International star Manu Chao loves Roma music

French-born Spanish musician Manu Chao is an international music star with a very successful career. Manu Chao does not act as a star at all, and is also known as a fighter against injustice. Mano Chao has repeatedly endorsed or criticized social injustices and problems on social networks.

But maybe few people know that Manu Chao has had performances and concerts in Skopje and Macedonia.

During one of his performances perhaps a decade or more ago at the Playa Vista SC attended by over 10,000 people, and organized by Lithium Records during the playa rehearsal of Playa Vista, the same location was the Roma BTR TV - National. During the breaks Manu Chao blurted out the opportunity and looked at BTR-National's studio, and while watching the TV program more Roma songs were pre-profiled.

He and the team were simply fascinated by Roma music so during their stay in Skopje and visiting more restaurants, he also sought out a place where there was Roma music. He just fell in love with that music, and especially just for that one, there was a lengthy BTR TV interview where he expressed all his impressions of Roma and Roma music speaking in one breath and impressed by what he saw and heard.

Despite being popular on the planet, Manu Chao can be said to be a modest, sincere, and above all, open and normal person.

Pianist from Macedonia without handshakes touches jury at German show "Superpertalent"

Josaphat Raman, a 17-year-old Macedonian pianist with no legs or hands, performed the soundtrack of the film Requiem for a Dream to the jury of RTL's German television show Superpartalent.

Born and raised in Skopje, Shuto Orizari, who has been living in Germany for five years, was born without feet and hands.

"It's a genetic defect," he explained to the jury. "I don't have full hands or fingers, and I also wear dentures on the lower legs."

Raman received a "green light" from all three jury members.

The performance of Josaphat Raman on "Superpertalent" is on the following link:


Marija Serifovic: "I will pay and house the family"

Singer Marija Serifovic reacted angrily to the shocking story of the removal of the Osmani family from their home in Dorcol. Belgrade offered financial aid

At that expulsion, more police officers removed family members, even the sick woman with cancer on the stretcher.

"Honestly..In this beautiful Serbia, nothing can surprise me anymore ... And I can no longer describe any amount of anger that has occurred to me..but here I am not saying what I mean and being a jerk an oven for someone ... If anyone has contact - I'll pay and take care of the family, "Sherifovic wrote on Twitter.

For a reminder listed by the "Roof Overhead" Joint Action. the Osmani family lived in this house on Danube Street 30 for years. However, their house, which was built in 1934, was erased in 2015 by Katastar.

Greek singer Glikeria Kotsula from Greece sang in front of 200,000 people with tears in her eyes

Famous Roma pop singer Glikeria, 66, began her solo career back in 1974.

Her style of interpretation is absolutely special, full of depth, melancholy and endless emotion.

She has performed with many famous music names in her over 40 years of successful career.

At a performance in Israel in the summer of 1993. His performance was marked by a performance in his own version of the Israeli folk song "Shabechi Yerushaly'im" in Hebrew for "Praise the Lord for Jerusalem!"

Her deep connection with Israel culminated in 1998 when she was called to sing at a special memorial event for Iitzak Rabin who was killed in 1995.

That performance was marked by a tearful composition in front of an estimated 200,000 people in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. That performance was accompanied by the Israeli Philharmonic.

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Од 5 Ноември 2022 достапен документарниот филм на СП БТР „Небо, Точак, Земја„ на Max TV и Max TV GO со пребарување –Видеотека


6-to Romano Čhavorikanoo muzikakoro festivali 
„Čhavorikano Suno 2022“ – SP BTR

6-ти Ромски Детски музички фестивал
„Детски Сон 2022„ – СП БТР

6th Romani Children's Music Festival
"Children's Dream 2022" - SP BTR

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