The IRU is concerned about the safety and well-being of poor Roma, Sinti and homeless people in Italy.

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the IRU sent a letter to the Italian authorities so they could pay attention to the Roma nation - the homeless and the Sinti.


Italian authorities

International Romani Union - IRU sincerely expresses its sincere condolences to the families of those who died in the Corona pandemic and to Italy as a whole in your enormous sorrow.


The IRU is concerned about the safety and well-being of poor Roma, Sinti and homeless people in Italy. We have received serious messages from the Italian Roma community about the racism they are facing. The Roma community in Italy lives in absolute poverty in inhumane housing conditions, weak homes lack water and electricity.


The IRU urges the Italian State to take immediate action to improve the security of the Roma community, improve living conditions and eliminate racism.


The IRU wants give its expertise available to the Italian state authorities to work together to remedy the circumstances of the Italian Roma community. This is our common task!


Zoran Dimov President of the  International Romani Union - IRU.

Dies Victor Famulson, one of the first members of the IRU

On February 28 this year, a prominent Roma activist and Roma rights activist - Victor Famulson, died in Finland.


Hammulson was also President of the Baltic Roma Union - BRU and Honorary President of the IRU. He served as Vice President of the IRU from 1990 to 1994


His activity as a Roma activist was immense and greatly contributed to the Roma movement.

He was one of the first initiators to hold the first World Roma Congress in London on April 8, 1971.

IRU Skopje Congress with Priority - Roma Woman to be Leader!

One of the specific goals that will be the topic of the next IRU Congress in Skopje from March 26 to 29, 2020 will be the strengthening of the Roma Women's Lobby and the promotion of Roma women as leaders.


In its commitment to the 10th IRU Congress in 2016, the IRU commenced activities to promote the raising and prioritization of the Women's Lobby both nationally and internationally.


It was at this Congress for the Head of the IRU Committees that Rosita Gronfors was appointed, which was an indicator that all further efforts would be in that direction.


This 11th IRU Congress will be precisely the moment where promoting the more active involvement of Roma women in the making of very important political, economic, legal and cultural decisions is every other aspect.


That is why this IRU Congress will be very important to those viewers as it will be an event promoting future directions for Roma woman leadership.


It will also include Roma women in the area of ​​economic activity and involvement in the Business sector, as well as greater promotion of Roma women entrepreneurs.


Also to be celebrated is the activity of Traditional Roma Court which will be a chance to promote for the first time a new moment - Promotion of the first Roma woman in Roma Traditional Court.

Who is most likely to be the next president of the IRU?

Slowly but surely, the date and period for the latest IRU leadership to lead the organization for the next 4 years is approaching.


At the last 10th IRU Congress in March 2016 in Skopje, staff changes took place in the IRU. Zoran Dimov was elected president at that congress. He accepted the challenge and as president of the IRU in the period 2016-2020 introduced many new milestones in the IRU, and at the same time worked with the new team to work hard to bring the IRU back on track, as previous inactivity led the IRU to " clinical death ".


In the period 2016-2020, Zoran Dimov managed to "resuscitate" the IRU as well as institutionally connect it with a number of European and world institutions and organizations. Together with the team and the cabinet, they managed to regain the lost status of the IRU in the UN, and regain the status of ESOCOS. He also managed to establish his own people and team in all UN offices. This is also true of offices in New York, Vienna and Geneva.


They developed their own plans and strategies that they presented to key European institutions such as the Council of Europe together with the ERTF. They are in constant contact and communication with all embassies around the world. It has strengthened its cooperation with the Council of World Churches.


At the same time it has elaborated and started implementing one of the most important issues for the Roma, namely the Roma Ombudsman - Contact Point, which has good unreserved support from all relevant European institutions and organizations.


Also under the leadership of Zoran Dimov has begun the implementation of a long-standing dream of the IRU, that is, the future leadership should not only be a choice and vote, but a legally mandated and broader mandate - the voice of the Roma people. . That idea was put forward by Grattan Puxon as a Democratic Transition who, during his presidency with the IRU, was with Zoran Dimov, embracing it and affirming it as one of the most important IRU challenges.


And now, at the "end of the day", summing up the goals and future plans, a conclusion is reached that has the chance of a new mandate in the IRU. According to analysis, proposals and forecasts so far, the chances for another term are on the side of the current IRU leadership led by the current President Zoran Dimov! But let's leave it to the epilogue that will be known at the end of March.


Until then - health and watch out for the Corona virus!

At the 11th IRU Congress, the Romano Ombudsman will be institutionalized

One of the main segments of the 11th IRU Congress, which will be held in Skopje from March 26-29, will be the topic of "Romano Obdussman."


Following the IRU parliamentary session in June 2019, when the Romano Ombudsman - Contact Point was also promoted, which received unreserved support from all relevant international institutions, the next step was to strengthen and start functioning.


In this context, the first step has already been taken, where the Office of the Roma Ombudsman has been promoted, in which the International Roma Union - IRU, besides the status of ECOSOC, will now operate within the United Nations Office in Geneva - Switzerland. Such a decision was made in late November 2019.


The next IRU Congress is one step ahead! During this discussion, the new strategy and work plan of this office will be presented. At the same time the structural scheme of operation will be presented. According to the activities so far, the Romano Ombudsman, in addition to the post of Jeff, will also be provoked by his two Romano Ombudsman deputies.


Interestingly, the network of National Romano Ombudsmen - Contact Point will operate in parallel. That would translate to the fact that most of the countries where there is a Roma community will also have their own Romano Ombudsmen who will fully complete this network.


In this way the IRU demonstrates its commitment and concern to eliminate any form of discrimination and violation of fundamental human rights with an emphasis on the Roma community throughout Europe and the world.


All this will be complemented by the status, and code of conduct and work of both the main and national Romano ombudsmen.


Tyson Fury attends IRU Congress in Skopje?

The 11th IRU Congress in Skopje, to be held from March 26th to 29th this year, literally from the organizational point of view, lifted the Roma nation around the world "on its feet".

Nearly 100 IRU delegates and members have been announced, as well as about 50 other guests.


But still what seemed incredible, maybe now is easily achievable.

The world heavyweight boxing champion this weekend won this prestigious title, Tyson Hughes could easily be part of this Congress.

Namely with him in intensive contact and negotiation is the oldest member of the IRU from Great Britain and President of the Democratic Transition, the famous Roma activist Grattan Puxon.


He is in contact with PR and Tyson Fury about his arrival in Skopje.

If the terms are correct, and if there are no important activities, it is very easy for Tyson Hurray to be part of the 11th IRU Congress in Skopje.


According to some reports, the situation will crystallize in the near future and we will find out more about the procedure of his arrival in Skopje, reports Roma Times portal.


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