for Egyptians from Kosovo.

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