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The Ombudsman has formed a case file in the case of Shuto Orizari, after knowing that there was an attempt to kidnap children

The Ombudsman has formed a case on his own initiative based on the information that an incident has occurred in which there were attempts for kidnapping children in the municipality of Shuto Orizari, and that police officers were beaten on suspicion that these were abductors, as stated by the citizens in that municipality today deputy ombudsman Vaska Bajramovska - Mustafa.

She said that they had inspected the police station and sent letters to the Ministry of Interior.

- Our findings indicate that there are ongoing procedures for the persons who committed the violence and for establishing the merits of the dossiers or reports that there is a missing person for the reason that according to the MoI, there has not been one complaint so far that someone reported the disappeared person.

We also require a full examination of the reasons for the presence of police officers outside the office hours in the evening hours in such a vehicle without license plates. The MoI remains to investigate the case and provide us with the information that we are looking for, Bajramovska-Mustafa added.

Joke after the Monday incident - This has nothing to do with expressing intolerance towards the Albanians!

After the incident that occurred on Monday at Shutka at the time of the event, someone seemed to want to "oversize" the situation. That's why the institutes need to take more care in connection with that unpleasant event. The complexity of Sutka is that they live there for decades apart from Roma and mixed populations with a larger number of Albanians.

There has never been a serious disruption of coexistence in the past. They need to continue to live together.
But someone seems to want to disrupt this way of functioning.
Now, besides the fear of the rumors regarding the killing, the Roma are now burdened by the fact that the "other side" - the Albanians see as guilty because of the coincidence that the attackers were Albanians from Dolno Bale!
It must be clear that the unfortunate event that has happened has nothing to do with logic of expressing intolerance towards the Albanians!

They need now to "cool their heads and emotions" and to reasonably reason. Neither is it necessary for some media (deliberately Albanian, such as the newspaper "Lajm") to put salt on that wound.

We all know how fragile Macedonia is in coexistence especially in ethnically mixed populated areas. It is therefore necessary for the state to take care of the media's attitude towards this and similar events, which describe the event, and to whom by some of the above-targeted media - "Lajm" sensationally profiles detainees for that unpleasant event , are in connotation and some sort of generalization of these states.

 Everything can be resolved and clarified any misunderstanding both through the institutions of justice and in realizing the real and the actual situation, and not on some "dirty qualifications and propaganda"

Otherwise, according to the MoI, two criminal charges were filed in the case in Shuto Orizari, one to the competent Basic Public Prosecutor's Office - Skopje v. D. (44), E.Z. (31), U. Q (30), S. J. (40) and A. I. (25), all from Skopje, and the second to the competent Public Prosecutor's Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption against E. Z. (41) and AZ (41) employees of the Ministry of the Interior, who were not at work, on suspicion of committing the criminal act "violence".

About the incident in Shutka, detained ten people, most likely three of them will be released

According to unofficial sources, the Ministry of Interior launched an investigation into the incident in Shuto Orizari on Monday night. As it is known from before, a group of citizens intercepted a jeep with 3 people inside that were targeted as potential hijackers, for which they had been speaking for several days throughout the municipality.

They were attacked by two of them with lighter and one with more severe injuries were transferred to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the police, it was determined that three of the three beaten were police officers who were not in office. Otherwise, all three are from the village of Dolno Blace.

Immediately afterwards, the Ministry of Interior began investigative actions where 10 people who were suspected of having caused the fight were summoned.

According to unofficial sources, they will be brought to the investigative judge in the course of the day - Wednesday, which will further spite the actions. According to some announcements, three of them will be released, while others may receive fines with pre-trial detention. What will be the epilogue of this is not yet known.

After the incident in Shutka reaction of the citizens: They are not policemen, they were carrying blades and no carcasses, and the Police claims something completely different

After announcing in several Macedonian media that police officers were attacked in Shutka and then transferred to hospital, residents of Shuto Orizari react. According to them, these are captives, who were in a vehicle without tables and rear seats, and they also carried blades and phantom shots. These were the comments of the citizens themselves who found themselves on the spot and their comments on social networks as well as photographs of the vehicle itself (jeep brand "Suzuki" without license plates) that was on the spot from the incident and which was noticed inside the jeep.

But opposite of this part of the Macedonian media they informed that "A true drama was held last night in the settlement Shuto Orizari where citizens beat police officers who were not on duty, which they thought were kidnappers."

Also, by the Ministry of Interior with a different claim:

- About 17:20 hours on Indira Gandi street in Shuto Orizari, a juvenile reportedly saw that unknown persons forcefully entered a female face in a van, but did not know who it was. She told this to an adult man who reported to the police. A large group of citizens gathered and at that moment there was a vehicle with three people, two police officers from the Cair Police who were not at work, say the police.

They add that the assailants attacked the people who were in the vehicle and they were transferred to the hospital for medical assistance. The three people are from Dolno Blace.

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