Italy: IRU member Giulia Di Rocco forms Italy's first Roma political party "Mishtipe"

The first National Roma and Sinti Political Party in Italy is formed by three Roma activists, who have been working in the field of human rights for many years and are involved in the fight against discrimination. The Mishtipe party was formed on December 4, 2020 in Lanciano Abruzzo.
"Mishtipe" originates from the Union of Indigenous Italian Roma from 1300 years ago from the tribes of the ancient Abruzzi and Molisani.
The National Party of Roma and Sinti "Mishtipe" is the answer to the solution of the problem that is no longer only cultural and social, but also political, which was missing in Italy. The real news is that the majority of the board is made up of Romani women
Focused activities for equality of men and women. Fight against discrimination and hatred against Roma and Sinti. The president of the "Mishtipen" party is Giulia Di Rocco, a prominent member of the IRU.
Roma activist Virginia Morello is vice president, while Anthony Guarnieri  is secretary general.


USA: IRU with its office in Washington

The International Roma Union - IRU was active with its membership during these Christmas and New Year holidays. Apart from sending congratulations on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the world's oldest and largest Roma organization also received information from the IRU Delegate from the USA, Rain Bear, that the IRU office in the USA is starting its activities. Due to the pandemic with Covid 19, it will initially be operational online and at the same time the information will be forwarded via the official email of the IRU. The IRU office in the United States is located in Washington, D.C., a few miles from the White House in Central Park. The address is International Romani Union - 712 H Street NE Suite 1643 Washington, DC 20002. This is a real success for the IRU delegates in the United States. In this context, the organization "The Great Conjunction of the Global Indigenous Council - the Great Conjunction the Global Indigenous Council on its Web site gave great importance to the IRU, where it paid great attention and awareness of Roma and IRU as part of the activities of indigenous communities from all over the world from Australia, to India, Europe, USA and Brazil.
In addition to interviews and the importance of all indigenous nations around the world, Roma as well as the IRU were mentioned. You can follow that dedicated attention on this link from the Portal of the Great Conjunction the Global Indigenous Council, , where great importance is given to the Roma nation, the IRU and its President Zoran Dimov, and also on their FB profile - It must also be noted that during the US presidential campaign, the IRU and its delegates openly sided with incumbent President-elect Joe Biden. She made that support and contacts with IRU delegates from the United States through Congresswoman Deb Halland. It is important to note that now US President Joe Biden recently appointed Deb Hollande as Secretary of the Interior after his victory, which is a good opportunity to deepen the cooperation between the IRU and the White House.

The activities of Asmet Elezovski and Zoran Dimov within the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023 are commendable

NRC from Kumanovo and RDICM have been part of the NGOs from the country for a long time and participate in the preparation of the fifth National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023. As part of the working groups and their members, they are already working in several priority areas which they then send to the Government as proposals and ideas for a National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership. Above all, they work in activities such as Transparency, Accountability, Proactivity and Inclusion Asmet Elezovski as director of NRC from Kumanovo, at the same time Zoran Dimov as President of RDICM together with over 30 other representatives of institutions, civil society organizations and others. are very active in their proposals and ideas for better and more active communication with the Government and its institutions. Above all, they are engaged in the field of Establishing a culture of open government, transparency, accountability and inclusiveness - the activities would include defining rules for all participants in the process, promotion activities to encourage stakeholder participation. The areas in which these two Roma organizations participate are very extensive and wide. They are active in the workshops and many of the proposed commitments have been accepted and taken into account. Among their efforts are the lack of clear criteria and transparency in employment and appointment of persons as well as the problem of uneven practices of involvement of civil society organizations in decision-making processes between institutions and between central and local level. Normally, their participation in the work of the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023 continues.

