Democracy in IRU to be promoted through Equality Team (ET)

The largest and oldest International Roma Organization - IRU in its strategy and plan has decided to promote the novelty of the spread of democracy and pluralism within the organization and beyond. At the suggestion of the Roma Council of London, Great Britain, Patrick Jones, Roger Lee, Khurram Khan, Verandra Rishi and others set out to lay the foundations for democracy and equality within the organization itself.

The team that developed the concept of ET were the members of IRU: Marja Eronen from Finland, Agush Demirovski from Switzerland, Khurram Khan from Pakistan, Rosita Grönfors and Ajten Berlafa from Sweden, Ramush Muarem from North Macedonia, Verandra Rishi from India, Arthur Quick from Russia, Radmila Nesic from Serbia, Halilovic Graciano from Italy, Maria Rubia from Spain and Nellie Marx from USA.

IT envisions and is aimed at taking a step towards building a recognizable mandate for the Roma nation, which will increase the legitimacy, responsibility and political influence of the Roma representation.

In addition to increasing the membership of the IRU, the policies of ET are also aimed nominitation and actions at the election commission - inside and outside.

Election Documents, Voters List: Local, National, and Global Voters List, Voter Register, Candidate Register, Special List of Candidates for President of the IRU, Vice Presidents, President of the Parliament of the IRU, Vice Presidents, Heads of Commissions, Secretary General, Treasurer and other important functions. Note: the IRU Cabinet will have 21 members.

At the same time, alternative action models will be implemented, such as: strategies, individual implementation or phased approach, complement implementation and one-time conversion.

If you want to see the functioning of the ET team, you can see it on the IRU website -

IRU reacts: Marcelo Zuinisi from Associazione Nazione Rom from Italy, has never been a member of IRU and must not use the name of IRU

It is well known that the situation with COVID 19 around the world is worrying and alarming. Here, including the Roma community as one of the most vulnerable communities in this pandemic. Italy is also known to face unprecedented disasters.


It is a sign and an alarm that the EU needs to be more actively involved in dealing with these situations, and especially related to the Roma. The IRU, as one of the largest international organizations in the world, through its membership makes efforts to alleviate or amortize this situation to some extent. But there are also people who, knowing the chaotic situation, may want some personal benefit and satisfaction for personal or group upliftment.


It is noticeable that social networks promote and carry out a wide-ranging campaign to raise funds by Marcelo Zuiniisi, who presents himself as the president of Associazione Nazione Rom from Italy. It is alarming that Zuiniisi himself has repeatedly involved the International Roma Union - IRU as an organization that stands behind his actions and is part of the IRU.


The IRU strongly condemns and denies all allegations made by Marcelo Zuiniisi and notes that he has never been a member or part of the IRU. The IRU also denies allegations that self-proclaimed IRU member Melissa Gunasen from N.Ireland, who is closely cooperating with Marcelo, has never been or is a member of the IRU before. At the same time, the IRU wants to deny its member and veteran from London, Grattan Puxon, that the IRU has formed its own Executive Committee that indirectly supports Marcelo's actions. In order for the public to be better acquainted with the IRU for this crisis, it has established its own Crisis Staff, which acts and cooperates with the European institutions and the MEP Livia Jaroka.


So that Executive Committee that emphasizes Gratan Pukson and works with Marcelo and Melissa has nothing to do with IRU or IRU activities, and wants and strongly rejects those arguments, so as not to create public confusion.


The same was emphasized by MEP Livia Jaroka herself, who emphasized that she cooperates only with Zoran Dimov and his IRU, and in no case with characters and profiles such as Marcelo, Melissa and the like.

IRU responds: By what right does Bulgarian MEP Angel Djambaski demand that all Roma ghettos be closed?

Following a scandalous written request by Bulgarian MEP Angel Chambaski who directed him to the National Crisis Staff against Coronavirus in Bulgaria "to set up checkpoints at the entrances of all ghettos as a national measure", the world's largest Roma organization IRU that this claim is discriminatory, nationalist and at the same time a violation of human rights, movement and freedom.


He responded on behalf of the IRU and said he would send a letter of protest, both to the Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje and to all relevant international organizations and institutions.


In his written request, Djambaski asked the Bulgarian authorities to "close" the areas inhabited by ethnic Roma as a measure against the spread of coronavirus, which means that only Roma settlements in cities are potentially "hot spots of infection".


