On Sunday, May 5, a second round of voting for President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. How rich are the presidential candidates?

On Sunday, May 5, the country will hold the second round of presidential elections for the post of head of state. He will be elected between the two candidates Gordana Silyanovska-Davkova, supported by VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition, and Stevo Pendarovski, supported by the SDSM and the coalition. But the same thing about the citizens is the question of how rich the candidates are for this position? What kind of property did Silyanovska and Pendarovsky enter in the presidential race and what will be left behind by the future president of the country, when on May 12, he will settle in the presidential palace of Vodno. Both candidates have fairly modest personal assets. The presidential candidate supported by SDSM Stevo Pendarovski lives in the Skopje settlement Avtokomanda, in an apartment of 62 square meters. Folkly speaking, he is a homeowner, because the apartment is owned by his father's father and is therefore not listed in the anti-corruption list. In the name of Penadarovski was written Yugo since 1999 and savings in a bank of 12 thousand euros, which he inherited. His wife rides Renault Megan and has a 3,000-euro savings bank. Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, however, has no real estate on her behalf. She lives in the center of Skopje, on the street Orce Nikolov in a family house owned by her husband. The house is 114 square meters square and quite old. Siljanovska does not have a car. There is no driver's license, nor does he want to drive a car. Her husband, a retired lawyer, has a Honda Shuttle since 1996. Since Siljanovska is not a holder of a public office, she has no obligation to report the property to the Anti-Corruption Commission. That's why we do not have a detailed account of their bank accounts. But her family say they do not have significant bank savings. But on the other hand they have no loans or other debts.

Roma Democratic Union - RDS analysis (Part Two) - No crumbs, they are very easy to target

Recognizing the fact decades ago and the position of the Roma as a unitary people in our country, and in general their positions as state apparatus in every aspect (political, social, social, etc.), so-called. "Roma leaders" themselves segregating themselves and self-initially placing themselves in a subordinate role, they get the impression that "in advance" has already been decided that they should be headed by some "bigger" factor than they themselves should fight for.

Regardless of who is in that position of the Roma, they immediately put themselves on the second, third, or do not know any other place below, rather than clearly and loudly show that they are equal to everyone else in the country.

Previous Roma political leaders, after some inertia, transmit this "epidemic" from a generation of new people who want to (or demonstrate and promote themselves) as future leaders.

Instead of percentages and special requests to the authorities to fulfill some prerequisites (social, economic, infrastructural or similar problem) with some given deadlines, it should clearly and loudly point to the anomaly and its elimination, rather than build a strategy something like "We want this and this and its realization by then and then ", it is necessary to clearly and openly say in every way its solution.

As the requirements of the non-Roma population are solved, it is also necessary to solve this problem for the state "peripheral nation" - the Roma.
Therefore, these "New Wave" or "Babe face" Roma leaders need to show greater tolerance and constructiveness rather than a "head" performance due to personal satisfaction, which due to their universal respect for the entire Roma nation.

We must be clear and know that - Civil and political rights are regarded as human rights. And under "human rights we mean equal and same basic rights and not the demand of some crumbs!"
We need to know that no crumbs should be required, because they are the easiest to sweep.
Let's not be the smartest thing we know about, and it turned out like in that joke when a Roma who was dealing with "Old buy" and in the meantime considered a driver and during one of the exams one of the instructors asked him:
- "Sir, what do you think is the sign that you see 40 meters from you to the dashboard?"
Then, with a slight reflection, Rommat quickly responded: "I think it's ... Aluminum!" But the RDS analysis will continue ... (Continued)

The position of the text is a personal position of the RDS and is outside the editorial policy of the Roma Times Web Portal

Romania loses case before European Court of Human Rights: The damages for a Roma family due to police brutality

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Romania to pay damages to the Lindurra family whose members were injured during a brutal police intervention by its officials. The incident occurred in the morning on December 15, 2011, in the city of Valceule, in western Romania.

The family will receive a total of EUR 49,000 in damages. According to information on this verdict announced by the court, the police broke the front door of the house of Lynggar as the family slept.

