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New facilitators and experts engaged in the Romacted program

The Romacted program shows good results through an initiative where facilitators across 11 cities and municipalities with members of the LAG refer to local governments.

In this phase of realization of this program, 4 additional facilitators have been hired, and for each local self-government there are experts from several areas who will be engaged in realization of the priorities of the Roma community in those cities.

Culture in most cities appears as an area known to the Roma community as a segment that there is little work, and it is necessary to establish cultural centers that will be the place where the Roma community will decide on their identity, culture, language.


Campaign for ERIO "We Are Roma"

The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) carried out a social media campaign We Are Roma. Within the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, the campaign aimed to fight discrimination Roma face as a consequence of prejudices and stereotypical images that non-Roma have about the Roma culture. Moreover, it aimed to promote Roma culture and identity.
To view the campaign material, please visit our website: You can also follow the campaign hastags #WeAreRoma, #ProudAndRoma and #WeHaveTheRight.
The campaign video raises awareness about the richness of Roma culture(s) and identity. Roma have been present in Europe for centuries and have contributed to European cultural heritage through music, dance, painting, and literature. Yet, others have failed to recognise it. It is important to put Roma culture on an equal footing with other cultures, as an integral part of a rich and vast European and world culture.

This is important in a context in which hate, discrimination and anti-Gypsyism are always so strong.

NRC organized a final conference titled "No differences"

On the 19th of this month at the Holiday Inn in Skopje, NRC from Kumanovo hosted the closing conference of the project "Prevention of discrimination against Roma children named as" No differences

At the closing conference, the Minister without Portfolio in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia addressed the audience. Musafar Bajram, Deputy Ombudsman Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa, Director of the Department for Register of Birth Registers, Dardishta Bujar, and Project Manager of the EU Delegation to Skopje, Nafi Saracini.

The conference is taking place with the thematic and concrete presentations of the project activities as well as the results, and a documentary film was also presented.

The project was implemented by the National Roma Centrum (NRC) with the support of the Fund of the European Union and other supporters of the project titled "Prevention of discrimination against Roma children".

Čakovec, Croatia: Working meeting for the Roma - without the presence of Roma

On January 24, a working meeting with the Minister of Demography of Family, Youth and Social Affairs Nada Murganic and Deputy Mayor Maja Knezevic Vucinic was held in the Medimurje County.

The main topic of this meeting was the impaired security situation in the problems encountered by the unintentional use of social assistance. Although the meeting was about the Roma, no Roma representative was invited to attend this meeting where the topics were important for the Roma community.

The member of the municipal assembly in the Medjmurje, Matyash Orshush, who is also a member of the Prevention Board, commented on the appeal of the mayor that "it is necessary to think and allow a large number of Roma families who are increasingly demanding the granting of real estate in depopulated regions of Croatia, and which are owned by the state ", and this situation is described as a shift to solving those problems in favor of the county and the Roma community.

"In your idea of ​​evicting Roma in depopulated regions in Croatia, I see only xenophobia and a justifiable fear that the Roma community in the near future will be able to vote for the deputy mayor of your party instead of the Roma national minority in Medjumurje.



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