As a result, some Bulgarian mayors have responded to this appeal by imposing ethnically-based restrictions on the Roma movement that were not applied to non-Roma residents - an extremely dangerous precedent.

Message from the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov on the occasion of the International Roma Day - April 8

Distinguished members and IRU delegates, Roma brothers and sisters!

Today, April 8, as we mark the day the foundations of Romani identity, were laid 49 years ago, I would like to briefly remind you of the challenges we face.
We all know that the IRU is the one who opened the door to show everyone that we Roma are no different from other nations in the world. That we are a nation that deserves the same as other nations in the world.

Time passes and at the same time we as IRU are trying and we ourselves are aware that when one door closes, another always opens. Too often when we look at the closed door, we do not notice the one that has opened.

We ourselves know that time is a predator that constantly haunts behind us. I would rather believe that time follows us during our journey, just to remind us of the fact that we need to value every moment.

We, as the IRU, should also evaluate and value every task that we have set for ourselves and that we have successfully solved.

We know that it has never been easy to complete a given task, because on that path we always (even today) have many barriers and opponents, who do not always think best, whether it is an internal or external factor.

My message to all of you is that we need to be united now, united by common forces to be even stronger so that we can convince all skeptics that we are on the right path.

In addition to all this, the current situation with the pandemic of COVID 19, which is the main obstacle to not being able to react properly at the moment, but we as IRU will jointly pave the way and achieve our goals.

At the same time, despite the fact that we Roma people and at the same time IRU as an organization often suffer "low" blows from states and institutions that do not always think well of the Roma people, we must be united and united to individuals and groups that represent themselves like Roma, but are always ready to "lose" IRU or create their own IRU in their head. 

We all together in IRU convey the only message that to those "concerned Roma and non-Roma" we in IRU will act most decisively against all those barriers.

We in the IRU today, on April 8, do not intend to spit or complain, but on the contrary, we have a message for all of us and all others - to unite and respect each other. Let us all show because IRU is really worth it!

That's why UPRE ROMA, and for many years April 8, International Roma Day for all Roma brothers and sisters around the world.

 With respect
Zoran Dimov
President of the IRU

Zoran Dimov IRU President: Let Roma from Europe send their donation to their immediate family, and later share it with the poorest Roma families

After a telephone conversation with the President of the IRU, Zoran Dimov, who was asked how he views the current social situation in Macedonia and what is his opinion on the implementation of the actions of the diaspora for the assistance of socially endangered Roma he said:


"Nowadays it is not necessary for any political entity to merely promote the current situation. I, like Zoran Dimov, suggest that all those who live in Europe send the money (donation) to their families and then share it with the poorer Roma in each Roma neighborhood, photograph it or view it as proof to their families that they are not misused assets, and the suspicion that they will be embezzled will be reduced or eliminated "


With these words, Zoran Dimov's proposal was presented which mentioned that a faster response is needed, not just live debate on social networks.




In addition to the health threat, the COVID 19 pandemic will contribute to the collapse of millions of Roma across Europe and the world. The IRU will respond to the EU through its established Crisis Staff

Hundreds of thousands of Roma live in miserable settlements in Central and Southeast Europe - the coronavirus disaster is among them. But instead of helping the group, governments often use the police and the military.


Older people and those with pre-existing conditions, doctors and medical staff - they are the most vulnerable in the corona crisis. However, the public finds it difficult to talk about a large and special risk group in Europe: millions of poor Roma. For many of them, especially in Central and Southeast Europe, a health and humanitarian catastrophe could soon ensue.


Most of them live in miserable conditions and mostly without hygiene. In addition, many are no longer able to carry out their informal activities, such as collecting trash and plastic or street food, household products or flowers.


But not only because of the already widespread anti-organism, many Roma are currently undergoing a special stigma: Some countries such as the Western Balkans, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, the former Soviet Union, and of course the more developed EU, Italy, Spain and France, have taken over. additional measures for Roma settlements in addition to the general restrictions - these are preventively guaranteed or coordinated by the police.


That's why Roma organizations in Europe are sounding the alarm. The International Roma Union, led by President Zoran Dimov, also set up specific demands to the EU and other international organizations and national governments, forming the IRU Crisis Headquarters and responding to EU institutions by offering its support, logistics and mitigation capacity. of this emerging condition.


What will be the directions of the next activities of the IRU and the established crisis headquarters will depend on the answers offered by the EU and its institutions.

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