IRU adopted Resolution on Formation of Independent Body-Contact Point - Roma Ombudsman

The International Roma Union - IRU, at its last Parliamentary session on 28 and 29 June 2019 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, launched the initiative proposed by the President of IRU, Mr. Zoran Dimov, entitled "Initiative for establishing an independent body - Contact Point - Roma Ombudsman ".

The initiative was presented by Mr. Zeljko Shajn - M.Sc. in Law in the Republic of Serbia.

Starting from key Council of Europe documents, the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, as well as the anti-discrimi- nation legislation of the European Union, which provides for mechanisms for the protection of human rights, but at the same time, the community does not use it, that is, there is no representation in the structures in order to strengthen the trust among the representatives of the Roma community and the same, it is proposed to establish a contact- point: Roma Ombudsman.

This institution, initially introduced within the International Roma Union, and as an advocate of the Roma community among the Roma and existing mechanisms, is expected, together with the existing institutions, to define its mandate under the auspices of some of the existing international and regional organizations, that is, to institutionalize.

In this regard, support is expected from the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, and France, which through its ambassador in the Republic of Macedonia. Northern Macedonia, noted that she is interested in helping the process.

The Initiative for the Establishment of an Independent Body - Contact Point - Roma Ombudsman, emerged from the current developments in the field of respect for Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, with an emphasis on the Roma Nation.

The MA in Law Sciences Zeljko Shain initiates the "Contact Contact Point" Ombudsman for vulnerable groups - Roma

During the Parliamentary session of IRU held in Skopje on June 28 and 29, in the part of Public Hiring, members of IRU Zeljko Shajn, who is also a M.Sc. in Law, noted the Initiative for Establishment through the "Contact Point" Ombudsman for vulnerable groups primarily for Roma. In his initiative, among other things, he states:
"If we focus on institutional information from various international institutions, both executive and legislative are not the least enviable: human rights violations and discrimination are greatly affected.

In order to achieve the desired goal: equalizing the degree of enjoyment of the rights of the members of the Roma minority, we believe that it is necessary to implement reforms in the institutional framework and at the vertical and horizontal level of respecting these rights between the important political subjects and the International Roma Union - IRU, also part of the United Nations, represents the Roma at all levels and has cooperation with the EU and other important international institutions.

The task ahead is actually how to make the existing Ombudsman at the local, national and European level even more efficient. The solution is the establishment of the expert contact point "Contact Point" Ombudsman for Roma issues "

This mechanism will serve more as an advisory body to the European, national and local ombudsman, will speed up the integrative process of society, and thus these problems, as an example of the Balkans, would not be a brake in the EU integration process of countries seeking EU membership.
If we have in mind that the Ombudsman contributes to the development of respect for, respect for, freedom and rights of the citizen, then the establishment of the "Contact Contact Point" is a real answer to many unresolved issues that we are dealing with today.

In consultation with top experts from the justice system such as Melenka Kreč, Judge of International Law, academician at MANU Vlado Kambovski, and others, they all call on the international convention for the protection of minorities adopted by the Council of Europe, consider this would be a nice moment for both the Roma community and society as a whole.

Normally you will need a serious job that will answer many questions about establishing this mechanism. "
At the very end, Shane quoted also Nehru, who in 1961 in Belgrade, during the conference of the non-aligned countries and during the visit to the Romany settlement Marinka, Tito told him that there are Roma living there, which Nehru answered: "
 "The sun has countless names, but it shines and heals equally for all"

For the first time at the IRU Parliament in Skopje - First Scientific Symposium "Genesis, Language, History and Religion"

Within the Parliamentary session of IRU on June 28 and 29, to be held in Skopje, one of the activities is the origin of the Roma, their genesis, language, history and religion.

It is titled as First Scientific Symposium where its latest findings, discussions, suggestions and activities in their speeches directly address the audience. Presentations among others will include: Verandra Rishi -Indija, Dr. Trajko Petrovski RSM, Dipl.etnologist Daniel Petrovski, Andris Teratas - Latvia, David Berat, Imer Kajtazi - Belgium, Robert Alagjozovski - Nat. coordinate. for once. of culture and intercourse. sorab.

