On the occasion of the meeting with the Roma in Italy - Napoli, reaction of IRU by Grattan Puxon and Zoran Dimov to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

It says: In your capacity as President of the Council of Ministers you are bringing great shame on Italy!

The eviction of 500 Roma, men, women and children in the municipality of Giugliano in Campania, on 10 May (this time 100 children) is but the latest inhuman action taken by the state and the municipalities against Roma and Sinti, known to be the most vulnerable and
under-represented people in Europe.

I urge you to see that a new, secure place is found for all these families, in conditions that you yourself would accept. You are creating more and more "internally-displaced" persons, reminding those of us old enough of the darkest days of fascism.

Please, we appeal to you to end this policy of destruction of camps, of thousands of lives. Return, we demand, to respect for human rights, allow dignity again to prevail for all citizens and residents, including EU citizens from outside Italy.

Italy, once praised for your Christian charity, now must we be left only to condemn you for your intolerance and inhumanity?
As chairman of the Commission for Democratic Transition, together with the President of IRA Zoran Dimov, this issue will be on the agenda of the next IRU Parliament meeting to be held in Skopje from 27-30 June " - stands in the spirit of the reaction of this letter to the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte.


Zoran Dimov The President of the IRU reacts: Police action against Roma in the heart of Europe - Belgium is unprecedented!

A major police action involving around 1,200 police officers, which was conducted in the morning on 7 May 2019, at 19 locations across Belgium, was targeted at the Roma community (Travellers).
The accusation for which this action was carried out is due to trade in illegally obtained vehicles.

IRU highly respects the work of the police and dealing with criminals in Belgian society, because it is necessary for everyone to be equal before the Belgian legal system.

But what's worrying is the way that was carried out during the action of these mass arrests. Police action was conducted in over 200 actions, arrested about 80 Roma, and seized and confiscated property, objects and caravans.

At the same time, during the arrests, most of the Roma were immediately released without being questioned, but their property and confiscated items were not returned to them, so now there are a large number of members of this community left in the open sky without finding an adequate replacement for accommodation.

This means that the arrest of innocent people without evidence or a fact of a crime is unacceptable in the legal system.

This way of reaction awakens the black past from the time of mass arrests and deportation to the concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Even more worrying is the fact that this is all happening in front of the eyes and the center of Europe in Belgium! Europe is silent, frowning, and unresponsive!

Is this form of arrests Roma "scapegoat" on behalf of the upcoming European Parliament elections to raise the ratings and campaign for all those candidates for parliamentary seats and are right-oriented and known for their anti-Roma rhetoric.

That's why IRU will not be silent and will react promptly to all European and other international institutions.

At the same time, IRU calls on the Belgian authorities in the interior ministry to carry out the necessary activities and return to Roma Passengers back their caravans, their unique homes.
It is required to stop the arrest of the whole community for the crimes committed by certain individuals.

We call on human rights organizations to support us in finding a way to resolve this complicated situation and to make constructive dialogue with Belgian and international authorities.

At the same time, the IRU appeals to local or other Roma organizations not to try to manipulate the Roma and the public to make saviors only in the name of some personal interest and profit, on the back of these unfortunate Roma.

Grattan Puxon in an interview with Radio Belgrade: The Democratic Transition is a step forward

In his interview with Radio Belgrade, Grattan Puxon, as chairman of the IRU Committee on Democratic Transition, stressed the importance of this process, which is part of the future commitment of IRU.

The very idea originated exactly from Grattan Puxon and that idea and program was verified at the 10th IRU Congress in Skopje in March 2016 by the president of the IRE Zoran Dimov.

The whole process is entrusted to Grattan Puxon, who then started working with a team now known as DEMOS / Association for Democratic Transition and a formed computer system on a list of currently 4,700 potential voters around the world. He noted that he believes in the existence of a mandate for the Roma nation that will give legitimacy and will take responsibility of our freely existing national movement. With this mandate, increasing to 10,000 and finally to 100,000, will contribute to the recognition of the Roma nation.

He also noted that the current political stalemate of IRU was promoted by this composition of IRU headed by Zoran Dimov with the special ECOSOC status of IRU at the UN and its offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

This year will be banned on April 8 and August 2, when the next IRU Congress was due to be organized, but due to the general familiar situation with Bregzitto in the UK, the next IRU Congress with the electronic voting will be organized on the IRU 2021 jubilee when mark 50 years since the First World Roma Congress.