Ramush Muarem-Cirko: We should all follow the path that leads to unification

In a video message for the United for Diversity Initiative, journalist Ramush Muarem-Cirko calls for unity in diversity as the only cure for the dangerous disease of nationalism.
Nationalism is a collective or individual paranoia. In fact, if we want to define or illustrate that nationalism, in fact I see it as a wild river, literally just like a wild river that flows uncontrollably along its course, and if we compare them with the weather conditions when there is rain, for example, then those tributaries or events in society contribute to that nationalism rising like the level of that wild river, and starting to overflow on all sides, and simply when it comes to that moment, all control is lost and there is no going back. In my opinion, nationalism is a dangerous disease of today everywhere in society.
I am a member of a nationality of a community that is a minority in this society, the Roma. In particular, it has happened to me to say, many times on the basis of that nationalism, to address me with adjectives from the example "gypsies", because simply, it is closest to them as simple devaluation of that community or devaluation of that person from that community.
There is one moment that we should try to do, and that is to make a dam, to regulate that flow in order to calm those flows. Well, I can call that dam united in diversity, exactly that dam can contribute and give it a name united in diversity.
We have to pave the way in exactly the way we have to find a cure, and the cure is simply titled as united in diversity. That drug is against a disease called tropophobia, and tropophobia means fear of change, we are not ready yet, but to prepare for it and cure that tropophobia, that drug or that therapy is united in diversity.
Finally, I would like to emphasize this: We should all follow the path that leads to unification, ie to be "united in diversity"



Zoran Dimov: "Now that Samka has taken a seat, it is time for him to repay the debt to BTR, and to unblock his PCER account"

After the appointment by the Government of the former MP, Minister and Deputy Minister Samka Ibraimovski for acting Deputy Director of "Makedonija Pat", Zoran Dimov, owner and founder of TV BTR Nacional, announced that the PCER party has been blocked for a long time due to the party's debt to BTR Nacional, for unpaid and implemented paid political program - Campaign.
The debt dates back more than 5 years, due to which the claims are given through a court for execution. To this day, that debt has not been repaid, which amounts to about 1 million denars.
Dimov has repeatedly allowed PCER to unblock the account in writing with a request due to the inflow of funds and the functioning of the party, with a promise from Samka that he will start paying the debt. After the money went to bed, Samka did not keep his promise and the account was blocked again. However, Ibraimovski several times due to the inflow of funds for the party opened special accounts for laundering those funds and according to Dimov without knowing the party where he is a signatory of those accounts raised the funds and thus committed illegal acts. Former Minister without portfolio Aksel Ahmedovski, who knows all these moments, is also aware of this fact.
Dimov repeatedly warned them from SDSM that PCER's account is blocked and that Ibraimovski illegally collects funds for a special sub-account of the party of which he is the only signatory.
Dimov says: "Ibraimovski ruined and set back the first Roma political party in Macedonia. Instead of progress, he took the party back years. When he took over the presidency, he only degraded it and used it for personal interests. For him, it was in fact a business firm - for his own personal interests, not a party that should defend the interests of the community he should represent. That is why the PCER party collapsed financially. Now is the time, as soon as he takes a seat on behalf of the party, to repay his debt to TV BTR from his salary as acting deputy director of "Makedonija Pat" to get rid of PCER's account, so that this party can function normally. At the same time, he knows that he is already undesirable on the Roma political scene, let him slowly give way to other much more productive and young forces in PCER. "PCER needs to remove this" gravedigger "of the party from its ranks and elect a new and young staff "Otherwise, the future leader of PCER should know that he will encounter a blocked account of PCER, but I promise that I will make an effort on my part to wholeheartedly help this party and find an optimal solution only for the benefit of PCER and for The Roma people "concluded Dimov in his thinking.

IRU prepares to celebrate 50th anniversary of IRU (1971-2021), full support from European institutions and MEPs

IRU in its activities in the period that follows high on the agenda is also Celebrating 50 years of existence of IRU in April 2021. Therefore, President Zoran Dimov and his membership intensify contacts and coordination with prominent figures from international institutions such as UN, EU . EP, EC, CoE and others. Among other things, in direct video meetings, as well as through e-mail contacts, the constructions are slowly being defined for a more significant and dignified celebration of this important date. In all those communications and e-mails correspondence by the representatives in all those communications was given full support and at the same time some of them immediately gave the green light for direct participation and address during the celebration of the event Jubilee 50 years of the IRU. In the upcoming period, the activities of the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov and his membership will intensify contacts and communications, as well as the expansion of the IRU Initiative "ROMA FRIENDSHIP GROUP", which by the way is a kind of initial form of cooperation between the IRU and others. national and international institutions, organizations, etc.

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Од 5 Ноември 2022 достапен документарниот филм на СП БТР „Небо, Точак, Земја„ на Max TV и Max TV GO со пребарување –Видеотека


6-to Romano Čhavorikanoo muzikakoro festivali 
„Čhavorikano Suno 2022“ – SP BTR

6-ти Ромски Детски музички фестивал
„Детски Сон 2022„ – СП БТР

6th Romani Children's Music Festival
"Children's Dream 2022" - SP BTR

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