One of the topics at the IRU Congress in Skopje will be: "Respect for the Rights of Ethnic Prisoners through the Prism of the Roma Community"

The activities and respect for fundamental human rights will also be discussed at the upcoming 11th IRU Congress in Skopje, where experts and experts in the field will present their opinions and opinions.


One of those segments is the topic: "Respect for the Rights of Prisoners from Ethnic Communities through the Prism of the Roma Community"


As its keynote speaker, it is planned to be a D-r Natasha Amdiu at the Faculty of Security at the Climent Ohridski University Bitola.


The topic will be aimed at previous questionnaires with affected persons - convicts / prisoners and this questionnaire will aim to obtain information on the level of recognition of problems by convicts, including members of the smaller ethnic communities in the Idrizovo Prison. , PCC Prison Skopje and PCI Stip, on 20 respondents from each prison individually.


In this regard, the questionnaire is divided into four (4) sections: general information, problem recognition and information, and use of existing mechanisms for access to justice.


Will the Traditional IRU Roma Cris go down in history with the first Roma Cris woman?

The Roma Traditional Court (Roma: Chris) is a traditional court for conflict resolution in the Roma community.

The term derives from the Greek, "crisis" (judgment). It is a key institution for the implementation of Romani law (Romani: romano zewo; customuri) in Roma social life.

For years, the decisions of this internal institution have been respected, including today's everyday life.
Within this framework, the IRU also has this Commission in its structures. At its head is Gregor Julson, a long-time and experienced fisherman, and well-versed in these conditions. Also members of the European Commission are Chrysars of European soil who are well aware of this issue. These are: Theodor Mutto from Sweden, Milos Nikolic, Jan Gil, Stefan Vidov and Joseph Lakatos.
They have also adopted the IRU Crisis Code adopted by the Parliament in Belgrade, and at the same time the Council with its own office in Sweden-Malmö.
For the first time in the history of the Roma Chris in Skopje in March 2020 during the 11th IRU Congress, the Traditional IRU Chris has considered the possibility of joining Chris and being a member of Chris - a Roma woman.
It is actually a revolution in the Roma Chris, and it will be made clear that the dignity and right of the Roma woman is rising to a new higher level.

What will be decided at the IRU Congress in Skopje?

The IRU Congress, which will be held in Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia from March 26 to March 29, 2020, is the 11th in a row since its inception.


According to the IRU statute, it is held every four years. During this Congress, the focus will be on other topics to be dealt with and very important for future actions of the IRU. Statutory acts will also be respected. Election of the IRU leadership as well as the admission of new IRU delegates.


The choice of the future IRU leadership of the IRU means the structure of the Presidency and the members of the IRU, more precisely the scheme of functions.


The scheme to be elected at this IRU Congress is as follows:

President of the IRU

Four Vice Presidents

Secretary General.

President of the IRU Parliament

Two Vice Presidents of the IRU Parliament

Secretary of the IRU Parliament (Treasurer)

Head of all IRU Commissions

Chief Coordinator of IRU Commissions

Head of the IRU Committee on Finance, Economic and Social Affairs

Head of the IRU Commission on Human and Women's Rights

Head of the IRU Commission on Education, Language and Science

Head of the IRU Commission on Justice

Head of the IRU Youth and Sports Commission

Head of the IRU Media and Communications Commission

Head of the IRU Commission on Culture, Tradition and Religion

Head of the IRU Commission on Holocaust and Interventions

Head of the IRU Diaspora Commission (Asia and Australia)

Head of IRU Diaspora Commission (North and South America)

There are alternates in each of the Commission

Head of the IRU Roma Chris as well as members (7) of the Roma IRU Chris


Otherwise according to IRU Status all functions are elected by 2/3 majority of the present IRU delegates.




IRU Congress Activities: Economic and Business Promotion of Roma Investment Fund - RIF.

In March this year, during the 11th IRU Congress in Skopje, one of the items on the agenda is the Economic and Business Development of the Roma community.

The focus will be on sustainable economic and business Roma profiles through entrepreneurs, and the establishment of business incubators.


At the same time, they will also focus on encouraging the development of Roma women's business activity. The objectives and tasks of the Conference during the IRU Congress will be focused in several segments.


It is believed that by enabling business development, entrepreneurs will lead to long-term employment and job opportunities for the Roma community internationally.


The vision of the IRU as an organization that wants to promote this part is to promote economic progress in the Roma communities. The goals and objectives of this conference will be


Increase micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in marginalized Roma communities, identify, invest and support those who have the potential to add new jobs and maximize community benefits.


Nurturing entrepreneurship among Roma women so that they become a catalyst for boosting economic development.


Promote and express the interest of Roma entrepreneurs by establishing business clubs / associations / cooperatives in order to improve the business environment and financing opportunities.


Build a cadre of Roma investment professionals around which a Roma Investment Fund will be built.

Application deadline for IRU delegate to Congress in Skopje expires January 15

As part of its activities, the International Roma Union - IRU, according to its decision, the next IRU Congress will be held on March 28-30 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Northern Macedonia.

In addition to the election of the new IRU leadership, there will also be new IRU delegates.
According to the Statute of the IRU Congress is held every 4 years, and the last 10 IRU Congress was in March 2016.

For the right time in the history of the IRU during the Congress in Skopje, the future Presidency will also be elected by registered voters who will cast their ballots electronically. So far, 5,600 voters have been registered with the Democratic Transition Commission and this will be a broader and more democratic mandate for the future IRU leadership.

At the same time, new delegates will be admitted to the IRU. You can find application forms on the IRU Web site at for the rules, form, and deadline for applying for an IRU Delegate in the Documents folder, as well as at the front page of the Roma Times Web Portal -

IRU Congress a chance to promote Roma women as leaders!

One of the specific goals that will be the topic of the next IRU Congress in Skopje in March 2020 will be the strengthening of the Roma Women's Lobby and the promotion of Roma women as leaders.


In its commitment to the 10th IRU Congress in 2016, the IRU commenced activities to promote the raising and prioritization of the Women's Lobby both nationally and internationally.


It was at this Congress for the Head of the IRU Committees that Rosita Gronfors was appointed, which was an indicator that all further efforts would be in that direction.


This 11th IRU Congress will be precisely the moment where promoting the more active involvement of Roma women in the making of very important political, economic, legal and cultural decisions is every other aspect.


That is why this IRU Congress will be very important to those viewers as it will be an event promoting future directions for Roma woman leadership.


It will also include Roma women in the area of ​​economic activity and involvement in the Business sector, as well as greater promotion of Roma women entrepreneurs.


Also to be celebrated is the activity of Traditional Roma Court which will be a chance to promote for the first time a new moment - Promotion of the first Roma woman in Roma Traditional Court.

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