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Public call for subsidizing the citizens of the city of Skopje for more economical forms of heating - high-efficiency inverter air conditioners for heating for 2023

The city of Skopje, in order to stimulate the residents of the city of Skopje (households) to use high-efficiency inverter air conditioners for heating their homes, which are more economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, to residents who have purchased a high-efficiency inverter air conditioner in 2023 will reimburse them for the costs incurred during the purchase of the device up to 20,000.00 denars in net amount per household.

The public call will last until the exhaustion of the foreseen financial resources from the Budget of the City of Skopje for 2023 for this purpose or as of November 1, 2023, depending on which condition occurs first. If all the planned financial resources from the Budget of the City of Skopje for this purpose are exhausted, the City of Skopje will inform the public on its website that the Public Call has been terminated before the end of the period for which it was announced. The public call will be implemented according to the order of application, that is, according to the date and time of application and after the sent confirmation of the delivered furnace. Right to participate in the Public Call: Residents of the city of Skopje (in the municipalities: Aerodrom, Gazi Baba, Kisela Voda, Karposh, Chair, Shuto Orizari, Centar, Gjorce Petrov, Butel and Saraj) have the right to participate in the Public Call. have purchased a high-efficiency inverter air conditioner for heating their household (residential building) in the period from 01.01.2023 until the end of the Public Call and will submit a request for reimbursement of costs. Two or more households living at the same address according to their ID card have the right to participate in the Public Call, only with attached proof that they are separate households (bills for different electricity meters or with different property documents).

Link: https://skopje.gov.mk/mk/apliciraj/subvencii/


After 22 days, Memet Camber will be buried at Butel cemetery

Finally, after the past 22 days, a solution was found for the case of "Memet" so that he could be decently buried at the cemetery in Butel (Skopje).

By the way, Memet died on May 24 in the hospital and until today, Memet's lifeless body stood in the chapel of the Butel cemetery in Skopje.

In connection with this case, the administrative services were working on an administrative problem that had to prove the real, i.e. biological, parents of Memet, so that according to the law and the evidence from DNA, the real parents would be recorded (recorded) in the birth register.

Otherwise, the case got complicated after it was found out that Memet's biological mother reported him to the hospital as a newborn baby with a borrowed health card, that is, it was borrowed from a close relative (Zolva). Memet's mother did not think about the procedure and the consequences of the step because she was a minor and was only 14 years old.

In connection with the "Memet" case, the MP Ljatifa Šikovska, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Muhamed Toci, and the lawyer Mr. M- R. Shenay Osmanov.

For today's funeral with a minimum financial payment as funeral expenses to AD-Butel in the value of 500 euros will be donated by the Mayor and Councilors from the Municipality of Shuto Orizari.

According to the information of the family, the funeral will be held at 14:00 in Butel.

The body of Memet Kamber (19) has been in the chapel for almost two weeks, the authorities did not give him documents, and they are asking for a DNA analysis

The body of 19-year-old Memet Kamber, who died on May 24 in hospital without any identity documents, is still in the chapel in Buttel.

Because Memet had no identification document, the body could not be handed over. The only way to confirm that the relatives were indeed related to him by blood, which is a prerequisite for the body to be handed over to them, is for the closest relatives who lived with the boy to do a DNA analysis, the results of which are now being awaited.

Memet's mother abandoned him, after which he lived in his uncle's family, and they did not give him an identity card because he did not have a title deed for the house he lived in, which was an illegal construction. He had serious health problems that kept getting worse, but he could not get treatment, because he had neither money nor documents. The doctors who attended him before he died said that he probably never received any treatment for the medical condition from which he died. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health does not have any report on the case of the child Memet Kamber, informed the Minister of Health Fatmir Medjiti.

The citizens of Shuto Orizari, forgotten by JSP, have been waiting for a bus for an hour

Do the city of Skopje and the Public Transport Company Skopje have heard about the people from Shuto Orizari? Every day the same picture and the same problems. They promised that the problem would be solved, but they fell short of their promises. Ever since the morning rushes, nervousness, pushing, crowding.

Instead of carrying themselves to the workplace like any normal person, with positive energy, the atmosphere is on the verge of conflict.

  We wait for hours for the bus and when it stops at the station, hardly anyone gets on, and instead of 50, there are 100 or more people inside.

Pushing, squeezing, so that a person cannot take air. Luche with paid monthly tickets are often forced to take alternative transport to reach the city. They pay an extra amount of money to taxi drivers,

  And the problem is not only in the morning hours, it is also during the whole day. We are waiting for an hour for transportation.

Is there a solution to this chaos and the irregular bus lines 19 and 20.

There is, but the city of Skopje and JSP do not seem to care about the citizens of Shuto Orizari.

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Од 5 Ноември 2022 достапен документарниот филм на СП БТР „Небо, Точак, Земја„ на Max TV и Max TV GO со пребарување –Видеотека


6-to Romano Čhavorikanoo muzikakoro festivali 
„Čhavorikano Suno 2022“ – SP BTR

6-ти Ромски Детски музички фестивал
„Детски Сон 2022„ – СП БТР

6th Romani Children's Music Festival
"Children's Dream 2022" - SP BTR

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