On the eve of April 8th, address by the IRU President, Zoran Dimov

Today, when is celebrated the 48th anniversary of establishing setting up base of the Roma identity, where the First World Roma Congress was held on April 8, 1971 in London - Great Britain, and at the same time decisions were made that we are all proud of being Roma as such. our Romani flag has been officially registered and that we have our anthem "Gelem, Gelem". But at the same time and today, after 48 years, we are still one of the most vulnerable communities in the world, and that is - the Roma community!
We are all witnesses of the increasing swing of the anti-Romani mood, and the great intolerance towards this community. Therefore, we need the International Roma Union - IRU as the oldest and largest organization representing this nationality, to point out several important elements for eliminating and stopping this negative trend
We remind that Europe and the world through their history have been and still are witnessing the rise of racism, xenophobia and intolerance, as well as violation of basic human rights precisely towards the Roma community.
Therefore, like IRU, we want to recommend several recommendations to the United Nations and the European institutions and its members.
This implies the expression of a clear political will to address these problems, as well as direct participation and the relevant Roma factor, such as the Non-Governmental Roma Sector, including the International Roma Union - IRU
The problems that are current and visible are in all fields (social, economics, health, housing, media, employment, religion, culture, tradition, etc.)
Therefore, greater mutual trust and cooperation between the Roma community and the institutions of the system is needed, whether it is working internationally, nationally or locally.
Joint coordination and implementation of all quality strategies, resolutions, programs and plans is needed without major delays and shortcomings. It also implies allocating funds for their realization, and at the same time direct inclusion of the Roma factor, as well as greater monitoring of the realization of those activities and greater accountability for the implementation and taking responsibility for the non-implemented programs.
Any prolongation, ignoring and selecting them lead to situations that happened in the past and in the present whose witnesses are all of us (recently we are well aware of such developments in some of the European countries such as Italy, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, etc.)
It is also necessary to undertake measures to encourage the Roma community to report such cases, and the establishment of monitoring and enforcement bodies
Therefore, we feel the need for us as an IRU to express our determination to solve these problems.
Otherwise, IRU took actions for such situations and has prepared a Resolution of IRU, the IRU Operational Strategic Program, which has already been submitted to the UN and the EU, and it is expected that they will be realized.
Let's note that the IRU two years ago gave an idea to open a Office for the Ombudsman for Roma People and, together with the ERTF - a European Roma and Travelers Forum based in Strasbourg, which has joint cooperation and membership in the Council of Europe, at its last held meeting in Helsinki , Finland from 25 to 27 March 2019 agreed and submitted a joint initiative to implement exactly this idea for the opening of a Roma national Ombudsman Office in Strasbourg, whose task would be to monitor and assist the Roma community in solving the Roma issues.
At the very end, with the fact that the Election of Members of Parliament in the European Parliament is approaching, the IRA sends public support and appeals to all future candidates for European Members of Parliament, that it will unselfishly support, motivate and encourage all candidates who in their programs and agendas of action will have to implement and implement exactly these important points, which means combating racism, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination. Here, IRU will stand with its full capacity, credibility and all its membership for unreserved support during their election, and at the same time it will be at disposal for further realization of all commonly agreed plans and activities.
With respect
Zoran Dimov
President of the International Roma Union - IRU


IRU and WCC agree - Together we can do much more!

The IRU Delegation led by President Zoran Dimov and Vice President Anatoly Butakov during their visit to Geneva, among other activities, also met with the senior members of the World Council of Churches - WCC.

Preparedness for cooperation between IRU and WCC during the meeting was expressed by both parties. This was also underlined during a meeting with the WCC General Secretary, Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, as well as the director of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, Risto Jukko.

Both sides said that only with a unification action would make a major step forward in religious order and progress.

The emphasis was placed on the relations and the role of pastors - those who will pay more attention to religious education, culture and tradition among the Roma population, regardless of their age, gender and social status, in the study and implementation of God's messages in God's books .

In that direction, several meetings, meetings and gatherings will be initiated with the pastors, for which if necessary organizing trainings and workshops regarding the realization of those plans.

The satisfaction for cooperation was expressed at the very end of the meeting as well as the readiness for further communication as well as the realization of the agreements reached.

In Helsinki, Finland and IRU representatives at the 7-th Roma Women's Conference

From 25 to 27 March in Heliski, Finland, a Conference on the Roma woman is held with several topics for discussion.

Representatives from federal ministries and international organizations also take part in that conference. The International Roma Union - IRU is also participating in this important conference.

On behalf of IRU are its President Zoran Dimov and Vice-President Anatoly Butakov. IRU women's lobby, also a member of the ERTF, are the Chief of IRU Commision Rosita Gronfors, IRU Vice President Ajten Berlafa, who are also members of IRWN / Phenjalipe, whose president is Miranda Vuolasranta.

Among the high-ranking members present are Soraya Post, MEP from Sweden, Finnish MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen, Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland, Marja Ruotanen, Director of the Committees, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), etc.

Both days will discuss Roma and Travelers for easier access of Roma women to her rights as well as the implementation of the Quarterly Plans for Roma and Travelers' Inclusion (2016-2019), as well as the adoption of strategic documents. The conference is organized under the Finnish Presidency of the Committee of the Ministers of the Council of Europe.


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