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The trainings organized by ARBICM for "Pedagogical Assistant for Primary Education Students" have started

As part of the implementation of a new special program "Pedagogical Assistant for Primary Education Students", which will aim to train candidates for successful work with primary education students.

They will need to work with students who show lower learning success to help enroll students in primary education and teach primary school students to master the curriculum.

In this context Association of Roma Business Information Center in Macedonia – ARBICM in cooperation with MLSP in - Department of Labor Law and Employment Policy, Center for Vocational Education and Training from Skopje and Center for Adult Education informed that everything is ready applicants for Pedagogical Assistant to begin their training.

Anyone who successfully completes the training will receive a diploma for this standard occupation - "Pedagogical Assistant", and in the future will be free to apply for new employment in that field.

Ohrid: OSCE Mission provides support for capacity building of Roma NGOs.

One of the goals of the OSCE is to help Roma and Sinti people have a comprehensive and equitable role in society and to eradicate discrimination against them.

To this end, the Mission provides support for capacity building for Roma NGOs, helps them coordinate their efforts, and facilitates and stimulates dialogue with national institutions and international organizations.

Today, in Ohrid, together with the Association for Social Change Initiative and its thirteen partner NGOs, the Mission organized a roundtable that focused on systematic and lasting responses to the challenges facing the Roma community. Among those in attendance was the president of RDICM, Zoran Dimov.

It’s Kushti to Rokker is British Romani for It’s Good to Talk

Travellers’ Times and Rural Media launch new films exploring health and wellbeing from the perspectives of young Travellers.

Young Romani and Travellers raise their voices to bring issues facing young people in their communities into the public eye.

They share their personal stories and experiences to inspire and co-create five short dramas aimed at breaking down the stigma that surrounds speaking out about mental health. 

The films are part of a national resource for schools and mental health charities designed to highlight some of the challenges that these young people experience inside and outside of school.

The screenings will be followed by a post show discussion.

Promotion of the Documentary and the Analysis for “Mapping the Roma Housing Differences in the Municipalities of Kocani and Stip"

As part of the EU-funded project "Mapping the Differences in Roma Housing" the promotion of the documentary film as well as the analysis made.

The start of the promotion was from the municipalities of Kocani and Stip.

In both municipalities the interest was high. Members of the local self-government, public enterprises as well as the Roma NGO sector and ordinary Roma citizens living in Roma settlements in both Kocani and Stip also had their presence.

After the promotion of the documentary and the analysis, discussions were also made on the topics, where all parties pointed to another priority of the municipality itself and future plans.

The promotion continues with the following municipalities of Veles and Kumanovo.

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