More than 50 percent of young people in Macedonia are illiterate

UNICEF emphasized that an education is needed which will give every child the best chance to develop his masculine potential at all stages of his life.

Otherwise, the literacy of the young people in Macedonia was debated for the first time due to the World Bank's economic report for the Western Balkans since 2017, when they came up with data that in Macedonia two thirds of the young population is functionally illiterate. Of the 70 ranked countries in the world, Macedonia is at the 68th place in front of Kosovo and the Dominican Republic.

The draft report also contains recommendations for reforming the national assessment, revising state matura as well as a functional system for professional and career development of teachers.

This analysis will be reflected and some of our views as a ministry and government will be re-examined in order to improve the education system. Part of our attitudes are incorporated in the draft version of the law on primary education, "said Arbr Ademi, Minister of Education and Science.


High school students leave the school because they have no motivation for education

About 5% of young people aged 18 to 24 in BiH have completed a maximum of 2 grade high school, while in the EU countries the percentage is around 10.6%
The goal of the EU's strategy is that it should be 10% by 2020, according to the report on social inclusion in BiH for 2017.

The information from this report shows that the situation in the region in Montenegro is similar to that in BiH, while in Serbia and Macedonia there is a higher percentage of dropout in education than the one in BiH. In Serbia, that percentage is about 7% and in Macedonia 10%.

According to the report from the Directorate, the children most often leave school because they do not have enough interest and motivation without much support from the parents and a sense of security inside the family.

The most vulnerable category of children when access to education is access are children with special needs, socially vulnerable category and Roma children.

„Miri edukacia avdive, bašo majlačho tajsa" proekti bašo majaktivno konekcia an i edukacia e čhavenge taro familie so si an o naformalno bukjarno sektoro

Sar aktiviteto lp hazrkeribaskoro periodo angleder 2-3 masek startujngja thaj terensko aktivitetias taro pedagogo thaj mentoro an o reoni tari Topaana butikeriba e čhavencart taro anglosikljojbaskoro beršipa.

Odova havel pe sar visita taro pedagogo thaj mentori direktno ko olengere khera thaj edukacia e angloedukaciakere materialeske baši malačhi em lokheste konekcia e čhaven an o eduakciakoro procesi thaj vazdiba i gind ko jeria kobor si importantno i edukacia olengere čhavenge.

Aso o implementatoria ko akava kotor e proekteske o ZDRICM barabutne e RRC thaj KMOP an o akava momenti si konektirime biš taro 10 familie si si tari grupa naformalno bukjakoro sektoro, okola so kheden plastikakere šišia.

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33% taro terne Roma an i Makedonia si len uči, maškarutni thaj tercialno edukacia

33% taro dizutne Roma so si taro 22 dži ko 25 berša , agorkerena uči , maškarutni jali tercialno edukacia an i them thaj odova si učo nivelo ki paralela aver themencar taro Paščimalo Balkani.

O informacie an o regionalno nivelo sikaven limitirime avipa dži ko šajdipa e Romenge taro sako aspekto: sastipe, edukacia, kherutnipa, buti, thaj standardi an o dživdipa. O internacionalno praktike, sar so si akcentirime an o akava rodaripa, sikaven kote o angloedukaciakoro periodo si importantno bašo majodorigutno thavdipa e dživdipaske thaj akcepcia edizutnenge an i berza bukjake.

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