With the education of Roma women, to future independent women

A successful Roma woman is like Superman, she has unwashed power every day to wake up, smile and work, make her smile and stay smiling and upright, against all the storms that hit her.

With these words, the famous opera solitaire Natasha Tasic Knezevic describes the Roma woman, who is the very Roma woman who managed to get out of the traditional framework.

And this very moment she showed her this very strength. Social networks in Serbia for days wrote about the inconvenience they experienced in a supermarket.

In fact, when a few more people set off to the exit of that supermarket, the alarm was triggered. However, the only "suspicious" of the security was precisely that one. They stopped and ordered them to take out all the things, while the rest of the group freely traveled.

What her "qualify" as "thief" was actually only the skin color. It was not enough that the security had humiliated her, and this "investigation" was also assisted by people by accident, encountered there, by making unpleasant comments about the Roma.



Supporting Romani women to become early childhood professionals in Hungary

Access and the quality of services can be increased by ensuring more diversity in the workforce. The REYN National Network Hungary has been training Romani women to help them entering the profession.

“I am really grateful for this opportunity, I have always wanted to work with children but could never afford to study. I used to work in a kindergarten but couldn’t keep the job because I wasn’t qualified”, says Eva. She prefers not to disclose her real name for privacy reasons.

With other Roma women, Eva followed a training provided and financed by the REYN National Network Hungary. She is now a qualified kindergarten technical assistant.
REYN Hungary has been recently supporting the professional development of Romani women in early childhood education and care.

REYN Hungary is a vibrant national network that offers its members opportunities for professional development across the early childhood development sector and advocates for more Roma early childhood professionals in the country. They also promote access to high quality services for young Romani children and families.


Selma Selman - Get the Heck to School!

The fundraising event for the project, which Selma decisively and humorously named “Get the Heck to School!” (Marš u školu!) will take place on the 10th of December at the Washington, D.C. home of painter Karin Lithell and Göran Lithell, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in the U.S.

All proceeds generated from the sale of Selma’s works will go toward the one-year assistance program for the education of Roma youth, which will include school lunch, English and computer lessons, awards for the successful completion of their school semester as well as special projects such as trips and workshops.

Regardless of her young age and continuing education, Selma has an extremely strong, almost obsessive need to contribute to her community and to help those with childhoods similar to her own. "If I were to wait another ten years to start, until my life is together, then these children would lose their chance. If I begin now,

I believe that some children will succeed. These children are not a burden to me; they are the meaning of life. I’m giving only a little bit so that they can later be able to do a lot for themselves and so that this idea can take root,” says Selma.


Despite the cruel childhood, Alice realized dreams, and graduation broke prejudices

That life depends not only on the circumstances, but also on the strong desire to defy the destiny, the astute example is Alice Shajn (24) from Vrsac. She is one of the two Roma with a university degree in this city, despite the cruel childhood managed to get out of the magic circle where most of the Roma community is located and become a successful woman.

He found salvation in education. She grew up in a custodial family, where her eight-year-old parents lost her parents, and then her brother. For the sake of truth, there was always no complete support, but persistence paid off.

- Relatives where I lived first thought that I should complete only primary education. But I did not think so, and so I asked me to transfer me to a food family. From that family, I had the support and I ended up with an excellent success at the secondary Chemistry and Medical School, and then the High School for Romani and Serbian Language.

In the meantime, he was employed in the city administration as a coordinator for Roma issues. It also directs her mission and example to future generations of Roma. She is also at the Faculty of Business Studies, where she is still on the first year of studies due to her working and maternity duties. It plans to reactivate from September, and to enroll specialist studies.

She is also the winner of the "Woman's Symbol of Commitment" award, which was given by two local journalists there. He wants to write and has published songs in the book "Literary Paths"


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