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Dr. Dzemile Berat: Kriva Palanka produced the most university-educated Roma in Macedonia

Dr. Dzemile Berat, the first female Roma doctor in Macedonia, retired psychiatrist promoted her autobiographical book "My Dream" in her hometown

"I was lucky to be born, study and develop as a person in Kriva Palanka. If it wasn't for my hometown and my people from Krivopalanka, I wouldn't have reached the success and be where I am today. I had support and help from everyone, from the children, teachers, neighbors and friends, we all grew up together, no distinction was made. The old Krivopalancans were noble and good people," said Dr. Dzemile Berat, the first female Roma doctor in Macedonia, a retired psychiatrist, at the launch of his autobiographical book "My Dream" in his hometown.

The promotion at the Culture Center was attended by many friends, relatives, classmates, acquaintances and fellow citizens with whom Berat shares common memories and moments from her childhood and youth. She wrote the autobiography in which she writes about her bumpy life and professional path, but also about her faith, perseverance and achieved success, in the most difficult period of her life, after the death of her husband Bajram, also a doctor, and she dedicated it to her brother Sebo.

- My dream would have remained just a dream and I would not have achieved it if it were not for the constant help and support of my brother Sebo - Mechka, who believed in me. Of course, I am also very grateful to my mother Ghana, who, although illiterate, knew how to value education and in 1976 allowed me to go to Skopje alone and study at the Faculty of Medicine. Although we had no money, we lived only on the family pension and I was often hungry. I ate potatoes for 10 days because I had no money to buy bread. But I always motivated myself that I had to endure and succeed, and I was also a scholarship recipient of the then Tito Fund - Berat sublimates his life path.

She pointed out that from Kriva Palanka, even though it is a small town, the largest number of university-educated Roma in Macedonia came out. Berat calls her family the vanguard of the Roma intelligentsia, because there are 4 specialist doctors in it, and her son David is a doctor of science.

With "My Dream" she wanted to leave a mark on her roots, family and life, which she says was both sad and happy, but ultimately successful. In it, she talks about the challenges of the war in Croatia, the military conflict in Macedonia, the pandemic, when her life was in danger, as well as the discrimination she faced as a Roma doctor. At the same time, the work also represents a chronology of the life in Krivopalanica in past times.

According to the promoter Maritza Nikolovska, Dr. Dzemile Berat's book is an important contribution to the literary activity and is an example of an individual's commitment to social and humane principles, characteristic of the author.

- It gives a chronological account of our hometown, everything we experienced in childhood, youth, old palanquins, streets, old shops are recognizable. But also the turbulent times, networks, wars that our generation experienced - said Nikolovska.

Link: https://umno.mk/kriva-palanka-dala-najmnogu-fakuyltetski-obrazovani-romi-vo-makedonija/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=kriva-palanka-dala-najmnogu-fakuyltetski-obrazovani-romi-vo-makedonija



After two years as prime minister, within a few days Prime Minister Kovacevski will again be among the Roma, but this time with his daughter as a guest at the Roma Ball in Skopje

After 2 years as prime minister, the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, who before that had never visited the Roma within a few days, is current for the second time with his visits among the Roma. On January 16, he made an official visit to Shuto Orizari, at the signing of the agreement between UNDP and the Municipality of Shuto Orizari for the construction of a Resource Center for returnees and other vulnerable categories of citizens.

Yesterday he was again present at the Aleksandar Palace Hotel, where the Roma Ball organized by the Union for the Roma from Macedonia took place. This time Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski came to the ball accompanied by his daughter. In addition to Kovacevski, the General Secretary of SDSM, Mile Zecevic, the Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski, and the director of SOZR, Pece Mirchevski, were also present.






Students and teachers in Shuto Orizari learned about climate change and environmental protection

At least 150 Roma students from primary and secondary schools in Shuto Orizari participated in workshops to improve their health, climate change and environmental protection. Workshops to raise public awareness and to improve students' capacities, knowledge and skills on the connection between climate change, a healthy living environment and improving health were held in the secondary school "Shaip Yusuf" and in the elementary school "Brothers Ramiz and Hamid" and "July 26th".

In this way, according to the Association of Citizens "Romaversitas", the project "For a healthier and more urban life of the Roma" increases the availability of data and facts about the connection of climate change, a healthy environment and the awareness and mobilization of students and teachers for the implementation of practical measures related to climate change.

Also, people who have a successful life story with collecting and selecting waste, shared their story with the residents of Qeramidnica, Shuto Orizari, Kvantashki Pazar, Zlokucani, Topansko Pole and Gjorche Petrov.

After yesterday's incident in Shuto Orizari, the Ministry of the Interior announced: Two minors were detained following a complaint of injury with a sharp object to a 14-year-old

Police officers from the Chair Internal Affairs Unit at SVR Skopje deprived two minors of their liberty, acting on a previous report on 13.12.2023. around 1:35 p.m., that two minors injured a 14-year-old minor with a sharp object in the Shuto Orizari neighborhood in Skopje.

The Ministry of the Interior informs that the injured minor was taken to the "Mother Teresa" clinic complex for medical assistance and that measures have been taken to clear up the case completely, after which an appropriate report will be submitted. Otherwise, according to the latest unofficial information, the minor who was injured was successfully operated on and is out of danger.

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