Three European MPs, Livia Jaroka, Romeo Franz and Peter Pollack, strongly support the IRU initiative - Roma Ombudsman

As part of the European Parliament Conference in Brussels on 1 October on Roma Future Policies focusing on the findings of the evaluation of the EU framework, as well as options for addressing them in a potential initiative after 2020, their participation besides the European IRU President Zoran Dimov also had a political elite.

As one of the segments for active political participation of Roma in the EU, an idea and decision was presented by the IRU - the Roma Ombudsman.

There was strong and unconditional support from all in attendance at the conference, but it must also be stressed that EP Vice President Livia Jaroka of Hungary, as well as Roma MPs in the EP Romeo Franz of Germany and Peter Pollack of Slovakia, gave their solid and strong support. regarding the Roma Ombudsman.

This is the first time that senior political figures from the EP have given their support for such an important and very important institutional segment, which is the initiative and decision of the IRU to form the Roma Ombudsman.

O IRU an o 2019 berš udžareč kolaboracia e UN, EU, SE. EVZ thaj aver internacionalno organizacie em ofisoa

Akava 2018 berš so nakhela ačhilo an i memoria so preliminarno zojrakergja piri korelacia buteder internacionalno ofisoncar, so si importantno aspekti an i realisacia ko sa o planoa konetkirime e Romencar an i sasti lumia.
Trujal o aktiviteto thaj kolaboracia e EU, EP, SE, EVZ, ERTF tjak averencar, an o juni 2028 berš oficialno zojrakergja piro statuso o IRU e ESOCOC nzmeroa an o UN thaj o putarde ofisora an o Nujork, Viena thaj Ženeva.

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The registration and registration of electronic voters and candidates for the IRU Congress 2020 has begun

The IRU Parliament has set out a time-table for the completion of preparations for holding
of the first electronic elections, taking place in connection with the XI World Roma Congress.
In accordance with that schedule, the program commenced officially on 15 September.

This means that new voters should, without delay, notify their intention to participate in
elections by sending an email now to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Individuals wishing to enter themselves as candidates for functioning positions in the IRU need likewise to send details to this email address. They will be asked for a photograph
and biographical background, along with a declaration as to their intentions and priorities.

Meanwhile, it is intended that the active campaign for Voter Registration should continue
until 31 January, 2020.

For candidates, the cut-off date has been set for 31 December 2019!

The technical side of the Election Process is at an advanced stage, as required when the
Democratic Transition Commission was created at the 10th Congress in 2016.

However, the building of a recognizable popular Mandate will yet require intense work over coming months if the target of 10,000 voters is to be reached before closure of registration.

The DT Commission, therefore, calls upon all activists who believe in the establishment of fixed democrat norms as a means of ensuring the expansion and strengthening of our national movement to set their hand to this task. Spread the word! Encourage friends, family and colleagues to enroll now!

The long-term aim of creating a Roma Nation Mandate, with voters among the communities throughput the global Roma Diaspora, is both desirable and doable. The foundation has already been laid through the list of several thousands voters in all parts of the world.

It’s the great leap-forward which can gain for the Roma Nation a place among the world family of nations. Not only a place but a political voice commensurate with the size of that Nation Without Borders defined with passion by delegates to the extraordinary 5th Congress in Prague at the start of this millennium.

Alongside the 1971 1st World Roma Congress, the Prague Congress set the parameters. Let us together work to make the scheduled 2020 XI Congress be the one that takes an axe to those chains that have held us down so long!

Viva the Roma Nation!

Grattan Puxon, - chair IRU Democratic Transition.

President of the IRU Zoran Dimov with his speeches at the 16th and 17th working session of the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Warsaw, 26.09.2019

The President of the IRU Zoran Dimov was among the invited guests at the OSCE Conference in Warsaw on September 26th.

Two Workshops, both 16 and 17, were also held.
The first 16 working sessions were titled " Roma and Sinti Participation in Public and Political Life is scheduled„

Here, Zoran Dimov presented the role of the Roma media as well as the establishment of an independent Roma election observer in the states under the auspices of the OSCE.

In a second work session titled " Housing and Residential Homes, Especially Concerning the Situation of Forced Eviction and Segregation of Roma and Sinti,, there were frequent human rights violations and the need for a Roma Obdusman to establish the IRU as an independent contact point body, and presented his assignment.

Both speeches have had a positive effect with expected results and actions in the coming time.

In Roma IRU President Zoran Dimov at a meeting whit PM Giuseppe Conte and European Commission

On 13 September 2019, at 6.00 pm, at Palazzo Chigi, had a meeting PM Giuseppe Conte, Zoran Dimov, Zeljko Sajn of the International Romanì Union, delegates of the National Council of Roma Sinti Caminanti (RSC) from all over Italy. The organization is followed by Diplomatic Counselor Benassi Pietro of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The meeting with the Government was requested in order to implement the European Structural Framework Agreements, the National RSC Inclusion Strategy, the correct use of European Structural Funds, allocated to Italy by the European Commission in the period 2014 - 2020. There are 7 billions of euros for the inclusion of homeless, unaccompanied foreign minors, victims of trafficking and slavery, prisoners and ex-prisoners, Romani people. Discussions focused on compliance with national and European laws relating to the Supervisory .

Also, the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov submitted the decision made by the IRU Parliament to establish a Roma Ombudsman - Contact Point headed by Srdjan Fine and at the same time the IRU Strategic Resolution.

IRU President Zoran Dimov Visits Roma Camps in Rome-Italy

As part of their activities last weekend, IRU President Zoran Dimov, along with Marcelo Zunisi, President of the Italian Roma and Sinti Association, met with Italian President Giuseppe Conti, where they were handed the documents in support of these two Roma organizations for the benefit of the situation. Roma in Italy.

In addition, as part of the activities Zoran Dimov together with Marcelo Zuni also made a visit to one of the Roma camps in Italy-Rome, where they had meetings and talks with the Roma residents of those camps.

They got acquainted with the conditions and heard all the problems the Roma faced in those camps.

Most of these Roma people have informed them that they want to be included in social flows (housing, education, health and employment).

They also informed the Roma from those camps that the Italian Government has funds from the EU Structural Funds to invest in improving the living conditions of Roma in those camps such as compliance with the national and European laws of the monitoring committees
(1303/2013) and procedures for inclusion.

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