The police pushed 4 people from the floor to the floor and started hitting them. Some of the policemen were under phantom and were from the special forces.
Then the police took two men into the yard and continued to beat them. They were then taken to the test and released the next day when they were also punished for allegedly illegal collection of trees.

The family was then housed in the local hospital for injuries and according to medical reports, their injuries were caused by hard and heavy objects (probably from truncheons). During the incident, the family was unarmed. and no member of the family has ever been previously convicted or under any judicial inquiry.

According to the court, there was no reason for the police to act in such a brutal way. The family in 2012 filed charges including police officers, but the courts in Romania refused to consider it more than once, saying that allegedly there was insufficient evidence.

The change in the whole case was not until 2014 when this case reached the European Court of Human Rights. The court found that the case was admissible and ruled that the attack was brutal and unacceptable in a country that adopted the European Convention on Human Rights.

The court also rejected the police version of the events where they claimed that the Roma were intervening and opposed during the action. At the same time it was shown that during the brutal assault racial intolerance was highlighted as police assumed that the family had a criminal record only according to ethnicity.

In the opinion of the court, it is referred to as "institutional racism" or racism committed by state institutions, which often happens in Romania, and this case is one of those examples. The proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights lasted nearly 5 years and the family won.

The court ordered the state to pay to each injured member of the family EUR 11 700 euros as non-pecuniary damage, and another EUR 2 251 to cover the costs arising from the filing of the lawsuit. A total of 85 policemen were deployed during a brutal attack by the Roma community in the city of Valcea, where besides the attack on the Lingurr family, other Roma people from the Roma community attacked.

Link: http://www.romskiportal.com/2019/05/02/rumunjska-izgubila-na-europskom-sudu-za-ljudska-prava-mora-nadoknaditi-stetu-romskoj-obitelji-zbog-brutalnosti-policije

Roma Democratic Union - RDS analysis (part one) - Why are Roma fighting for equitable employment in the framework of employment, and not under the guarantees of the Constitution?

The Macedonian (foreign) invention: "Framework Agreement" according to the mentality of citizens in our country has become as a kind of "social" Quran or a Bible among us! Wherever we "lock" the work we "catch" for the Framework and equitable representation. The mindset of common sense is still packaged in our "closed minds" and we do not try to resonate things of a general human character and reason, we are "slapping" it and taking comparisons with percentage representation.

But why are not we guided by the Constitution and its guarantees? Here is an example to look at Article 9 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia which says:

1. Civil and political freedoms and rights
Article 9
The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are equal in their freedoms and rights, regardless of sex, race, skin color, national and social origin, political and religious beliefs; property and social status. Citizens before the Constitution and the laws are equal!

So we are all equal regardless of everything! No matter what nationality we belong here, we are all the same. Logically, no percentage representation, no requirements for its application, and so on. The Republic of Northern Macedonia needs to give equal chance to all, and not for example, we need Roma to ask for some percentage of administrative representation, perhaps, 2, 3, or I do not know how many percent! It is not necessary to follow this path at all, but the demands to be directed from the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

Imagine this situation when it would function in some other world states. How much would it sound silly and illogical. For example, in the United States, when the Macedonian logic would be implemented. In the state administration according to the "Macedonian invention of Ramkoven", the public administration would be: Americans 50%, Canadians 20%, Mexicans 7%, Spanish 6%, Italians 5%, Chinese and South Coreans 4% Irish 2% African Americans 6%, Navajo Indians 2 %. Apache 2%, Siouxie 2%, Iroquois 2%, Eskimo 1%, Amish 1% ....

The second point is also interesting. The official and unique official language of the entire territory of the United States is English. And we all know that in the American continent, 35% of the total population speaks Spanish - mother tongue, but he is in the official protocol of us "S" from Spanish, yet America is the most democratic!

Do not ... Parallels have a small million, but what message does it take to get out?
Are you holding the logic? What are we special in order to "double"? But the RDS analysis will continue ... (Continued)

The position of the text is a personal position of the RDS and is outside the editorial policy of the Roma Times Web Portal

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