"In memory of Esma..." In MCC cinema "Frosina" in front of a packed hall, an evening of emotions, songs and positive vibes

"Esma was our ambassador, but not accredited by the state institutions and with a specific mandate, but accredited by the people with a heart and with a timeless mandate", said the host Ramush Muarem-Cirko last night at the Frosina cinema in Skopje, at the opening of the event "In memory of It's unforgettable."

The concert organized by the humanitarian organization "Queen Esma and Stevo Teodosievski" and the production "BTR" was on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the queen of the Roma and Macedonian folk song, one of our greatest world cultural ambassadors.

One of the singers at the concert, Hariya Bislim, is only 13 years old, the same age that Esma started singing, hiding from her parents that she was going to the contest "The microphone is yours", which she later won. With her clean vocals and rich interpretation, young Harija reminds of Esma, but there is no copy or replacement for her, as the host of the event said. The grandfather of the youngest singer, Ramadan Bislim-Ramko, a famous singer of Romani music, also performed, and he sang the song that Esma sang with joy, "Svadba Macedonian", and he moved the audience, but also played.

"For our mother, there is no substitute, no copy, she is one and only. She deserved much more than this," said most of the singers before their performances.

The folk singer Susana Gavazova also performed, who said that Esma was her idol, and near the end of the concert, Aneta Ljumakovska sang one of Esma's most important songs in Macedonian, "Cekaj živote". Accompanied by the "Titanic" orchestra, the popular artists Ervin Ametovski and Bernat Demirali performed with part of Esma's repertoire.

A six-minute documentary showed a small part of Esma's rich life. In her poem "The Queen of Madzir Maalo", Redzepova beautifully described the journalist Valentina Pargo.

At the end of the concert, the organizer Zoran Dimov, before calling all the singers together and singing "Chajorie shukarie", said in his welcome speech: "She was a woman with a big heart. It allowed me to place the television in the premises of her home. He always told me "don't worry, it will be fine, you will succeed, I am here to help you". We organized many humanitarian events together, for the poor and sick. He said that the rich should give to the poor. I considered her a second mother - says Dimkov. Together with all the participants, during the whole concert, members of the ensemble "Folklor Studio Skopje" participated, dressed in the style of Esma.

The impressions of all present were unanimous, that it was very nice, and that Esma deserves such events traditionally every year and in a bigger space.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Culture, as well as the City of Skopje. PACOMAK also had its contribution in helping, and the whole event was recorded by Telma Television. The photos are the work of photojournalist Mitko Janev

On November 22, at MKC Cinema "Frosina" in Skopje, the extraordinary stage musical event "In memory of Esma for an unforgettable"

SP BTR Produktion together with the Humanitarian Association "Queen Esma and Stevo Teodosievski" in Wednesday on November 22 at MCC, cinema "Frosina" in Skopje, starting at 7 p.m., will organize a truly unique stage music event "In memory of Esma for an unforgettable experience".

In a way, that event is also the year of commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Queen of Romani music and also a humanitarian with a big heart – Queen Esma Redzepova Teodosievska.

At the event, 11 musical tracks from the great musical opus of Esma Redzepova Teodosievska will be performed by well-known musical names from the Macedonian and Roma music scene. Part of Esma's songs will be performed by Susana Gavazova, Aneta Ljumakovska, ex-vocalist from the group "Molika", Ramadan Bislim Ramko, Hajria Bislim, Bernat Demirali and Ervin Ametovski. At the event itself, a short documentary on Esma will be shown, produced by SP BTR and a poem dedicated to Esma will be read by journalist Valentina Pargo.

This event was supported by the Ministry of Culture as well as the city of Skopje.

A certain number of friends and admirers of Esma's work, as well as representatives from the state and the city of Skopje and the diplomatic corps, have been invited to the event.

Aleksandra Prijović is proud to be Roma, and her grandfather chased her father with a gun: "He is a world thief, that's why Borka left him"

The more Aleksandra Prijović's successes continue, the more the regional media are interested in her past.

Now, information has surfaced about her life from a few years ago, when she was happily spending her time with her grandfather, Boro, in whose house (with her mother) they lived in Croatia. Alexandra's grandfather died four years ago, and Boro once told his story to Serbian "Svet" and that he "tried to kill Alexandra's father, Nedeljko", because Nedeljko allegedly wanted to rob him. "I raised her." Her father never bought her anything. Her mother Borka divorced him because he is a worldly thief. He steals and robs everything. I once shot him because he was stealing money from my house. I chased him out of the house, at the gate, with a gun. And now he left them with nothing. My father is Roma, and my mother is Serbian...", said grandfather Boro a few years before his death, and Alexandra then explained that her grandfather did not know what he was talking about because he was demented.

"My grandfather says unrelated things, today he says something, and tomorrow he doesn't know what he said. The man is over 70 years old. Although his leg was amputated, he continues to drink, he had a stroke. My grandfather is Roma, my grandmother is not. Philip and Brenna know that and it doesn't bother them. I am proud of my origin. My father hurt me by saying he left me when I was a baby. And it is true that they divorced when I was three years old. But I see my father regularly. The only thing that is true is that I didn't finish high school, but I plan to finish part-time," the singer once admitted.

When her grandfather passed away, Priya admitted that she was very emotionally attached to him



The musician Ilmi Mustafov, the son of the legendary Ferus Mustafov, died

Another tragedy in the musical family of the Mustafovs. The famous saxophonist and clarinetist Ilmi Mustafov died suddenly and after a short illness on August 16, 2023.

Ilmi was also a member of the Fire Boys group. In his nearly three-decade career, he has recorded many dances and chocets, some with his group and some with his famous father, the now legendary Ferus Mustafoov.

This is a heavy loss and many musicians and his colleagues are forgiving him through social networks.

Otherwise, the death of Ilmi Mustafov surprised everyone, if it is known that only less than 3 months ago, on May 22 of this year, his father Ferus also died. M.

According to the latest information, the funeral is planned for August 17.


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