On December 6-7, the IRU Cabinet meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, to decide when the IRU Congress will be held.

The IRU Cabinet will meet in Stockholm, Sweden in its activities as part of the plan and strategy for next weekend.

The meeting will be on December 6th and 7th (Friday and Saturday) 2019. That meeting of the IRU Cabinet is being organized by IRU Committees Chief Rosita Gronfors and IRU President Zoran Dimov.

In addition to the IRU Cabinet meeting will be attended by IRU Parliament Vice President Stefan Kuzicov, IRU Vice Presidents Ajten Berafla, Agush Demirovski, Khuram Khan then IRU President for India Rishi Verandra, Secretary General Ramush Muarem, IRU Kris Chief Gregor Julson, Theodore Mutto, Stefan Wudov et al.

Also at the IRU Cabinet meeting will be members of the Board responsible for the Democratic Transition - Sarah Hocking and James Wragg

One of the topics at this meeting is the decision on the term to hold the next IRU Congress where the next IRU leadership will be elected. In addition, the reports of all IRU Committees will be presented by its heads.

At the same time, the agreement reached for the opening of the IRU office in Geneva within the United Nations, which is a great success, will be presented, as well as the Roma Ombudsman - Contact Point will work within that office.

At the same time, the future plans and strategies of the IRU will be elaborated in the coming period of the activities of the IRU for 2020.

O IRU phravgja ofiso ko Unime Nacie ki Ženeva! Odothe ka ovel ko jekh em o Romano Ombdusmano – Kontakt point!

Nane pobuter dilema. I Internacionalno Romani unia IRU trujal o ЕСОЅОС statuso ko UN akana pire ofisoa ko pervazia taro Unime Nacie . O Ofiso taro UN si ki Ženeva – Švajcaria.

Akava si panda jekh fakti kaj o IRU si jekh seriozno em aktivno internacionalno romani organizacia ki Lumia.

Odova dikhle em o avgo manuša taro Unime Nacie kaj o IRU kerel bari buti em si respektabilno internacionalno romani organizacia so si la piri mangin, vizia, plano startegiasar te kerel buti.

Ko odova konteksti ka kerel em o ofiso taro Romano Ombdusamno. I korkoro rezolucia e Romane Ombdiusamnoske si andi ki Parlamenti taro IRU ko juni 2019 berš ko Skopje kana sine suportime taro buteder internacionalno organizacie em institucie.

Akava si panda jekh fakti kaj ko čekat e presidentoa Zoran Dimov o IRU sikavgja kaj kerel buti ko interes e Romane naciake ki sasti lumia.

IRU President Zoran Dimov at UN Geneva Conference: 12th Session - Minority Education Forum "Education, Language and Human Rights of Minorities

Twelfth Session - Forum on Minority Issues as part of its activities at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on 28 and 29 November "Education, Language and Human Rights of Minorities".

The International Roma Union - IRU, which will be represented by its President Zoran Dimov, also participates in the UN ECOSOC status.

He is attending there at the invitation of the UN Human Rights Presidents, who have appointed Ms Anastasia Crickley of Ireland and Ms Astrid Thors of Finland as co-chairs of this Forum.

Otherwise, at this important event, the President of the IRU will present to the audience the decision taken by the IRU Parliament at its last parliamentary session this June to establish a "Roma Ombudsman - Contact Point" based in Strasbourg.

Forum topics will include, inter alia, "Resolving the rights of linguistic minorities and the use of their languages ​​in education" and human rights related topics.

Zoran Dimov IRU President of the UN Form in Geneva: "The language of a people is the basis of its identity"

A Forum on Minority Issues "Education, Language and Human Rights of Minorities" was held in Geneva on 28 and 29 November at the United Nations Palace

In his brief address to the audience, IRU President Zoran Dimov said: "The role of language in education is part of a nation and that element expresses identity, culture, history as well as survival. In fact, the language of a nation is the basis of its identity."

He also emphasized the need for a functioning "Romaxi Ombudsman - Contact Point" institution, which in cooperation with European institutions will deepen the activism and greater control over the violation of fundamental human rights, with emphasis on the Roma nation.

During his stay, Dimov organized a number of meetings with prominent personalities from various countries around the world on the topic of language and human rights protection. He also met with key figures from European institutions, as well as UN representatives from India, Sheikhs from the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, South and North America, Asia, Veronica Michael, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and many others.









Rosita Gronfors, a Finnish Roma who works and acts in Sweden

Rosita Gronfors, a Roma activist and Head of IRU Committees, is the creator of the first Swedish women's magazine for Roma and Women Travelers. She has been working for over 20 years on Roma women's rights and their institutional care.

Rosita Gronfors also has an office for the disadvantaged in her home in Tabi, which serves as a home for their care.

- What we need now is a Counseling Center. In the three closest districts alone, there are 360 ​​Roma women living in Stockholm.

- We receive calls from all over the country and also from other Nordic countries. We are perhaps the only center of its kind in Europe.

The three facilities have space for 12 adults and 7 children. Eleven people work, including seven on board and four volunteers. About 70 women pass through it every year.


IRU President Zoran Dimov at UN Forum in Geneva: "Forming a Roma Ombudsman is an Important Link to Roma Rights"

As part of the Minority Issues Form "Education, Language and Human Rights for Minorities" held at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, IRU President Zorna Dimov had a part of his address.

He explained during the forum the role of the resolution adopted to establish a Roma Ombudsman - Contact Point as an instrument that would contribute to the elimination of discrimination and greater respect for human rights of one of the most vulnerable and most marginalized minorities in the world - the Roma Nation.

With the functioning of this institution all these elements will contribute to a greater observation of the respect of the fundamental rights of the Roma, regardless of which part of the world is concerned.

With institutional cooperation and respect for the activity, all anomalies could be eliminated or minimized, said IRU President Zoran Dimov.

During the Geneva Forum, the IRU President had other important meetings with representatives of various international institutions and organizations. One of them was the meeting with the representative of Somalia Mr. Bogor Ahmed Iman Kang, with whom they exchanged many useful information and stories in the field of Human Rights.

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