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The Fundación Secretariado Gitano says that the 4 Roma deputies will contribute to improving the image of the collective

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano has celebrated that, after the general elections of April 28, the Congress of Deputies goes to four representatives of the Roma ethnic group, the largest representation of this community in its history. As he stressed, his presence will offer an image of "rigor and modernity" about the collective and will contribute to a "change" in the image of Spanish society.

Beatriz Micaela Carrillo de los Reyes of the PSOE, Juan José Cortés of the PP, Sara Giménez of Ciudadanos and Ismael Cortés de En Comú are the four gypsies representatives with whom the new legislature of the Congress will count. They will happen, thus, to the only gypsy deputy that there was until now, the 'popular' Silvia Heredia, who did not show up for re-election in these last general elections.

The director of the foundation, which has stressed that the presence of more Roma deputies is "very important", has been convinced that when the Congress debates issues such as educational reform or equality laws, these parliamentarians will "fight" because an agreement with the objective of "reducing the serious inequalities" suffered by this group.


ZRDICM has chosen to introduce another profession "Pedagogical Assistant"

The long-standing idea and idea of ​​the Roma Business Information Center of Macedonia Association - ZRDICM has definitely become a reality. These days, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy arrived at the official solution for the standard occupation "Pedagogical Assistant"

The proposal was submitted by the MoES, based on a positive opinion by the Council for Vocational Education and Training. The same can be acquired in the Vocational Education and Training Centers throughout the country.

Otherwise, this idea was made by the ZRDICM and its president, Zoran Dimov. This is already a second consecutive standard occupation, where previously the same as the "Collector" was introduced after the initiative was made by the same organization.

Otherwise the occupation "Pedagogical Assistant" will have the task of working on a teacher's upper which will help the children in mastering the educational material of the category of children who have difficulty in mastering this material with the aim of more successful monitoring of the teaching as well as a higher level of success in education.

Now it is transformed into a second phase, finding a Center where this kind of training will be carried out and a selection of teaching staff that will carry out this training on the future "Pedagogical assistants" who will further acquire a diploma-certificate with this occupation-profession.

Neither money nor projects have changed the lives of Roma

For 20 years and an intensive Roma decade, almost nothing has changed in the lives of Roma:

All this, the Roma population remains on the margins of society:
"To reduce the gap between the Roma and the rest of the population and who face discrimination and unequal treatment in the institutions, and be equal and equal in our society," said Erol Ademov, pres. of the Multiethnic Society for Human Rights.

Moving from a dead point, so far only in the part of education:
"It can hardly be expected that the problems will be in 10-15 years, but I can say that in the part of education we have a large number of Roma in higher education," experts from the eastern part of Macedonia say

In the Eastern region live between 35-40,000 Roma. Of these, as many as 55% are unemployed, which is twice as high as the average unemployment rate, accounting for 27% of the total working population. All this was said at today's celebration of the International Roma Day.

The International Roma Women Network IRWN-Phenjalipe

8 April - The International Roma Women Network IRWN-Phenjalipe comes with congratulations to all Roma members and members of the Roma community on the International Roma Day Nation. We believe that diversity of culture and tradition can enrich a society and at the same time make it more tolerant and inclusive. We also mention that such a day is also an opportunity for reflection on the problems faced by Roma communities, especially Roma women and girls.

Recognizing the difficulties and, above all, finding long-term solutions, through joint efforts and dialogue between all those responsible, is a test of maturity of society. The social inclusion of all disadvantaged or vulnerable groups is the pillar key to build a society that supports and promotes education, culture, performance and unity in diversity that appreciates every human and offers opportunities without discrimination! 

We wish you happy holidays and a decent life without discrimination!
Te aven Saste thaj Bahtale Romalen!

The International Roma Women Network IRWN-Phenjalipe

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