At the same time, from an innovative point of view through their own video presentations, they will have prominent experts from that segment, among other things, names such as: prof. Jan Hancock - USA, Dr. Rajko Djuric - R. Serbia, Gratan Pucson - V. Britain and Nadezhda Demeter - Russian Federation

This section will be held on June 28 - Friday in the Hotel Continental in Skopje.

IRU at its session brought package decisions for the better tomorrow of the Roma nation in the world

In the presence of 51 delegates from 23 countries, the 5th Parliamentary session of IRU took place this weekend in Skopje.

In addition to the representatives of the IrU, the representatives, with their presence, were greeted by Government representatives, representatives from political parties, more Embassies that are in the function of their countries in R.Neverern Macedonia, as well as international organizations that have their own missions in the state such as OSCE / ODIHIR, IOM , CEE, European Development Agency and others.

His welcoming speeches and addresses were beside the President of the IRU, Zoran Dimov, and Mr
Robert Alagjozovski Representative of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia - Nation. coordinate. for once. of culture and intercourse. cooperation, NO Mr. Christian Timonie - Ambassador of R. France in R.Neverern Macedonia, Zeljko Shine - Mag. in Law and Introduction with the topic: "Initiative for Establishing an Independent Body" Contact Point "with Ombdusman, Kristi Mihalache - OSCE / ODIHIR, Natasha Amdiu - European Development Agency - Human Rights Expert, Lilliana Popovska - President of DOM,

The topics were: Publicity Hiring - Topic: "Rule of Law and Status of the Roma Community, Third Scientific Symposium on the Holocaust - Theme:" The Roma Holocaust - The Horror and Truth about the Roma Ghettos ", First Scientific Symposium - Theme:" Genesis, Language, History and Religion, the Roma Business Forum and the socio - economic situation of the Roma in the world.
At the end of this two-day meeting, many important decisions were taken on the future and progress of the Roma movement in the world, and one of them is an initiative for the International Roma Commissar whose seat will be in Strasbourg and Geneva.

The Parliament of IRU in Skopje in the section Public Haring will discuss the topic: "Rule of Law and Status of the Roma Community"

More frequent incidents and ethnic violence against Roma in Europe and more will be one of the topics to be discussed at the 5th Parliamentary session of IRU in Skopje, which will be held on 28 and 29 June in the Hotel Continental in Skopje.

The growing wave of ethnic violence, discrimination and rhetoric with an emphasis on the Roma community, as if it had become an everyday thing today. All this is necessary to be put under some control and at the same time to raise the question, in what way can it be eliminated or reduced that intolerance and intolerance towards the Roma community.
We witness many events both in the past and in the present.

The topic is painful but still open. Europe and other international institutions need to raise this issue to a higher level in order to find its solution.

On this occasion, besides the IRU delegates and other guests, representatives from the Embassies in our country and other representatives from international organizations have been announced in order to openly and transparently solve these problems.

The organizer IRU hopes that from this event will be positive moments that will have to be realized in the recent times as one of the priority tasks of the participants.

In anticipation of the Parliamentary session of IRU in Skopje, President Zoran Dimov says: "My dream and ideal is so simple - Break the silence for the suffering of the Roma people

On Friday and Saturday, June 28 and 29, Skopje will host over 70 IRU delegates from 50 countries and other distinguished guests.

It will be discussed mostly about the situation of Roma around the world, and debates and several scientific symposiums will be held in this domain, such as Public Hiring - Theme: "Rule of Law and Status of the Roma Community" - Third Scientific Symposium on the Holocaust - Topic: "The Roma Holocaust - The Horror and Truth about the Roma Ghettos" - First Scientific Symposium - Theme: "Genesis, Language, History and Religion" as well as Roma Business Forum.

In that assembly, the President of IRU himself, Zoran Dimov speaks of the specific moment:
"Me as the President of IRU my dream and ideal is so simple!

I wish that I, together with my people, live in a society where the interests of the individual, freedom, justice and dignity are much more important than the territory or any national and state interests.

These are the basic principles of every person (including the Romans). I would like to see this minimum in those places where we live and live, regardless of the country in question.

I am always thinking about how to figure out the names of all those innocent Roma victims everywhere in the world who, in order to be able to once again break that silence for the past accidents that the Roma faced in the past.
I am convinced that one day our sons and sons of all those who are prejudiced against the Roma people will sit together at the same brotherly table and rejoice in the same things, mentions the first person of IRU Dimov.

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