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In Kicevo, the cooperation between the municipality and the Roma NGO is satisfactory, but it can be better

According to the Roma NGO sector in the municipality of Kicevo about 2,000 Roma live. Places where they live according to information from Roma NGO activists Nevzat Mamudovski and Senat Ibraimovski from Roma Network NGO - Kicevo, depending on plans and programs, Regarding the infrastructure in Roma settlements
in the municipality of Kicevo it can be concluded that it is relatively good.

Otherwise the legalization of illegally constructed buildings is ongoing and no major problems have been reported. In addition, legalization is expected to take place at an increasing pace.

One of the problems Roma are facing with legalization is that they have multiple owners, and they cannot obtain statements from the owners.

But the Roma themselves say they face different problems or disadvantages. There is no asphalt in Prilepska Street, water shortages, and some houses lack electricity.

The conclusion is that the municipality can have greater coordination with this population in resolving any problems that arise.

Roma in Montenegro demand greater security and better integration

Two Roma NGOs in Montenegro have recently turned to the public for help.
"Roma Movement" NGO through spokesperson Rozana Bozovic and NGO "Roma from the North" headed by Zinat Selimovic have warned that the glass is overflowing in connection with a traffic accident where a ten-year-old Roma girl from the Bjelopolje neighborhood was injured.

According to them, this unfortunate incident where the girl sustained injuries, awakened memories of the numerous highways on the highway that pass through this neighborhood and that there was a great danger, which caused more accidents, and some unfortunately ended in fatalities.

"The danger is not only to many children but also to the adults living along this highway" - warn Bozovic and Selimovic.

Nish: It is uncertain building houses for Roma because of a rebalance

The Nis town coffers are minus over 300,000 euros and the rebalance was made because of the cancellation of Roma houses at the Commodity Market and the 2019 Fortress wall is uncertain.

The rebalance was adopted by the city council of Nis and the budget of the city of Nis is around 5 milion euros. The council says the cash register is minus more than 300,000 euros.

In addition to the higher budget items, there were some cuts. The Office of Local Economic Development had the largest reduction and the cancellation of house-building projects for Roma was canceled.

They say they were asked to reduce the city's budget for this year and cut it by about 150,000 euros.

Introducing the “Roma Stories” Oral History Project

“Roma Stories” is the Roma Support Group’s Roma Oral History Project. It is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and works with Roma researchers, local community members, London Metropolitan Archives, museums and academic institutions to explore, archive and share the unrecorded stories of Roma refugees and migrants in London.

With the Roma Stories project extended until late September, the various facets of the oral history research and archiving are coming together towards an affecting and evocative end result.

Over the past six months, we have finished conducting a second round of interviews with around forty members of the Roma community of London; we have translated and transcribed the majority of these and are now in the process of proof-reading, compiling documentary footage and preparing for the exhibition of the work in locations across the city, from the London Metropolitan Archives to Redbridge Museum and University of London.


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