Arrested criminal group from Bulgaria: Arrested Roma to beg in Sweden

Nine people have been arrested in the village of Drenovets in northwestern Bulgaria, in the action of the police aimed at preventing organized crime and deprived of this crime criminal group dealing with human trafficking, money laundering and begging, the deputy chief Bulgarian prosecutor Ivan Hashev.

As noted by the evidence, the criminal group dealt with the coercion of begging and headquartered in Sweden, where people were sent to beggary, and the arrested persons are connected with these developments, the Bulgarian BTA news agency reports.

The authorities in Sweden have been informed about the arrests, the investigation and the next steps, Geshev said.


To what extent do high school graduates and parents: How much is spent on a solemn evening - matura

The maters just did not start, and preparations are underway. How Much Money Is Needed For One Night?

Three hundred euros - for some on average, enough money to mark the prom night, and for other minimal budget just for make-up and dress.

Judging by the exchanges of internet forums, the average price per person for celebrating matura is 20 euros for the hotel and another 17 euros for the discotheque after the ceremony.
The most important part seems to be the wardrobe. For a high school graduate, the cheapest cost is 50 euros in a shop in downtown Skopje.

The shirt and the cow are purchased for between 25 euros and 50 euros, and on average so do the shoes. All in all, a hotel and a discotheque make up about 150 euros denars to pass cheaply. On the other hand, it costs a "branded" jacket.

With 65 euros denars for a dress, 35 euros for formal shoes and 25 euros for a hairstyle, the lowest marks can pass. Everything about a schoolgirl who ends secondary requires about 170 euros. So much money is needed for a "more dedicated" makeup, a haircut based on cosmetic treatment, not taking into account clothes and expenses for a hotel and a disco.

Let's not forget the relatives - to celebrate the closest ones in a cafeteria, the average cost is from 100 euros to 330 euros per night.

But what motivates the proud parents to spend one to two average monthly salaries for one night, in order to mark the success of a child who has finished not high, not high but high school?

How much money does a family in Macedonia need to meet the basic needs of the month?

A family of four in March needed at least 32,852 denars (520 euros) to meet basic needs.

According to the minimum basket prepared by the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, most money or 13,798 denars (230 euro) were needed for food, while at least 10,414 denars (155 euros) were allocated for communal expenses and utensils.

For personal hygiene and hygiene at the home of one family he needed a minimum of 2.324 denars,(40 euros) and for transportation, 2,154 denars.(35 euros)

For clothing and footwear, 2,154 denars (35 euros)were needed, and for cultural activities 1,070 denars. (17 euros)

Will a non-working day be declared for Pope Francis visit?

Nothing must be left to chance, because the state will take all the security measures at the highest level for the visit of Pope Francis on May 7th this year, which makes it unofficially announced that the government could declare a non-working day. Officially, they say that the public will be informed in time.

The rigorous Vatican protocols impose an organization for visiting high-ranking statesmen with strict security controls in Skopje. All healthcare institutions will only work for urgent cases, because according to the protocol for visiting such persons, all health facilities should be available.
Police and state institutions will have full control of the movement of all people in the parts where Pope Francis will move during his ten-hour visit.
The Ministry of Interior says they are taking all necessary measures to fully and effectively ensure this historic event for Macedonia.

At the Mass with the Pope only with tickets
The main event from the visit of Pope Francis to Macedonia will be the Mass at the city square. However, not everyone can come to this event. The entire city square, with all the approaches to it, will be enclosed with separate entry points. Only those who will previously provide tickets that are free will be able to attend the event. The tickets will, practically, mean the records of everyone on the square.

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